Zoology Interview Questions
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what is the function of bicuspid or mitral valve in human heart?

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what are the different stages in the life histoty of dibothriocephalus?

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coral reefs are how many types?name them?

PH.D Interview,

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explain signet ring stage in erythrocytic cycle of plasmodium?

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differentiate apterygota and pterygota subclasses of phylum arthropoda?

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what r tidemann's bodies?where do u find them?

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what is a keber's organ?with what function it associates?

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differentiate miracidium and cercaria larval forms?

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what is osphradium?


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what r ambulacral ossicles?what is its importance in phylum echinodermata?

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what are the constituents of human semen?

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what is the function of ovipositor in houseflies?

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what actually happens during window period of HIVinfection?

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what is the meaning of the word "kwashiorkor"?

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what is the difference between complicated fractures and comminnuted fractures?

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what particular feild in zoology would you say is the most challenging feild


Anatomically, what are the frontal and pre-frontal cortical areas? What do you know about patients with lesions in the orbital-frontal cortex?


Give the classification of Butterfly?


I have an interview of post of lecturer in Zoology( entomology)department,please guide me about interview questions.


How is the role of regional fishery bodies changing?


How are fishery catches changing?


What is balantidium coli infection and prevention measures?


Does anyone know of any genetic defects on animals? I'm just curious why I've never seen an animal with gigantism, or dwarfism, or down syndrome. I'm sure they all dont die at birth. I'm really interested in some information on this. thanks


Describe the vertebrate brain and name its major areas.


What are the general trends in trade?


What is a transgenic animal? A transgenic knockout mouse? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such animals for neuroscientific studies? Please give one or two specific examples.


mud eel eg.cuchia,how many gill rakers?


how my subject zoology helpfull in banking sector?


Name the Blood Vessels in Fish?


What is birth hormone