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sir,i am swati. i am goin to gv jspl exam on 21st nov'10. iwant previous year question paper. plz help me out. my emailid is    1  894
what is ignition?    1  1036
1)What are the proccedure of initial charge of 100AH lead Acid battery bank 2)whether discharge test is reqd ? if it is rqd why, how 3)what are the discharge critieria (volt/cell or sp.gravity/cell    1  858
Can we use 3 phase energy meter for measureing power in 2 phase 440 V phase circuit?    2  2032
What is working principle of washing machine? ibpa   8  55715
Is there any Flood lighting system which produces more light (More power consumption 1000W,400W etc.,), white light and restart immediately after power restoration ?    1  900
What is the working principle of CFL & T5 tube light & 40W tube light with electronic ballast? remi   0  1921
What is the purpose of shunt trip in ACB function?    1  2758
What is the meaning of 40X8X2 busbar dimensions for carring load of 400 Amps    0  304
What is size 00, 01, 1 etc., in HRC fuse types? jaypee   0  444
What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable selection?    0  299
How to design the no. of ceiling fans required in 5mtr X 10 mtr X 3 Mtr hight room?    0  271
Where can I get CPWD electrical specifications & Shedule of rates? Please help me    0  617
What is the difference between LT CT & HT CT?Can we use indoor type transformer as an outdoor type or vice versa? bhel   2  3122
What is the difference between shortcircuit current, rated current of cable & MCB with example? What will be the size of cable required for 5.5 KW motor (Full load current 10 Amps approx.), Starting current with DOL is 120 Amps. Aprrox. Short circuit current with LLLG fault is 2000 Amps Approx.    0  359
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Un-Answered Questions
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can any one tell me about the Extra low voltage systems?From where we give supply to these type of systems?? 421
what are inductive and capacitive voltage transformers.what are their applications 294
What is the different types of cable & current capacity of cable 324
How many types are using in 220kv/400 kv swith yard 593
percetans 430
how to get electrical supervisor competency certificate in gujarat. i did 3 year diploma in electrical 460
What is communication? What are the different stagesin the communication process? 376
sourse is 66 KV / 350 MVA, transfarmer is 1000 KVA 6.6 / 0.415 kv, iF fault is 28.75 MVA on 0.415 KV Bus then calculat the Transfarmer Impidance 438
Scott connection is used for A 3-phase to 2-phase conversion B to achieve higher effciency C to save copper D to reduce harmonics 562
After doubling voltage from solar cells & use step down voltage transformer can we get high current output with low voltage. 315
What is lifting power for 1 wb/m2 and 1 A magnet? 465
1. What is the exact formula for one weber? for example,(one ampere = one coulomb electron of electrons crossing a point of conductor at one second. i.e, 1A=1Q/1sec) 298
what is earth pit , how we can measured it, what earth rods reference 670
Why are the cores of large transformers built up of circular transactions ? 311
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