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When Neutral exceeds or equals the phase current in both single phase * three phase system?    1  506
in thermal power plant the steam produced is made to cool after falling on the turbine blades. my question is why this is done while the same is needed to heat up again. "jab pani ko wapis garam hi karna hai to thanda kyu karte hai" bhel   11  2252
the current which flows during lightening is ac or dc,,,,,,,,,,, WHY    6  830
Why a transformer is known as a static device?    6  1968
what will happen when excitation of a synchronous machine is suddenly reduce to zero when it is running at full load..??    6  2086
what will be the effect on a bulb in case its connetion is change from live and neutral to live and ground??? 1) in case of single phase AC supply 2) in case of DC supply.......???    1  569
i work as a technician at a private company.. i used to take amp reading for certain appliances such as air con.. the problem is when i clamp the neutral, wire there is a current reading.. from my understanding for single phase system neutral should not have current unless if the circuit is not complete.. yet the air con still work    3  690
what is the minning of propotional, integral, derivative ?    1  313
how much winding resistance of 0.75kw to 12.5kw 3ph sqwiralcage induction motor?    0  344
Why two nos. un-tensioned wires are placed inside the PSC poles used by powergrid in RGGVY works. power-grid   2  1898
how to find out speed of single phase motor barc   6  1204
how ELCB drip when earth and phase touch together?    1  616
transformer 3 ph, 225 kva pri 480v, sec 208v. primary neutral connected to system, is secondary neutral to be grounded and how    1  616
why we are using DC violtage for testing of cables....which is used in HV AC applicatons...    1  677
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the use of power transformer in GSS. 244
In single phase ac ups supply when current is measured with tong tester neutral current is found more than phase current.What is the reason? 151
how oti and wti connections are different from each other? 179
Vibromotor 252MV 1/4HP2P..what is mean by 252MV? 153
why can we use cosine wave instead of sine in ac supply as both have same rms vale and ripple factor 25
how can calculate resistance box for 15 kw, 6 pole, RV-230, RA-42 motor 27
is it value of power factor is more than unit. whats effects in the source supply 153
What will happened if the neutral of the (star connected secondry) Xformer disconnected? (if its Above KVA rated one) 148
What is the requirement of grounding the neutral of single phase generators on load? If the neutral is not grounded, what will be the effect? 220
Meggering minimum acceptable Ohms for insulation resistance. 284
What are capacitive,resistive,inductive surge absorbation? What is ferranti surge absorber? What is lagrangian cost? What is Px operator? 188
Proviiding the Dedicated N earth and individual Body Earths ,Finally these all looped /Now my Question :- will it not harm in case of Transformer Fault current flows in Dediacted N Earthing to Looped Body Earthing. 270
What is the difference between in Fourier series and Fourier Transform. and please tell me the difference between both of them and the why we use them in communication system? 147
what is the principle of the single phase energy meter? and,what is the advantages and disadvantages of single phase energy meter? 1124
As we use capacitior bank in 3ph ckt for improvement of PF, why not we use capacitor in single phase domestric use, at our house their are many inductive equipments,like fan,mixer,tube choke,air conditioner they also draw PF... by using capacitor can they improve PF. if yes--what are advantage and how to connect a capactor in single ph,and which type of capacitor if no- what are disadvantages. 74
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