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at what basis/standard we have to arrive the current density of aluminium/ copper in busbar? ongc   0  439
1.type of oil in used in transformer.    9  3352
How to calculate ant test the burden of Current transformer ntpc   0  670
What does the temperature (30 deg or 35 deg celcius) mark on conservator of transformer indicates? mahagenco   1  1381
please design a rectifier with batteries for below requirement and also explain how you calculate this solution, Load = 700Amp DC Backup time = 6 hour. please explain briefly ????? gnfc   1  1286
can we calculate the diameter of the cable by its cross section?    1  1107
why the substation require din electrical system?    1  2080
how does excitation of brushless alternator took place?    1  1128
Hi, i want to know is meant by power quality? How it can calculated ? How we can improve?    1  1456
What is the difference b/w RMU & substation    1  3162
How to calculate u.p.s load parsentage plz give me formula    1  2079
i am going to give the JSEB,RANCHI exam for power plant,so i need some samples of papers related to that,so please send me these papers by my mail id.    0  1762
what factor is necessary during design of HT & LT MOTORS. abb   2  3371
if the power factor is .88 i want to increase the power factor to .99 what number of capacitor is to add? amway   3  2326
what is the EMF    2  2158
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to select a contactor? How many types of contactors are available 1372
how to decide the capacity of accl 560
do you have some of interview Questions in power and genrator section in general whith answers 475
what is the relationship between current&voltage in practical purpose ? 2149
it is in our knowledge tht right plug of supply of residential suppy system is phase n other is neutral...howevr the battery charger of mobile works in both ways...i mean it is not restricted in only one direction.ny of the holder of charger can hav phase .so y is it not lik tht phase of supply must b connected 2 phase of charger...? 398
how to calculate differential current when we testing differential relay..suppose we have 1000kw generator,630amp VCB,what value we should put /inject so that relay trip the VCB? PLLZ justify ur comment 89
what is the min and max ohmic resistance for the earthing rod installed for lighting poles for street light network 1175
Draw a block diagramof Three UPS systems connected in Parallel mode? 483
Is it possible to protect 3phase overload and earth fault of the 3phase system using two CT's. 269
What is the formulae of Megger value for a A.C.Motor 1092
What is the effect of interchanging core(made of steel) and winding(made of copper) material in case of transformer? Give proper explanation in regard to different losses in transformer. 303
On a 6 KVA UPS we have to provide a DC MCB for Battery bank of 16 nos (12 V 42 AH). What Shall be the current rating of DC MCB ? 556
why aggregate is placed all around substation ground. 316
What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers? 433
diff. between tension mode & speed mode 476
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