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Transformer not operated in dc ! why?    10  4051
Difference between on line capacitor and Station type capacitor.    1  1261
Difference between on line capacitor and Station type capacitor    0  363
what perpos use cepacitors in motars,fans,lights,and LT panal    1  2207
why constant voltage transformer should be start without load? and if started then what will happen?    0  355
How to Calculate Current Rating of SDFU (Switch Disconnector Fuse unit) for Protectionof Capacitor Bank connected to Busbar of 800Amp,in LV side of 11/0.433KV, 250KVA Transformer?    0  1892
which is the slowest motor? and wt is speed ?    1  2570
dear all i am kumara now current working in electrical designing of control and relay panel i want learn some substaion design then any book are available. pls mention name and authour    0  391
what is prniciple of three phase IM?    3  1721
Is there chopping current in resistive circuit    0  377
what is the function of choke in a tubelight    3  2512
i have need all detail above basic transformer question..    0  304
high voltage transformer input voltage,current and amps rating..distributed transformer input voltage,current and amps rating...    0  295
why ahould you show client/engineer activities clearly on the project plan    0  926
How to Convert horsepower to kva? what is the three phase formula? explain me if u can Example..i have 50Hp Moter how can i convert in kva tell me formula three phases Rehan    3  11875
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is interfacing in computer studies? 72
In hydel power plants, L.A's, S.C's are placed inside the control panel boards. what is the purpose? [already the total body was earthed to ground.] 249
Pls Breifly explain about UPS (Inverter,Reserve,Rectifier,Float voltage,Boost voltage). 1061
im working in one private compeny in gujarat. i was complet diploma electric in 2010 from gujarat technical board. now i want electric supervisor licence in gujarat but i dont't know when i apply? plz give me address of the licence dippartment office in gujarat. gandhinagar 311
What is the capacity of the Fastners 12mm? 540
We have 90mX100m hangar with 16 no.of supporting pillar. It is required to provide power supply on all pillars. what is suggested earthing scheme for hangars. 357
What is Antipumping Function & If we have C.T how we find the Ratio ? 289
what do u understand from filter factor of reactor? 366
Why reactors use before incoming of ac vvfd drive? 55
what is mean by PIR in circuitbreaker and give me detail of that? 1597
What is the numerical quantity of sqcm? 369
in 1-phase 230v,how in 3-phase 440v. in each phase in between 230v. 775
Dear all: Recently we got a question about Interface between PMS and SAP-PM.once we got a update message from PMS.we should set the deletional flag for functional location in SAP system.Is there any FM or BAPI to use?There are only functional location create and change provided by SAP. Best regards! 390
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