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for leading power factor penalty by SEB why    2  2502
why any Elelctricity board insist not to change the buren of their metering CTs or PTs for metering purpose? as a example elect. board not accepted that any customer change their metering CT or PT core burden from 5VA to 15VA.. why?    1  1254
why wound rotor is star-connected?    4  2528
how can we avoid magnetostriction in transformer?describe the suitable methods. bhel   2  3431
why do we use 25kv supply for traction purpose? bhel   0  368
In a synchronous machine if the field axis is ahead of the armature field axis then the machine is ?    1  877
different b/w counter poise and ground wire l&t   1  2276
how do we connect mcb in our home?and how does it work? iocl   3  7178
Why are use 22 kv 3ph supply ? iocl   1  942
what is the Earth Voltages in Power Plants, Sub-stations, Industries, Residential & Commercial Buildings. power-grid   0  459
what is the safty of poly phase tranformer? adani   0  256
what is the all safty name of diesel genrator? adani   2  1579
what is the meaning of transformer short circuit test? l&t   7  9381
how we can calculate earth fault current? alchemist   1  2116
how to protect transformer    2  2031
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Un-Answered Questions
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how wecalculate breaking capcity of acb mcb mccb .explain with example 88
What should be the protection scheme for a 15kw, 3-phase motor working in a lathe machine. 381
how do prepare ongc is it question model.i am electrical. which part covering in electrical.tell me 653
Pl.brief me about Electrical power distribution system from Main generating station to Industry.What is the use of in between station. 291
what is the importance of Partial Dischage test for Electrical Equipments 274
Will any motor burn if voltage provided is lesser than the rated voltage???? If yes, then how is speed control possible with voltage control 287
What is grid collapse? what is the reason for it? 269
What is the power requirement of tamil nadu for one month? 390
what is meant by negative sequencing in power system.explain in detail 397
what is per unit calculation?looking for simple and strong explanation thk u 624
The 3 phase 400 hp 440 volt slip ring induction motor do not take one phase amps why ? The motor is running good condition 313
what irequirment need to be followed when working on live equipment 185
what about GD square and its important for motor design? 1634
salam&hi, i need to know about how can i calculate an enough current for the new building before i submit it to the suppliers 290
Explain about retrofitting of machine tool. 256
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