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why we used servo motor insted of inducation motor?    1  1369
what is IP 55 & IP 54 ?    1  2676
why we used servo motor insted of inducation motor?    1  1226
What are the necessary solutions needed to be carried out on a malfunctioned earthing mechanism of a VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER.(TAMCO)    0  378
how to make neutral to ground voltage less than 5v? my house is under the high voltage transmission line so,proper grounding using rod salt n coal doesnt help wat i do as i cant operate my computer ..this high voltage cause great problem to the motherboard i already two times replaced my house voltage is coming near to 25 v between ground and neutral.plz kindly post ur answer to my email id ..    3  4300
what is exiter winding,stator winding,avr?how it will work? siemens   1  1506
what is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections? siemens   3  4428
whatis knee point ? siemens   5  4107
what is the meaning of stub protection?    1  2317
I have one ct of ratio 3000-2000/1 Amp its knee point voltage mentioned on name plate is 500-333/30mA-50mA at Vk/2. in secondary box there is three terminal named 1S1, 1S2, 1S3 then on which terminal obtained the knee point voltage ie 1S1-1S2 OR 1S1-1S3 & also specify the knee point voltage for the ratio 3000 from name plate.    0  598
what is the MNA in case of d.c. machin? whaty is the importance of it? hoe it affect the brush position? tata   2  2664
how much amps will get from a 360/11kv line    2  1195
What is the function of Igniter in 250 watt HPMV street light?    0  3565
how much Watt can we fully load a transformer    4  2511
when current lags behind voltage how does it affect the circuit.In other words what is the significance of lagging current?    3  2612
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Un-Answered Questions
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What happens when ac supply is given as excitation voltage instead of dc supply 999
what is spadar bar .why I use in DC generator. 69
How to calcualte the total number of cells required for particular UPS of some X KVA with 3 and 5 hours back-up? 362
What are the differences between single phase and three phase? 216
What is warm / cold start of HT motors. How many warm start & cold start are possible in a day? 440
Saving in copper achieved by converting a 2 winding transformer in to an auto transformer is determined by A voltage transformation ratio B load on secondary C quality of core material D size of transformer core 500
Please clarify 1. Icw: rated short circuit working withstand capacity 2. Icu: Rated ultimate breaking capacity 3. Ics: Rated service short circut withstand capacity 4. other specification of ACB 999
I want to do a mini project. Now I'm studying in 6th semis tor EEE Engineering. 376
What is minimum permicible value of leackage current for LT Panle when applying voltage up to 3 KV for 5 Minuits? 331
Plugging is a phenomenon to= A braking the motor B to accelerate the motor C to run IM as generator D to start the motor 676
what are your career plans upon completion of the programme and the relevance of recity generation to your professional development? 285
Whether IP65 enclosure box blocks ventilation if driver for LED have to enclosed inside IP65 box 403
how much maximum load a 2 core (Single phase) 16mm aluminium wire can take ? 791
How could I get a certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor? I have completed By BTech in Electrical this year(2012) for VJTI Mumbai Maharashtra. Is it compulsory to be produced while joining? 1638
if we give 60 hz single phase supply to the transformer used in europe , than what will happen 321
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