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How to calculate the KA rating for a circuit breaker if we know the KVA rating of the generator feeding it?    2  5101
why air handling unit interloking in case of fire    3  2242
How to calculate the actual 3phase power, if the load current of each phase is not balanced    2  1687
Can we connect two or more energy meters/Amp meters on one CT set(Three phase). parle   2  8502
why most of the induction motors are delta connected?    6  12911
can we light the mercury vapour (tube light)with out a 1).starter and 2).choke in our homes if yes explain how?    5  2356
is a normal conductor can be used a core in windings if not what is the winding core speciality.    2  1368
Does the dg syncronization sucessful in practical.    2  1417
HOW DG WORKS ?    3  6217
why do we connect droop ct{in gensets}in y_phase only    2  2983
what is the voltage present in the telephone? infosys   10  4128
why the CT ratio secondary is always divided by 5 for eg( 75/5,80/5,50/5)    6  5927
what different in delta & star connection in motor?explain hyundai   3  5077
how will calculate the winding ohmic value in 3phase motors in h.p wise? ex.10 h.p motor winding value ph to ph ? 5 h.p motor any calculation please send me. hyundai   0  2018
how can we calculate that how much capacitor is needed for a system to increase the pf?    5  2748
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is Insulation monitoring device. where it is used? (in switchgear room or control panel or in field equipment) 319
A double circuit with dog conductor 66KV Transmission line from wind farm evacuation to feeding substation having capacity of 25MW for transmission. Can same transmission network be considered for further expansion of Power & how much in MW. If we need to expand next 10-15 MW more will there any augmentation is required in transmission network? Kindly reply asap. 215
what is LSR? 263
what is counter poise conductors 337
following are the questions asked in interviews: 1) Considering the short circuit fault, which switchgear is preferable, SFU OR MCCB? Which operates faster? whicg one is popular in Indian Market and why? 2)Define SCPD. What is type2 coodination? 3)Why the contactor rating is higher for the fuseless selection than for fuse selection? whether the ratinf of SFU or MCCB remains the same in both the cases? 4)If the HP rating is known then can you calculate the ratings of L.V Switchgear(SFU/MCCB, contactor, OLR) without using the selection chart? 479
Where can I get Iidian straderd specifications for electrical items or works in web? please help me. 276
what is the difference between skin effect 519
Hi,iam a diploma in electrical engineering.rtd from indian air force in apr 2007.prsently working in reliance next link as a network maintenance engineer since 2007,can i get a job in motherson sumi. 258
how to get bearing & winding temperature of an induction motor? 242
What is real time power factor control panel(RTPFC)? 662
What is the field weakening mode of a ac motor? 502
sir iam from electrical and electronics branch ,can i appear for the hpcl offline requirtment? if yes please mail me on 389
what is lumped and distributed elements? 321
How can i calculate the Breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker, is the breaking capacity of CB for Diesel generator shall be less than grid supply's breaker ? 462
How to find ampere on ht side for selection of cable size ??? 196
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