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what are clipper and clamper circuits?    2  4026
what is idmt relay    1  2503
What will happen to the protection and metering, if the polarity of a single or two PT/PTs in three phase system is reversed? Please provide reference if any. mind-tree   0  518
What is meant by operating sequence of VCB : 0–0.3sec.–CO– 3min.-CO    2  7862
what is a difference berween line voltage and phase voltage?    2  2118
what is earthed and inearthed cable or system? cccl   1  1528
if our load is 65000 watts howcan we find out all char like cable size. mcccb etc    3  1533
what is the formula for AH?HOW CAN IT CALCULATE    1  1300
Dir sir we have 750 kva Caterpillar dg set we are fas on different problem we start dg set ofter 1 mint apply load around 500a dg was run one or 3 mint after 3 mints dg was shutdown automatic how to face tis problem    3  2062
what is the formula for calculating motor rating? Example: If we want to rotate a 1000 kg waight disc up to 100 RPM, which size motor will require?    1  1952
give 5 differences between relay and contactor texas   0  428
which types of relay used in acb and vcb? ibm   0  702
What are the relays in ACB and VCB bhel   0  467
what is the purpose of CT,PT    7  7046
how much watts the computer will takes    2  1517
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Un-Answered Questions
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What should be the overcurrent, instantaneous overcurrent, short cicuit current settings (i.e. how many times of motor full load and what is the time duration) for a motor? 375
excitation limit of an excitor 332
how test transfomer(3 phase75kva) by megger 475
work of choke in florocent tube circuit ? 346
i need of the bhel question papers along with answers and also give some website names for the downloading question (electrical and electronics engg question)please help me.... 325
what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx. 522
Can anybody post questions asked in Engineers India Limited Interview? Thanks in advance. 739
hello everybody. what does an abnormal stator winding impedance or dc resistance show? thanx 358
If a transformer primary winding operates at 240v, the secondary at 120v and the load is 1500w & the transformer is rated at 92% efficient, what's the current flowing through the primary winding of the transformer? What is the formula for finding this? 350
what is vch ? 408
Is it advantages of having star-delta vfd than normal star vfd , if yes why? 554
what is the eight bit unit? 574
what is the minimum clearance between a 11KV 150KVAR capacitor cell and series reactor.can a series reactor can be mounted in the same structure of the capacitor cells structure 408
Draw a SLD of HT distribution EB grid up to users Transformer? 3238
What is the reason that the humming sound is coming from the induction furnace panel? 784
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