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In a steam turbine plant why is condenser maintained under high vaccum    1  19
what is 162 in tmt bars caluclating fomula ?    0  30
Which one of the following pacts sought to be resolved the hindu-Muslim differences? A.gandhi-irvin pact B.Poona pact C.lucknow pact D. Lahore pact    1  634
Hindus creed many denominations?    0  74
Who supports the view that in the origin of state there were two contracts.    0  261
CCl4 is inert to water but BCl3 hydrolises in moist air.Why?    0  209
Hi, I am 30years old. Can I give any govt. sector exam. I have done my graduaion form Delhi University.. Please suggest me?    0  225
Which state India has the highest population density ?    1  591
What is the best coaching center for drug inspector in hyderabad?    1  1022
why chandigarh is capital of two states    1  963
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials.    0  921
which of the following river does not form delta?    2  1618
which one of the following rights was described by b.r.ambedkar as 'the heart and sc the constitution ? a.right of freedom of religious b.right of property c.right of equality d.right of constitutional remidies bed   2  3036
which component is in most in kidney stones    0  947
In which ocean is a lake    0  932
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Un-Answered Questions
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write short note on extrapolation? 857
1.ants are social insects.why? 2.numismatics is study of ___? 3.rate of change of position is known as ___? 4.a logophile is alover of what? 5.which city hosted '2009 UN climate change conference'? 647
atomic power station in india is built to completely indigenously? 989
Can somebody pls help me in sharing the PGCET (Karnataka MCA Entrance Exam) question paper. my e-mail id is: Pls share your question papers with me. Your help would be appreciated. Best Regards, Shah 1239
what is voip? 620
one rajput king were died in panipat 3rd war with ibrahim lodi? 2052
CCl4 is inert to water but BCl3 hydrolises in moist air.Why? 209
main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); } 670
what is the precission for 5 digit balance 716
friends i want to know about DSSSB DASS GRADE II Main exam pattern what is the exam syllbus and if there is any precious year question paper then please mail me on my emil id 7902
Railways were introduced in India when the Governor General of India was 603 ongc graduate trainee exam is scheduled next week ...i am from mba finance....can anyone please tell me kind of technical questions that they have asked in previous years... 3365
show that false position method converges linearly. 639
why is social networking popular among young people? 526
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