When is a translating bridge used ?

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What are the other names of IEEE 802.11 protocol or standard?

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What is sliding window protocol ?

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What is the difference between boundary level masking and non- boundary level masking? Give examples

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Expand IDEA?

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What is Norton Ghost? How do i create a bootable disc?

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minimum Number of ip addresses requiered for an router

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1. What is the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 in the OSI model? 2. What is the difference between a hub, switch, and router? 3. What is a VLAN? 4. What is the difference between TCP and UDP? 5. How do you distinguish a DNS problem from a network problem? 6. What is a runt, Giant, and collision? 7. What is a broadcast storm? 8. What is the purpose of VRRP? 9. What is a VPN? 10. What information about a peer would I need to establish a VPN? 11. What is a full-class C in CIDR notation? 12. What is a default route? 13. What is a metric? 14. What is a MAC address? 15. What is ARP/RARP? 16. Describe a TCP connection sequence 17. What is MTU? 18. What other TCP setting can you modify besides MTU to shorten packets?

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What is the advantage of Ring network ? Compare it with ethernet

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Explain Difference between congestion control and QoS(or Quality of service)

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how to configure a Network Printer ??

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What is TCP/IP ?

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which one protocol used to get ip address ?

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