Windows General Interview Questions
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I want to pop up a notepad on my desktop when i log in to my system.How can i do this?

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how to recover/reset/bypass/crack/delete windows administrator password if fogot/lost/cant remember windows password?

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what is the advantages of using Windows XP?


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hi in our system not conected to sharing any folders why ? can u pls xplain


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system administration means


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I am write dvd from dvd writer but problem is not write dvd only write cd . i try to writing data 3 g.b in dvd , dvd is ok ,dvd writer is ok, all sevices is ok , Find out the problem ?

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Differences between Home and Professional Editions

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How can you backup and restore DC


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What is offline defragmentation in AD and how do we do it?


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What are the AD database types and its flow?


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What are the different connector types in exchange?


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i installed windowxp sp2(AMD ATHLON 64by2 processor),it is supporting to run any sort of applications in my system,except,the "C" language. i.e.,when a c program is executed,it is forcebly making windows to shutdown the next moment...what may be the problem..please suggest.

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what are the different technical steps to install windows xp and professional 2000

Infosys, IBM, 3i Infotech,

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what is cmos?

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what is the difference between window xp and window vista

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please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot


what is capability and capability based system?


operating system support which deadlock handling techniques like solars, unix implement which deadlock handling techniques


please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot


what do u mean by an abb control?explain in brief?