What is the baud rate of a standard 10 mbps Ethernet LAN ?

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Coaxial Cable?

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How do cryptography-based keys ensure the validity of data transferred across the network?

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Give the equivalent binary word for the polynomial x8+x2+x+1.

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where can we see the OS in the system?

4 Answers   Patni,

What is Beaconing?

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TCP/IP can work on a)ethernet b)tokenring c)a&b d)none

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Differentiate between Link state and Distance Vector Routing algorithm.

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_____________ is used to hold Cisco IOS software image

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waht is DHCP?

8 Answers   HCL, Arvind,

What is zoning/masking/mapping?

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Subnet the class C network address into eight subnets. Why are the ‘all ones’ and ‘all zeroes’ subnets not used ?

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what do you mean by gateway?

12 Answers   Genpact, Zenith Infotech,

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