Bio Technology Interview Questions
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What are Frame shift mutations?,

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What is gene conversion?

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What is a recessive gene?

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For which purpose Immunoblotting technique is used?, Kunimed PharmaChem,

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What are immunoglobulins?


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Explain Gram Staining method?


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What are introns and exons?


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What are forbidden clones?


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What is meant by transversion?

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What is the basic difference between quantitative and quantal assays?,

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what r repressors?

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How do u caluculate the distance travelled by a particular component of a mixture?

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what are the drawbacks in method of perfusion?

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What is isotopic tracer technique?

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on which factor functioning of Geiger muller counter based?

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what is the schematic view or the steps involved in northern blotting technique?


hey i am doin bsc biotech and i want to do research on stem cells.....plz tell me how to go about??????


i have pcb and i am all set to do biotech so i wanted to know is this a successful option which has its perks??


tell me what is the interview when some one want to get a job in this company?


what are the shine-dalgarno sequences in organism other than E.coli.?


on burning normaly wich parts of our body geting less dameg? why?


if u've any queries or need more info about biocon interviews. u jus mail to


I completed my BSc in biotechnology and now in a dilemma what to choose next.My goal is to earn more so can anybody guide me the next step of my life which leads to my goal?


what are some of the concerns about biotechnology regarding human health and biodiversity? 


How would you value a biotech company as opposed to a consumer products company?


I want to pursue my career in finding out drugs/medicines to cure bacterial/viral /genitically caused diseases. which part of biotechnology should I choose?red or white biotechnology?If i had to choose red biotechnology should I do B.Tech in biotech or B.Tech in industrial biotech?what are the companies that offers job for a red biotechnologist?


can we induce hairy roots in Rauvolfia serpentina? What are the main steps in which we have to care?


will i get f1 visa to pursue masters in US, if i have many backlogs and more than 2 yrs gap in btn my graduation.


What kinds of metrics would you gauge to determine the financial, strategic and operational health of a prospective alliance partner?


How to isolate prokaryotic mRNA