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what are the stands for OAB(offline address book) in exchange server? microsoft   1  1569
how many scopes can be created in Dhcp    1  1613
When all browsers and download managers are closed data transfer continues, how to identify and stop it?    1  1171
I lost my password and have no password reset disk. I have only one account. How can I reset the password? How is Anmosoft Windows Password Reset from    1  1114
operating system support which deadlock handling techniques like solars, unix implement which deadlock handling techniques    0  734
what is a property sheet?    0  554
in a time-sharing operating system, when the time slot given to a process is completed,the process goes from the Running state to the: a) BLOCKED state b) Ready state c) SUSPENDED state d) Terminated state public-service-commission   3  4656
I have an Aspire 4710 notebook. few days ago I have formated my system and reload Windows xp home. and updated ita all driver / When i run movie - the visual are seeing blur Why ?? then i have installed intel media graphic driver also but its same as before.. pls advise the solution...thanks    1  828
what do u mean by an abb control?explain in brief?    0  812
What is Server? and What is different between server and client? jetking   3  3014
what is the main technical difference b/w window xp and window 7 hcl   5  3382
what is the different between MAC and Windows? samsung   3  2332
D/W FAT and NTFS    1  1827
Why we are using windows xp as a clients for windows servers    0  883
What happens when you choose ClearType for your screen fonts in Windows XP?    0  1941
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Un-Answered Questions
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how make a bootable dick 1089
What is Duplicate Handle? 701
How you will debug a windows operating system issue? Advantages and dis-advantages of windows 2003 and 2008? 1340
please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot 623
in a direct memory access how does the CPU know when the memory operation are complete 913
How to identify the difference between the kernel object and user object? 844
when affected the system from virus , which paths will be it stored in system ? 710
Which is the data member common to all the kernel object and what is the use of it? 615
Purposes, features and functions of windows 98 and xp. i am struggling with this because i have to compare their strenths and weaknesses, please can i get help? 2105
What is replication difference between wi2k and win2k3 replication? 1760
If you tries to mount a share ( home directory )in a client machine, and it fails how do u approach? 593
What is LOM and how do you access it? 516
What would a rise in remote queue length generally indicate? 647
list TWO problems that force some operating system to use the technique of device dedication 569
What happens when you choose ClearType for your screen fonts in Windows XP? 1941
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