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What is the advantage, if any, to a germinating seed or seeding in developing a hook? Why is there no heart-shaped stage during embryo development in monocytes? What is the agricultural i mportance of the transgenic rice plant(in 3 paragraphs)    0  12
is mimosa pudica shows syngenecious stamen?    0  80
what is the difference between SEM & TEM?    0  159
what is the botanical name of spinach?    1  250
What is the scientific name of cockroach?    1  741
Is it good to sleep under a tree during the day?    1  739
How many levels are there in structure of them?    1  2112
What is the botnical name of tomato?    4  3375
Compare the adaptation of mesophytes with amphibious hydrophytes with nature ?    1  2672
Where do flowers get colour    2  2453
Name the root which perform photosynthesis.    3  4781
what is flawar and plant    3  2200
Why are white flowers white in color though they are exposed to sunlight?what is the plastid present in them when they are exposed to sunlight?    2  3267
hello can you help me with a formula floral because i can't undersdant it :(    1  1295
Hello can you help me for a floral formula how to writ it i can't undrestand it :(    1  1612
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Un-Answered Questions
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What type of chemical compounds do plants produce during photosynthesis? 523
what's the effect of dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane on plants? 384
True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain. 549
what are the advantages of nitrogen and phosphorus in plant fertilizers? 570
which type of poliination occurs in rose? 435
How many species of plants existed on this earth? 420
what are the differences between sugar and sap? 403
How are hormone levels regulated in plants? 326
Describe the grafting in jasmine tree? 525
what are the effects of ringbarking trees? 1506
plants release O2 only during daytime but respire 24 hrs giving out CO2 but are said to purify air? How? 485
Describe the process of replication in viruses? 375
what is the non-congruent principle? 698
What things do you count in order to determine the number of carpels in a compound ovary? 455
How the plants can survive in Tundra where temperature reaches -57oC? 459
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