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The advantage of free wheeling diode in a Full Ware rectifier is -reduces the harmonics -Supplies the voltage at negative vlotage gnfc   4  13870
Given a ckt,the max power dissipated in the load ZL ?    1  1055
Match the following a)(X'+Y') b)X'Y' C)XY 1)NAND 2)NOR 3)Carry    0  344
At no load the PF of an alternator -Zero -Zero Lagging -Zero leading -None of the above    2  2084
Capacitors are used to ... -Reduce the bill of the farmer -Improve the PF    1  1295
Which of the following plant has less plant factor ? -Nuclear -Hydro -Diesel -Pumped storage    1  995
Latching current is slightly less than ?    2  1293
Which of the following can be operated at higher frequencies ? -SCR -MOSFET -IGBT    4  1809
Negative feedback circuit is an implication of ? -Shunt shunt -Shunt series -series series    1  893
Transmission through a short line depends on    0  370
Which element has power dissipated in it when the source is removed ? ssc   2  1439
what is vtg limit of earth and neutral at transformer side? iocl   0  351
can we use ELCB and RCBO in one db    5  3409
Explain the operation of damper winding    2  2222
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Un-Answered Questions
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can mini-curcuit supply MIL-tested transformer ! 361
What is the difference between rulling span and wind span of of an Over Head Transmission Line? 400
what about SAP/MRP regarding manufacturing of electric motors and all drives? 380
where rlc series ckt used? 394
What is the SCR system in drilling rig. 6087
what is droop control? 375
Differenciate between circuit wiring and sub main wiring with illustrations 547
i wasted one year for the job after completed my btech what can i say about 1year time in interview 465
define as synchronous generator 464
what is the use of sdf? 430
defination of transistor controlled series capacitor 546
explain me the relation between torque, frequency,speed,voltage and current in the 3 phase induction motor? 362
what purpose to use excaiter in DG.? 950
How to design inductive load for 3 phase 440v and maximum 5 amps for star or delta? Can we use a 15kW, 1450rpm motor for 15kW, 960rpm apllication?If thesame motor used what`s it`s sideeefect. 817
How Can you do Maintenance of ACB of 2000Amperes 395
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