Explain various cabling techniques used in IEEE 802.3 standard.

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Where will the deleted data stored when the Recycle Bin is full ?

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i want to known about the ubuntu enumerate the various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance Thanks. please reply the saiwoontip9@gmail.com

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What is meant by DCE and DTE when it comes to Router?

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What is meant by Master and Slave in terms of Networking Concept and how is it maintained?

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which is true a)bridge connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive b)router connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive c)gateway connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive d)none of the above

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What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?

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Give the equivalent binary word for the polynomial x8+x2+x+1.

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Which are the different network toplogies ?

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Why networks are layered ? What is the advantage of that ?

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What are the 3 most common LAN architectures?

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What is the Cable called for connecting Hard Disk to MotherBoard ?

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cat 5E cable with brown colour cable what will be its speed in kbps for internet?

0 Answers   Airtel,

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