Why TCP/IP reference model is more popular than OSI model ?

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What is the Command Used to Convert a StandAlone PC into Domain Controller?

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A binary signal is sent over a 3-khz channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is 20 db.Calculate the maximum achievable data rate ?

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Why the data input flectuation occurs when you are online?

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which is the latest versions of bluetooth & WiFi?

1 Answers   IBM,

How to use a user of domain as a SQL server database login.

3 Answers   Coca Cola,

How can we enable the USB pen drive in Network if Network administrator Disable the Drive. Asume You are Computer administrator but when you enable it it show windows can't enable this dirve.

7 Answers   TCS, Wipro, BSNL, HCL, Zoho, Value Source,

How would you find what ports are open on a machine (local and remote)?

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1.what i gain frist knowledge in networking ?plz tell me step by step point that i preaper for career because i m frasher 2.tell me main basic topic of MCSE.

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What is meant by DCE and DTE when it comes to Router?

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Difference between Network and Networking ?

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What are the principles that were applied to arrive at the seven layers in OSI model?

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What is Semaphore? What is deadlock?

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