Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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whats the formula for convert KVAR to FARADS

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We have three 33kv substations. All of them energised by same source.When i am checking the phase sequence between one substation to other substation (like R Phase to R Phase) by multimeter i am getting some voltage.Near to LT panels UPS panels are there. Can u explain whether any possible to happen like that. In Phase SEquencemeter is showing correctly in both substations. How is it happen. Explain me.Explain me communication signal will produce Phase difference on this case.

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What is AVR in Generators and How is it working.

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is starting current of induction is high or stating current of ransformor is hign ,for the same rating


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Why is our voltage always seems to be 3.3Kv,11Kv,66Kvetc.. why not 40Kv,39Kv,65Kv???

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could i arrange a faulty and healthey battery bank togather in parallel , if your ans is not then why?

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could i arrange a faulty and healthey battery bank togather in parallel , if your ans is not then why?

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what is phase angle ? and also tells me why my phase-phase voltages are 390 rather then my single phase voltages are 221 and 223 respectivly?

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why we +ve load distribution in 24v and -ve load distribution in 48volt in the telecom sector.?

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what happen if we supply ac to the field of a alternator?

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how to calculate power consumption in slip ring motor at different step



in ONAN type transformer winding temperature is lower than oil temperature at evening time but morning winding temp is higher than oil temp what is the reason?


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how the grounding[earting] is achieved on ships.

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1]how the voltages and frequency are achieved on ships. 2]how does the line and phase voltages are related on ships.

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how many units will 100 kvar capacitor consume for one day?


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what is the differences between microprocessor and general purpose computer


what is the easiest method of short circuit current calculation ? pls. derive with a mathematical example in real life application.


Difference of induction motor & servo motor ??


anyone knows service engineer in chennai for EDM SPARKING MACHINE.CHMER PULSE CD 60 M.pL GIVE ANY CONTACT NOS


how to differentiate a mpcb,mcb with a contactor? Explain their working operation


what is the circulate the diesel in DG in side pls tell parts name and picture with circulate the diesel


Can we put 3 layers of cable tray while installing tray


Fantio of tranformer


what are carbondioxide and dcp used in fire extinguishers


when ac current flows thru d coil of a contactr,it energizes,magnetic field attracts d contact of the coil...nw wont dt ac current in d contct induce current back on to d coil thru mutual inductance leading to high currnt in d coil


i am venkat i got gre 930(verbal 270 quanta 660) and my toefl score 105..here question is why u got less score in gre ? what i supposed to tell...any chance of rejection is there...my accadamics record is very good


how many stairs have you climbed while you were coming


Whether amorphous core transformer is available in India?.If available then up to what rating of voltage and KVA?.


how we can find of current direction(supply comming/out going direction) when a transmission line passing through sides.


On what basis the the size of Lightning arrester for buildings are selected ?