Explain various cabling techniques used in IEEE 802.3 standard.

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Explain 5-4-3 rule?

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What are two characteristics of clients in data networks?

1 Answers   Cisco,

how many backups in windows2003

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How to create dynamic users on simple Asterisks server for simple extension based x-change?

0 Answers   HCL,

Data link protocols almost always put the CRC in a trailer rather than in a header. Why?

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What are class A, B,C,...

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Is it possible for a User to change Admin Password who is not a part of Admin group if so how is it possible?

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how many no of 4x1 muxs are required for making an 16x1 mux

2 Answers   Deshaw,

Coaxial Cable?

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Hi Can anybody tell me how I can get CCNA certificate for beginners

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If the transmitted code word is 10011000 and the received code word is 11001001. What is the error word ? Write transmitted code word , received code word and error word as polynomials.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of switch

13 Answers   IBM, Cisco,

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