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I am an M.Tech Industrial biotechnology fresher(2010 passed out). I am looking for job in biotech companies in upstream. I approached some companies too. But in all companies they said they need experienced persons only and not freshers. Please suggest me a solution to my job search. And suggest me some biotech companies where fresher are hired.    1  752
what is the difference between defined, characterised and standard serum? jnu   1  1175
Dubai is desert how it is possible it is becaming greenary?    2  1106
why life span of RBC IS GREATER THEN THE WBC?    3  2446
what is the difference between clone and identical twins?    5  1260
who is the real father of biotechnology?    9  3969
why we use 96 well plate in ELISA plate reader?    2  2243
what are the shine-dalgarno sequences in organism other than E.coli.? celestial-biolabs   2  1178
may I get a good jobs nd a handsome salary after completing bsc in biotechnology nd how much salary I may accept???    7  1708
I want to pursue my career in finding out drugs/medicines to cure bacterial/viral /genitically caused diseases. which part of biotechnology should I choose?red or white biotechnology?If i had to choose red biotechnology should I do B.Tech in biotech or B.Tech in industrial biotech?what are the companies that offers job for a red biotechnologist?    0  297
Why is the RBC called as a cell even though it dont have all the characteristic features of a complete cell?    10  2346
what is the difference between fermentor and bioreactor? titan-biotech   8  10584
Size of Normal Land and bhosada    3  4446
what is bio tecnology    12  1529
being a student, am i eligible to work in IT sector....if yes what all i need to do.???    2  802
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Un-Answered Questions
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describe the cell theory & discuss the parameters for cell differentiation 554
i have passed my +2 i am getting admission biotechnolgy in govt college chd afflited to punjab universty, but beside that i am getting admission in b.pharma in punjabi universty patiala where should i go in which field 251
if u've any queries or need more info about biocon interviews. u jus mail to 465
will u pls suggest me which books should i prepare for group 2. and where will i get that books. pls pls 310
in the lcmv what type of effect onm the mhc class i molecule 237
What does "determination of non-regulated status" mean? 366
I have an elder brother who is married and settled in USA.Around 2 1/2years back even he had gone for his masters. I would be appearing for Visa soon. I have got acceptance fron Wayne state Univ for masters in biotechnology.What should my answer be when this question is raised. Would my case become more critical? please help 334
I completed Masters in Biotechnology in 2003.I have around 5 years experience in Microbiology.But iam interesterd in doing Biotechnology work.Please help how to get job in biotech field? 266
what are the conditions and time requirements for carrying out the various steps involved in northern blotting? 374
How to Calculate Carbohydrate percentage in dubois method? 857
Can you give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together? 314
How to Filter & remove non-sequence data from a FASTA FILE using Perl scripts ? 402
hey i am doin bsc biotech and i want to do research on stem cells.....plz tell me how to go about?????? 247
In conventional breeding within species, it is said that "vertical transfer" of genes takes place. However, biotechnology allows "horizontal transfer" of genes across species. Isn?t such horizontal transfer unnatural, and therefore possibly unsafe, as well as unethical? 363
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