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How many levels are there in structure of them?    1  93
What is the botnical name of tomato?    4  797
Compare the adaptation of mesophytes with amphibious hydrophytes with nature ?    1  560
Where do flowers get colour    1  561
Name the root which perform photosynthesis.    3  1251
what is flawar and plant    2  649
Why are white flowers white in color though they are exposed to sunlight?what is the plastid present in them when they are exposed to sunlight?    2  736
hello can you help me with a formula floral because i can't undersdant it :(    1  335
Hello can you help me for a floral formula how to writ it i can't undrestand it :(    1  559
What is the economic importance of mushrooms?I'm getting economic importance of fungi!It's my biology project on mushrooms!!    1  2032
Appraise the significance of totipotency with respect to tissue culture technology. university-of-mauritius   1  733
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ plants has green roots which are capable of performing photosynthesis. ph.d-interview   2  696
what is pure botany? plz any body tell me about it i have face this question in commission and other question is what isapplied botany?    1  883
what are the signs of male and female plants?    1  738
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Un-Answered Questions
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How do mushrooms reproduce sexually and asexually? 449
How old should a cork tree be before it can be stripped of its bark? 229
What effect does dyhydromonoxide have on green vegetation? 287
what is Plant Hybridization? 236
what is the importance of Phytochrome pigment? 1346
what is unique about the embryogenesis in paeonia? 168
Any diff between secondary constrictions and kinetochores? 155
what is the difference between plant disease control and plant disease management? 270
Can the powdery mildew Oidium lycopersicum be stored in the freezer in order to inoculate tomato plants? 231
which floral whorls are present or absent on grasses? 242
Does CO have adverse effects on plants? 226
what is pure botany? what is difference between applied botany and pure botany? 981
what are the methods to study nuceic acid and protein interactions? 264
At present which is highly evolved? Is is trees, shrubs or herbs? Why? 311
What percentage of the world's photosynthesis is produced by trees alone? 284
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