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in power station what is the electrical circuit length of spacing between power transformer and lightning arrestors,for the voltage system of 230kv,110kv,33kv,22kv,11kv?    1  337
Why is it preferred to use a wattmeter(s) to measure power in three phase systems rather than using a combination of other instruments e.g. voltmeters, ammeters etc?    2  1099
when we gave dc supply to 220v dc motor its rpm is 1200. then we gave 180v. how many rpm of its motor. gave answer with calculation at my ID.... godrej   0  212
WHY DG are rated in KVA or MVA ???., but ALL power plants are rated in KW or MW.,,? coastal-energen   3  2957
what is servo motor and how it works? godrej   0  207
in Telecom DC system-why positive +ve is made earthed.and - ve is fed to load.    0  353
hi, i have 3x200KVA and 2 x 80KVA UPS with battery bank of 150AH 68Nos. and 100AH 204Nos., i need to install AC either ductable or PAC type, so can you help me to calculate heat load and capacity of the AC to install. hyundai   0  272
Why 3 over-current and 1 earth fault relay is used on primary side of transformer? Why 2 over-current and 1 earth fault relay in used on secondary side of transformer? adani   1  2219
why capacitor bank shorted by resistance ( 3 terminal )    0  202
Why transformer neutral is earthed hyundai   5  2399
i have dry type transformers can you help me that how many tests i can do to know the performence of transformer and also please tell me about the BDV test and Insulation resistance test in oil cooled transformers hyundai   4  1360
what is different between synchronous & asynchronous motors    3  995
different between circuit breaker & switchgear & relays efs   5  6218
Due to ferranti effect which power increases at the receiving end?active power or reactive power?    5  1039
which one is more costly:single phase induction motor or 3 phase induction motor??give proper reasons..    1  348
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Un-Answered Questions
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how we calculate the dick for a pole? 180
why can we use cosine wave instead of sine in ac supply as both have same rms vale and ripple factor 48
if we look on phasor of the transformer vaoltage is 180 oppsite at primary and the secondary so to improve a power factor is secondary should kept negative to improve it primary side means is -.90 became +.90 at other side 154
why does a dc machine has high efficiency while working as a generator than as a motor .. 175
My question is whether bellow formula is correct to find bus size for 46kA for 0.5 second & what is RT in bellow formula. formula to calculate the size of busbar to withstand the thermal stresses due to currents with duration of 0.2 sec to 5 sec. Sp = RT( I x I x t) / K Where Sp – is the cross sectional area of bus bar in millimeters. I -    is the value of AC fault current. t -    is the operating time of disconnecting device in seconds. K –  is the factor depending on the material of the conductor, insulation and initial and final temperature. Value of ‘k’ for copper is 143. 12
what is the breaking capacity and making capacity of circuit breaker and how 152
If ct ratio is 250/1 and mtr is of 5 amp, what will be mf? 132
sir, i am 3 years diploma course pass out candidate.what type of certificate can i got in marine service. 221
Why using synchronising methed in DG's sets? 188
how does commutator convert a.c to d.c? 160
difine electrical ballast in HPSVL 160
In constant power region of 3-phase IM torque-speed characteristics, if frequency increases slip A does not alter B decreases C increases D none of above 92
what happen when increase or decrease size of lamp, 155
My question is abt backlog.I had dropped one subject in my second year, and completed this subject in the 3rd attempt, so how many backlogs i have got?1 or 3?plz sujjest the answer as soon as possible 282
How to calculate flow of water delivered by pump when pressure & size of pipe line is given 245
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