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why occ curve is not tracing back when we are bringing rheostat back in reverse direction?    0  316
what is the transformer rush current?    0  369
why is one voltage transformers (instead of three ) installed at the entrence of the incoming line in a substation.    2  1195
what is the earth current,reverse power,electrical trip generator short circuit,low voltage, high voltage please discribe me    0  481
why auto transformer connected in star?    1  1677
What is the principle of residual protection?    0  332
Why CT secondary is grounded?    4  2461
Why CT's shall not be kept open? qatar-gas   5  2555
why is corona loss greater in a stranded conductor as compared to a solid conductor ?    2  2185
What is corona ? Mention its positve effects .    1  2068
HOW MUCH KVA DG SET REQUIRED for charging 12v 4000 ah battery?    3  3146
why normally Generator rating are between 11Kv to 22Kv?    2  1472
how you taken aotitude test    0  589
Write the programming software name for LG, SIEMENS,Messung,AB    0  386
i am completed in B.E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 8 months experience in Quality Control Engineer at Bharathi Industries,Coimbatore.    0  356
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Un-Answered Questions
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How seriving & testing of the HT & LT breakers are done. What are the standard Ir values on which we can come to know the test is passed or failed? 292
What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring? 562
How can we increase fuel-power ratio of any DG set? 257
Is a direct shorth ciruit on a branch MCCB in a Low Voltage Switchboard a correct means of tesing the performance for discrimination? 315
Explain and give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it? 252
what is an unbalance in acircuit? in a three phase 3wire circuit how an unbalance will come? in a three phase four wire system how an un balance is coming? 322
PLease anyone can tell me CTUM-15 specification? 2172
how much value of resistance should connect to 15 kw, 6 pole 3 phase slip ring induction motor having RV-240, RA-42. 221
how you taken aotitude test 589
how to introduce yourself 405
what is the function of bearing in dc mchine" and where it is placed 946
what are doing the duall connetion in tree phase 10hp or etc motor with circuit diagram 285
What are the Return ( Monthly / quarterly/ Annual submitted to Electical Inspector for an establishment (Factory in Maharashtra-- Small scale category having seperate HT line of 22KV ) as per Maharashtra Electricity Act 393
How you will determine the volume of oil in a particular Distribution transformer. 279
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