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who coined the term zoology    1  2491
What large hairy spider from a city in Italy A. Vinecaliu B. Tarantula C. Both A and B D. None    0  739
zoology as an item of human culture ? explain    0  1346
consumption of fish is considered to be healthy compared to the meat of othr animals,because fish contains    1  1108
the insect not useful toman is rrc-railway-recruitment-cell   0  645
Ano po bang klaseng gagamba ang makagawa ng pinakamatigas supot (web)? sbi   0  964
anu-ano ang mga ibat-ibang uri ng ahas? gma-network   1  2866
anu-ano ang mga ibat-ibang uri ng ahas? namo   1  3402
ano ang pinakamatalinong hayop    0  1565
may shark ba sa pilipinas?at saan?    0  591
1. do you like your job 2. How long does it take you to be one 3. How is interacting with the animals 4. What do you like better whales or dolphins you think your job is important v 6. when did you first realize you wanted to be a marine biologist? 7. how many hours do you generally work in a week 8. what is your greatest memory as a marine biologist your opinion what is the greatest thing in being a marine biologist 10. do you specialize in any area? if so what 11. what is a typical day in your career you travel a lot. 13. what school subjects would help you for this career. 14.what kind of species do you work with 15. do you like the people your work with    0  636
I have an interview of post of lecturer in Zoology( entomology)department,please guide me about interview questions.    0  1991
being a zoology student what you do in bank? why not in teaching? sbi   2  7334
What are the pouch-bearing mammals called? spsc   7  3397
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Un-Answered Questions
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Describe the vertebrate brain and name its major areas. 563
Ano po bang klaseng gagamba ang makagawa ng pinakamatigas supot (web)? 964
what is the general life cycle of metazoans? 444
What is the second largest land carnivore? 620
What role can fisheries play in national development and poverty reduction? 553
What does the Haversian (central) canal in each osteon contains? 1012
Describe the main pathways between sensory receptors and cortex (including intra-cortical circuits) for mammalian vision, hearing and olfaction. 514
what are some of the positions that a zoologist could have an how long do they have to attend college before you can become a zoologist 417
what steps or advice would you recommend for me to good an perpared for this type of career 581
What are the risks associated with the contaminants affecting fish? 532
do you get to deal with animals hands on wile in college 758
How are fishing communities affected by emergencies? 438
How to extract DNA from semen (sperm)? 1168
compare the variation of bones on the forearm and the shanks of birds? 2897
What are the general trends in processing and consumption? 456
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