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What is the basic difference among IPS,UPS,EPS? abb   2  6374
WE know that for Inductor X=2pifL,In DC f=0,then X=0 so,V=IX=0;But In the DC excitation of rotor of AC generator,DC motor field coil which coils are inductor so why does not applying DC voltage short the rotor coil of AC generator and field coil of motor?If it would then DC source might be damaged but it is not happened. Why does the strand conductor of Electrical power transmission line make twist?    0  1404
why is control bus bi-directional?    0  338
What do you mean by class of CTs and what is the meaning of cl 1.0, cl5P10, cl 10P10 CTs?    3  4050
what do you mean by class PS CT and what are technical details needed for calculating it?    0  311
what happens in the short circuited secondary transformer,if the resistance of the short circuit is increased gradually? iit   0  555
what happens in the primary side of the transformer if transformer is short circuited first and increasing the resistance of the short circuit gradually? iit   3  3772
Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group mpseb   0  282
Q.1:What protection will be used on HT and LT side of 33/0.4 KV, MVA transformer. Indicate capacities of protective device to be used. Q.2:Which types of back-up protections are used in the power transformers? What do you understand by the term over travel in the relay? Q.3:How star and delta connected winding transformer are provided from earth fault mpseb   0  320
Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group mpseb   0  362
Can a transformer be used as voltage or current amplifier? bpdb   3  3110
what is excitor response of an excitor?    1  977
excitation limit of an excitor    0  286
if u want to buy a motor than what will be the configuration of that motor?    2  1232
why v use only sodium bulb or orange color lights on streets, y nt CLF OR TUBE LIGHTS    3  1633
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What are all present producing cost of Per KWH of various Fuel? 729
defult setting in p220 micom motor proction relay for 11kv,640kw,f.l.a.-40a,1440rpm ht motor? 1810
What is Phasing out test? 475
1)How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry? 2)What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring? 3)In case you do not have coal and salt for earthing, how can you achieve good temporary earthing? 4)One horse power single phase motor is more likely to get hot than a one horse power 3 phase motor. Is it true or false, if true why? 5)What are the different types of soft starters for large motors?please explain? 2074
Safety of on line ups 8
by what factor the starting current is used when comparing star and delta connection for motor starting? 400
What is true sine wave or pure sine wave inverter?? Is it sine wave or step wave?? If it is step wave, waves with how much step is considered as pure sine wave? Is it possible to produce pure sinewave using power electronics? 220
plese send me the oces/dgfs sylabus and previous year question pattern of electrical engg.? 637
What is servo lock in CNC how they work and if any parameter for them in CNC machine 2106
What is MS-EXCELL? 398
am commissioning the trafo without connecting the neutral therefore unbalance will occur what is the alternative solution for this? 222
What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works? 262
How to reduce the static electricity producing in solvent room? By P.D.Patil BioCon 378
what questions will be asked for 11/33KV licence interview APSEB hyderabad. Can any one share question and answers. 12
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