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how to calculate cable bending angle in a trench? eastern-cement   2  3639
in three pin plug point, whats the reason that one plug point is bigger in size    4  2294
What is the difference between MPCB and OLR?    10  16987
we often use the word HT (high tension) line.or we say HT switch gear, whats does HT basically mean. is it different from high voltage.    1  1113
we often use the word HT (high tension) line.or we say HT switch gear, whats does HT basically mean. is it different from high voltage.    2  2538
Amoung all classes of electric machines, why the transformer uses oil as one medium of cooling?    4  2689
i applied for the ap transco please forward the freqventley asked QA    0  361
Which type of DC generator is used for electric welding purposes and why?    1  2472
What are the details of ratings of different types of ACSR conductors?    2  5142
What is the function of RCCB? What are the different sensitivity ratings & each application? wipro   5  14218
what is cogging in motors?    1  3078
What are various power system instabilities and what are their effects on power system operation?    1  1228
Amoung all types of short circuit faults in a transmission line which one has less number of occurance and why?    1  1653
During the transients in alternator,the mechanical power input remains almost constant while the electrical power output changes significantly.Why?    1  1547
On which side, taps are provided in tap changing transformers and why?    2  2579
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Un-Answered Questions
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Usually in the L & T make MCC feeders' power circuit,we have BMR after the MAIN CONTACTOR.,can we interchange their position, keeping the control logic same??? 476
what is the maximim current drawn by 1 phase and three phase welding machine 305
What current position are you holding in your current company? 242
What are the difference between CT/PT operated Meter and RRAMR Meter for HT/LT application? 504
is there any current and voltage drop on liquid resistance starter water/soda tank ? 268
how to calculate energy of 3-phase motor? 241
What is Icu and Ics and what is difference b/w them. please tell me how to calculate a size of a copper bar for a system or a breaker... reply on... would be waiting for a logical answer. 554
why most of junction box vendors providing T5/T6 Temp class jb's for T3 area any special reason? 452
Define the overload capacity of the motor? 436
If oil and air can withstand a high MeV when used as an insulator in a transformer, what are the values of how high for each material? 235
Power factor =1.000 at factory in supply. However, PF = 0.8 at motor end. Current = 100 Amp, Voltage = 400 V. What is the power distribution loss? Can I reduce it by adding capacitor at the load feeder? 398
What is Scheme Test of High Voltage Switchgear. Which tests it includes. 669
Is there chopping current in resistive circuit 374
How we can calculate the consumption in kwh of motor on basis of kw @100% load, @50% load & @ no load. 846
why the name trunking bus PT 770
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