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Expand sqcm? ultratech   2  1414
substation+ plc system    0  330
What is difference between 3 point and 4 point starter tata   0  1120
how to syncronize two dg sets    3  3204
How to calculate Ith (I thermal) for curent transformer    0  406
Can we manually synchronize two DG sets of same ratings manually without using speed biasing ? If yes then how?    4  3723
(1)For 3 No 1500 KVA transformer require on one single bus bar or need to be section through bus coupler means upto 3MVA.(2) 22KV Net work system as ring, How maney I/C required or 0ne I/C and one O/G.(3) What should be rating of VCB for 22 KV line.(4)Electrical/mechanical inter lock, why we need.    0  419
How do i calculate sizing of transformer on didstrubution load for high rise building.What should be MVA Rating of MV Panel feding by 122 kv.    2  2816
how works inductive &capacitive sensors?    0  315
how much capacity(rating) of generator required to operate a load of 100kv. dsc   6  3945
for a 5hp motor to operate from 100kva generator ,what size of cable required in sqmm. dsc   2  4266
what is onan, onaf, ofan, ofaf in transformer?    8  43016
Any one who apply for Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited cn join with me at or 09669717028    0  339
What is the numerical quantity of sqcm?    0  406
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to design a Unit auxiliary transformer for a power house having a unit of 65 MW and Generating voltage of 11 KV and Secondary voltage of 433V 263
we have a lot of model of rectifier but thyristor rectifier is the most rectifier that use in power system. Do you know why this rectifier is used? 296
Give me the calculation steps to design an electromagnet to be work in 230V 50 Hz AC Supply. Also give force that is created by that electromagnet when it gets energized. 612
2. A current i=(10+10 sin t)amperes is passed through MI type ammeter. its reading will be......... 487
sir my exam is on 19/6/2013 under electrical branch pls send me sample aptitude questions as well as sample technical questions for jindal steel and power company 630
how can i determine the gear ratio for a rack and pinion system if an electronic gate operated by an electric motor is to travel a distance of 5meters in 15 seconds. 352
how to increase senstivity of ct 529
Can Anyone Answer anyone of these ? Q1) why direct SOLUTION of Load Flow Studies in Not Possile ? Q2)Why majority of Buses in power system are load buses Q3)Why one of the buses in Power system is taken as reference bus (slack or swing) Bus ? Q4)Bus Admittance Matrix is a sparce (means it contains some zero elements ) matrix , give reason 54
With a phasor diagram show the effect of increasing the field current of a generator supplying a constant real power and connected to a grid system. 7
why do you add the load short circuit impedance when considering short circuit amperage. It seems that you should only consider supply. If you need to consider loads and you don't know what loads are to be added , what would be a good sub-transient reactance rating for the loads? 338
what causes contact chatter when there is no demand on the air conditioning unit? 229
explain supply side and demand side energy management with advantages & disadvantages 415
what is meaning of bus riser 597
1.why we are using metal oxide gapless block in lightning arrester,2.What is minimum and maximum rating of metal oxide blocks using in india 283
if any body have question paper of railway (section engineering),then plz send me .i will thank of him/her. 469
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