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what is the pressure of vacuum circuit breaker    2  1899
How is earthing done in Aerospace applications such as Flights and spaceships..?    1  1923
hi sir i have load of 17.5kw in 3 phase lighting circuit which mcb i can use    2  2195
i wanna know that star point in transformer becomes as a neutral on secondary side now tell me that how is that possible?because if joit the all three winding ends with each other it can b short circuited.dut it doesn't.WHY?pls Answer me in brief.thanks alot    1  1397
How to identify 3 phases of 3 phase supply irrespective of there color????    1  2930
plz send me the procedure and syllabus for mseb exam    0  2033
Why PT is fitted in incomer panel.....?    1  2478
What is the equivalent circuit of a transformer and its vector diagram? bhel   0  926
what are the difference between PLC and embedded    0  363
what is the mager value of star motor and delta motor between phase to ground and phase to phase, and minimum how much should be value ?    1  2542
i have done my in 2009 .still hunting for a job...wat shud i answer if intervevwr asks..(what u have done 1yr) tata   1  1059
For the same power rating,which motor is bigger in size,AC or DC?    8  8041
How do we calculate the resistance per metre of single core aluminium stranded cable 19*3.25mm sheathed in pvc,at 15 deg C temperature?    0  632
what is meant by tranformer impedance? synergy   0  918
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Un-Answered Questions
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Is it required to lay 2 runs of GI wires along with armoured cables from one power DB to another Power DB? 313
What should be the overcurrent, instantaneous overcurrent, short cicuit current settings (i.e. how many times of motor full load and what is the time duration) for a motor? 413
what is the operating time for LBB and how does the LBB relay realise whether cb is opened or not? 253
Installation method of self treated earth electrode. 412
How to calculate the input cable rating for 10kva ups (3phase input and single phase output and also 3phase output, battery rating 65Ah)provide the formula also.thnx 623
The electrical energy required to raise the tempreture of a given amount water is 200 kwh. If the heat losses are 20%, the energy required is? 324
what is the maximum permissible limit value of leakage current and leakage counter reading to replace lightining arrester? 3233
5- What is the task (function) of the excitation and isolation transformers in power plant? 6- What is the task (function) of LCI (A), LCI (B) and LCI (COS) in power plant? : LCI (A) and LCI(B) are load commutating inverter for generator turbine starting. , LCI (COS) is load commutating inverter change over switch 1879
ELECTRICAL DRIVES: can a motor load system with passive load torque can have equilibrium speed in second quadrant 1809
in control panel, how can i measuring the distance between one bus bar to another bus bar. then now only for bus bar. in mpcb and contactor also. that means one mpcb to another mpcb how much distance? how can i calculate that. 637
A motor running with lenze frequiency inverter stops if I REDUCE SPEED with 25% load.If I run it in High speed and medium speed running smoothly with full load.please help me to solve it. 262
Meter p.t. ratio= 3×230/400 , c.t.ratio = 3×1 (2) A what is m.f. 12
10rm cable can got load ---- amp? Or Which Size Cable can take the load 100amp capacity SCR; breaker. 426
What is Fire Panel ? How it works ? 426
What is the previous name of Cox's Bazar 364
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