Zoology Interview Questions
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what is the function of bicuspid or mitral valve in human heart?

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what are the different stages in the life histoty of dibothriocephalus?

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coral reefs are how many types?name them?

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explain signet ring stage in erythrocytic cycle of plasmodium?

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differentiate apterygota and pterygota subclasses of phylum arthropoda?

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what r tidemann's bodies?where do u find them?

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what is a keber's organ?with what function it associates?

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differentiate miracidium and cercaria larval forms?

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what is osphradium?


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what r ambulacral ossicles?what is its importance in phylum echinodermata?

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what are the constituents of human semen?

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what is the function of ovipositor in houseflies?

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what actually happens during window period of HIVinfection?

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what is the meaning of the word "kwashiorkor"?

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what is the difference between complicated fractures and comminnuted fractures?

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What is the state of inland fisheries?


Describe the main pathways between sensory receptors and cortex (including intra-cortical circuits) for mammalian vision, hearing and olfaction.


what is the difference and similarities between the outer body covering of free-living and parasitic flatworms?


What are the trends in open ocean catches in fisheries?


is there more calories in buffalo milk than sheep milk?


What role can fisheries play in national development and poverty reduction?


what does the psychic phase do


what are some of the positions that a zoologist could have an how long do they have to attend college before you can become a zoologist


What are the names of the species of frogs that have the ability to change what sex (male/female) they are?


how my subject zoology helpfull in banking sector?


How do molluscs grow their shells?


What is balantidium coli infection and prevention measures?


What are the markets for specific types of fish products?


In which of the glands are graffian follicles found??


What is the physical and biological basis of structural and functional MRI for brain imaging?