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what is a motor eskom   5  1363
how to select a cap,when a fan is required 2.5 micro ferad cap,then how we know about 1 hp motor?    1  1151
a distribution transformer(3 phase)supplying 440volt per suppose one of phase voltage(230volt) becomes zero.what will be the cause ?    3  1819
how to select a capacitor, i mean we use 3.5 mico ferad cap for a celling fan,but how to select a cap for 1h.p motor,etc.........    1  980
what is the name for a meter/tester to measure the paint quality in electrical panel or wall?    1  905
what is meant by LCR meter? where its useful ?    0  329
what is meant by impedence? can you describe easy becuse iam not well familier in electrical?    2  1164
why does the magnetic balance tests at transformers? how to provide earthing in flight?    1  1917
why does the magnetic balance tests at transformer?    0  223
What is the purpose of REACTOR in GIS substation?    1  1333
from which formula we select a capacitor rating? suzlon   4  3319
hi this toufik here. i am doing my i am in final year and supposed to do a project in this year so i thinking to control the buchholz relay using software base means checking the status of transformer oil using microcontroler, plc or scada. so can i do so...??? alz suggest me...    2  1108
what do you call the last pole on a overhead line near a substation    2  1477
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Un-Answered Questions
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can we make a electric generator,which can not use any type of fuel,air,solar,gas,thermal,coal,petrol,etc and able to produce electrical energy (or self electricity generating generator) 331
Define early construction of human being 278
Briefly define and explain the following different types of Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) with some examples. i) 2-PAM ii) 4-PAM iii) 8-PAM iv) 16-PAM v) Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) 45
what is upper impedance and lower impedance of a distance relay 393
How can we calculate the KVA rating of a Distribution transformer from its core details? 374
why chock were used in old tubelights but are not newest tubelights? 107
What will happen to the protection and metering, if the polarity of a single or two PT/PTs in three phase system is reversed? Please provide reference if any. 465
what are the range of memory address in plc for L&T lx7 4A 277
what is apparent poewr, reactive power, & active power? 462
We have drive feeding an output contactor for a 5000 hp motor @ 5kV application. The motor FLA is 629amps x 1.25% service factor = 786.25 amps The cable that we current have in place between the drive and the output contactor is 350kcmil- MV-105 (parallel cables). Per the NEC table 310.60 (C) (69). This show the cable ampacity is at 615 amps per cable for a rating of 1230 amps. We have derated the cable for the cable tray and the multiple cables application and our calculations show that after the correction factor factor we are at 922amps. 1230 amps x .75% correction factor factor = 922.5 amps. The customer is driving us to then use another safety factor of .25% off of the already derated cable. Can you please provide a longhand calculation for your solution on this application? 416
what is the use of switch disconnector fuse 302
how snubber circuit works to protect switching devices? 2487
with 3 phase board on a 63 amp rcd is it ok to have 6 electrical showers 2 on each phase and what problems could happen 274
armature winding of dc machine produce alternating emf then it convert in to dc by using commutator.But only we consider armature resistance why don't we consider inductive reactane effect? 412
what is per unit calculation?looking for simple and strong explanation thk u 598
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