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33kv substation lay out details & line to line & line to earth measurements    0  726
what is TPN    4  12012
what is SMDB    5  2245
what is the meaning of TPN    2  4084
1.what is bus cuplour and main funtions. 2.what is main function of alternator. many types of dg oils.    10  4164
hi,every one, i have to write the search paper on "performance policy optimization" of NGN (next generation networks). i need the material on this topic. can any body help me. please tell me any useful site where the good material is available and name of any reference book. it should be a great help for me.    0  157
If a manufacturer decribes a power supply transformer as providing a secondary voltage of 24 volts when connected to a 240 volts supply, do you think they are refering to the full load or no load secondary voltage?    3  562
may anybody tell me the names of institute where plc programing course are conducted    1  506
what is meant by vector group in transformers? wy we r using that?    1  930
how to stop oil leakage in power transformer. apgenco   1  1091
Please give me the formula stating relation between AC & Dc. jp-group   2  2421
when meggering a 3ph,480v oil reservoir heater on a regen gas compressor, why do I get a reading to ground when meggering phase to ground? shouldn't it read opened or is there something that makes it read closed? on the same heater, when ohming, it reads open. thanx    1  502
Is a DC Transformer Possible? if Yes, Then Why, if not Then Why?    9  1848
One of our gas turbine generator unit "1st stage rotor ground fault" alarm was occured several times. we tried to measure some voltage vulue ground fault protection relay (UNS3020a made by ABB and we measured the value of: Ground: 0.9VDC 5V: 5.8VDC 24V: 23VDC u+: 300 – 350mVAC Rf1: 17.5mVAC Rf2: 17.6mVAC The unit still running and the alarm was reset. As of 6pm yesterday and unitl now no alarm happened again. I our protection relay was defective?    1  730
what is synchronizing panel & its working.    3  1948
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Un-Answered Questions
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Earth leakage relay basic knowledge principle 166
while calculating the power absorbed by a resistor connected to the output of a half wave rectifier circuit should we use rms or average current? explain with reason. 150
For RCD (Residual current device) Icu is defined. How i can find Ics for them? 136
In ups static switch if i gives the supply at output end it will open the circuit in stactic switch or not if it will open then how it operates. 300
what is active power & reactive power? 141
Why do we use copper cable for HT Supply and why not Aluminium? 153
In single core cable, Why non-magnetic material is used?? 143
what happen if the parallel generator phase angle shift by 1 degree in manual mode 166
How to identify the start and end of 3phase 12 lead motor if U1, U2, etc numberings are lost or erased. 292
placement paper samples of mspl company 46
How star and delta connections inherently eliminate triplend harmonics? 212
In which working principal temperature transmitter work.explain in detailed. 413
defination of controlled shunt reactor 300
Please clarify 1. Icw: rated short circuit working withstand capacity 2. Icu: Rated ultimate breaking capacity 3. Ics: Rated service short circut withstand capacity 4. other specification of ACB 807
The capacity of the transformer is 20/25 MVA, Ratio is 132/11 KV, Vactor group YNyno. and impedance is 10.07%. As per the calculation the secondary current is 1312.2Amps. The maximum fault current the transformer should sustain is 13.030KA. How many times the transformer should sustain the maximum short circuit current of 13.030KA over a period up 1 Year. The transformer is repaired one & 10 Years old. 333
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