What is the baud rate of a standard 10 mbps Ethernet LAN ?

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A binary signal is sent over a 3-khz channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is 20 db.Calculate the maximum achievable data rate ?

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What is meant by Master and Slave in terms of Networking Concept and how is it maintained?

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what is buffering and flooding in NIC ?

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How is Ntework Testing carried out?

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packet switching methods ?

1 Answers   KPIT,

What is Active Directory?

3 Answers   CMS,

Explain CSMA/CD

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What are the advantages of cell switching that is used in ATM?

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I am using vm ware In my system and I am using 2003server in vm ware ( my o.s is XP ) Now I would like to install .zip in my 2003server machine .how can I do this

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The Data Link Layer encapsulates the network-layer information in a PDU called __________.

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how many types of backups are there & explain them in theory mode & practical mode?

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what is difference between fdma and ofdma

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