What is the baud rate of a standard 10 mbps Ethernet LAN ?

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what is difference between fdma and ofdma

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What is ARP and RARP?

6 Answers   CA,

We can use Office Communication server instead of any dialer?

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What is BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

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how we can access 2 networks at a time from a system lets say 1)local network and 2)internet

3 Answers   IBM,

1).what is forest? 2).what is dns and dhcp port no's? 3).what is file system? 4).what is terminal server?

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Explain FDDI

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What is meant by AT and ATX ?

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Many business computers have three distinct and world wide unique identifiers. What are they?

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Which is better Router or Layer 3 switch?How.

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Is it possible for a User to change Admin Password who is not a part of Admin group if so how is it possible?

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What is the difference between process and thread ? also what is the difference between process and service >

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