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Is it good to sleep under a tree during the day?    0  230
How many levels are there in structure of them?    1  1723
What is the botnical name of tomato?    4  2728
Compare the adaptation of mesophytes with amphibious hydrophytes with nature ?    1  2170
Where do flowers get colour    2  1990
Name the root which perform photosynthesis.    3  3860
what is flawar and plant    2  1826
Why are white flowers white in color though they are exposed to sunlight?what is the plastid present in them when they are exposed to sunlight?    2  2764
hello can you help me with a formula floral because i can't undersdant it :(    1  967
Hello can you help me for a floral formula how to writ it i can't undrestand it :(    1  1325
What is the economic importance of mushrooms?I'm getting economic importance of fungi!It's my biology project on mushrooms!!    1  8979
Appraise the significance of totipotency with respect to tissue culture technology. university-of-mauritius   1  2153
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ plants has green roots which are capable of performing photosynthesis. ph.d-interview   2  1678
what is pure botany? plz any body tell me about it i have face this question in commission and other question is what isapplied botany?    1  2032
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Un-Answered Questions
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Define photophosphorylation? 385
What is the term used for plants that have only one reproductive organ? 284
Can the light of the Full Moon helps in photosynthesis? 430
True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain. 479
what are the uses of economically important plants? 537
Do leaf trees or evergreens produce more oxygen ? 429
How does crowding affect plants? 362
How do you isolate the various bioactive ingredients from a plant extract? 359
what is the definition of a tracheophyte? 395
what is structure of flower of species of Inula genus ? 328
Why can mould vary in colour? 402
what are isoflavonoids and tanins? 393
where do plants get carbon from and where does the carbon go when plants die? 416
what is the sceintific name of the muruga plant? 508
How to grow seedless grapes? 387
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