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why the undervoltage relay's interlock is used in earthswitch closing operation of the 400kV line scheme?    2  1721
why the check zone and main zone are used for Busbar Protn. scheem?    0  314
which is dangerous AC or DC? If so why?    4  1873
Why we does earthing for transformer neutral point dlf   5  5147
why the all high voltage transformers are in 11kv , 33kv , 66kv, 132kv like that bhel   2  2971
how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING) I O (current operating)?    0  485
How to run 1ph motor(230 VOLTS its full load amps is 4.5 ampa))with 480 volts main(we didn hav neutral)Thn we go for step down transformer.Our load 10 amps,so we conisder this amps in primary are secondary side    1  1017
who is invented transforner (230v).......    2  1278
What different between kw and kva. why maser AC in kva.    3  1439
What is VFD, and how its work    5  2158
in 33KV or 66KV system which connection is aviable on high voltage transformer primary delta or star ?    3  1698
how to calculate current and voltage in a same circuit?    0  351
How to calculate load taken by a cable?    3  1905
To test Transformer we give HT side 440V to see wheather that it is producing 17.6V on LT to verify Voltage ratio is correct or not but when we give the 440V voltage to LT side then what will happen to HT voltage ? aditya-birla   3  2643
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is mean by STUB protection? 294
How do you compute voltage drop and cable size over distance? 510
what happens when dc generator coupled with cycle shaft.also explain what happens when its loaded 372
what is physical distance of isolator to VCB in 33/11kv sub stations 393
What is the difference between relays and contactor construction wise? 302
Whether IP65 enclosure box blocks ventilation if driver for LED have to enclosed inside IP65 box 403
if we have a industrial load of 400 kilowatts with 415 volt AC then how much total harmonic distortion (thd%) should be acceptable for steady power system. 279
i've iocl interview.. if you know the interview process please give me information.. 258
What is real time power factor control panel(RTPFC)? 637
Dear all: Recently we got a question about Interface between PMS and SAP-PM.once we got a update message from PMS.we should set the deletional flag for functional location in SAP system.Is there any FM or BAPI to use?There are only functional location create and change provided by SAP. Best regards! 366
Starting times for soft starter & power factor is thier any standard or datas available in manufactures list. Kindly suggest. 257
i have 90kw i choose connect cable .please what is parameter checked so please give to formula 528
transformer spections :: input voltage 0-110-230v; output volage 0-10-12-14v; amp=3A using CRNO CORE, capcaity=50VA primary turns = ? ; secondry turns =? 276
what is meant by surge? what we called for high currents? 308
What is the importance of counter based plan & how is it scheduled? 296
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