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what is the definition for Biotechnology?    0  97
Hi i finished biotechnology in trichy.can i get biotechnology lecturer jobs at arts and science colleges temporarily please ans me    0  260
components of bioreactor     1  1355
how to choose biotechnology & where is the job opportunity?       1  1022
what is Regeneration ?    1  2655
How DNA is being Transplanted?    1  2270
what are some of the concerns about biotechnology regarding human health and biodiversity?     0  939
Give the comparisons of Rec-type (proteine) and Rec BCD Complex. What is the role of each? national-university-of-rwanda   1  2919
I completed my BSc in biotechnology and now in a dilemma what to choose next.My goal is to earn more so can anybody guide me the next step of my life which leads to my goal?    0  643
how to know weather the given DNS is single or double stranded. shanta-biotech   6  4886
what is the minimum pecentage of marks required to attend dr.reddys lab and biocon on-campus interview??????    0  851
Sir i am doing my btech biotech at dy patil pune nd due to some prob i need to shift backbto surat so is it possible to transfer at bsc biotech college in surat    0  1183
List out the biochemical tests with the significance which will be used to identify and characterize a unknown bacteria?    4  4316
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is the schematic view or the steps involved in northern blotting technique? 800
what are the conditions and time requirements for carrying out the various steps involved in northern blotting? 696
How to isolate prokaryotic mRNA 857
I want to pursue my career in finding out drugs/medicines to cure bacterial/viral /genitically caused diseases. which part of biotechnology should I choose?red or white biotechnology?If i had to choose red biotechnology should I do B.Tech in biotech or B.Tech in industrial biotech?what are the companies that offers job for a red biotechnologist? 464
Hi i'm going to attend online test conducted by BCIL in few days...pls anyone can tell me about the test and how to prepare for it... 3282
What kinds of metrics would you gauge to determine the financial, strategic and operational health of a prospective alliance partner? 804
tell me what is the interview when some one want to get a job in this company? 651
Hi guys.My friend has visa appointment in this month but the problem is she applied for the university with her old toefl score and she wrote toefl after she applied and her toefl date expired last month but she did'nt received her official score report till now.Is there any problem if she attended the visa interview with his old score 506
can we induce hairy roots in Rauvolfia serpentina? What are the main steps in which we have to care? 548
Hai friends, Can someone guide me..Am a postgraduate( in biotechnology and am thinking of doing pg diploma course through distance mode. are they worth doing? if so which is better pg diploma in bioinfo or pg diploma in Intellectual property awaiting ur suggestions 521
hey i am doin bsc biotech and i want to do research on stem cells.....plz tell me how to go about?????? 480
i got 59/120 in toefl. i have also 90% in 12th i eligible for going usa for biotechnology? i ll also take SAT exam. i want to apply pensylvania,new jursey or newyork . plz hep me. 550
I have an elder brother who is married and settled in USA.Around 2 1/2years back even he had gone for his masters. I would be appearing for Visa soon. I have got acceptance fron Wayne state Univ for masters in biotechnology.What should my answer be when this question is raised. Would my case become more critical? please help 496
in the lcmv what type of effect onm the mhc class i molecule 514
will i get f1 visa to pursue masters in US, if i have many backlogs and more than 2 yrs gap in btn my graduation. 532
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