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which of the following can produce maximum induced voltage..... (a)1amp dc current (b)50amp dc current (c) 1amp 60 cycle ac current (d)1amp 490 cycle ac current.    2  428
the typical output of a solar cell is........    0  132
the circuit having same properties in either direction is known as.......    2  442
if the length, number of turns and area of coil are doubled then inductance of the coil becomes.?    1  427
principle of power export and import in captive power plant.Is it depends upon voltage,current or frequency?Plz explain briefly.    1  476
For electrical designers what are the standard should know? i want learn about this standards. how to get information/reference. anybody help in this regards please.    0  145
what does a k rating in a transformer means?    0  149
How will polarity test of Dy5 transformer ? bsl   2  655
ELCBs are installed for protecting humans from AC leakage current.Is there a device which protects humans from DC Leakage current??e.g.leakage from batteries...If not,then why so???    0  156
How much water ( Kilo Liters) a submercible pump of 35 HP can lift from Borewell of 6" and 900 feet dip.    2  762
if transmission voltage expressed as the multipple of form factor(1.11)........11,33,66,220 etc......then why madakkathara substation(kerala) voltage is 400kv..not 440.....? kseb   2  1480
how much watts are equal to one unit of energy meter?    6  5807
We are having Chemical earthing pit the voltage between neutral to earth showing 22V how to solve that    4  1028
how to Select its CORE in electrical cables based on its applications? or Application of various types of electrical cable based on it CORE?    0  150
When Neutral exceeds or equals the phase current in both single phase * three phase system?    1  509
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why it is possible to use PWM with a STATCOM and not with a conventional TCR based SVC 185
i had aplied Hindustan Petroleum corporation limited for the post of maintenance technician -Electrical,i want model questions,if anybody have please send it or please advice? 217
can we synchronize star system generators with delta system transmission line ? and how ? 269
how meger function 394
what is the formula for hv test for cable and circuit breaker..???? 150
what is the purpose of using filters in a protective relaying scheme? 106
What the formula for calculating no.of earthings & size of earth strip for 100mX90m shop. 170
How to decide whether A / B / C / D curve type MCB should be used? 209
hi everybody how to design string combiner box (scb) internal parameters like bus bar and spd (surge protection device and fuse which place to set that,and also bus bar one particular cross sectional how much heat generated and how much power loss tell me Clearly and briefly 92
how to find number of run cable laying[LT side] for transformer & alternator secondary side? [above condition for getting output power transformer to main panel side] give the example. 162
hii.i am a B.TECH(EEE) graduate.i want 2 know wat type of qusns r asked in sbi clerk interview 2 candidates like me??kindly post answers ASAP.. 130
Why do we apply both Differential and REF (HV and LV) protection schemes on YNyn configuration of a transformer? 16
how to select overload-relay for perticular motor 1.for D.O.L. starter 2. for Star-delta starter ???? 604
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