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. Revti industries has a factory at lonavala and two branches at vapi and silvase. The goods produced at factory are dispatched to the branches. The goods are produced at cost of 170 per unit. The transport cost to vapi is 35 per unit and to silvase are 30 per unit profit @ 20% on cost is added during March 2015, quantity manufactured was 25000 unit. out of this 7500 units were sent to vapi and 6500 unit were sent to silvase the sales during month were. A. lonavala -9000 unit to local customer lonavala 2000 unit to overseas buyer b. vapi -6500 unit to local customer c. silvase -5500 unit to local customer in addition 500 units were captively consumed calculate excise duty payable @ 12.36 %    0  8
How I should prepare for MCA with SSC coaching    0  11
In a steam turbine plant why is condenser maintained under high vaccum    1  36
what is 162 in tmt bars caluclating fomula ?    0  41
Which one of the following pacts sought to be resolved the hindu-Muslim differences? A.gandhi-irvin pact B.Poona pact C.lucknow pact D. Lahore pact    1  667
Hindus creed many denominations?    0  84
Who supports the view that in the origin of state there were two contracts.    0  272
CCl4 is inert to water but BCl3 hydrolises in moist air.Why?    0  219
Hi, I am 30years old. Can I give any govt. sector exam. I have done my graduaion form Delhi University.. Please suggest me?    0  238
Which state India has the highest population density ?    1  607
What is the best coaching center for drug inspector in hyderabad?    1  1039
why chandigarh is capital of two states    1  980
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials.    0  930
which of the following river does not form delta?    2  1631
which one of the following rights was described by b.r.ambedkar as 'the heart and sc the constitution ? a.right of freedom of religious b.right of property c.right of equality d.right of constitutional remidies bed   2  3052
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please mail me sample question for drug inspector at my id 1037
CCl4 is inert to water but BCl3 hydrolises in moist air.Why? 219
who had an explosive idea and first patented dynamite? 1900
now i have a professional B.V.Sc degree in hand i want to prepare for group-1 where i can start ? what subject i should start? 742
i want some sample question paper for indian bank exam.please send us early as possible 895
main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); } 674
send the old question paper of oncg chemistry paper 688
Mangal Pandey fired the first shot of the Revolt of 1857 at 887
write the algorithm for false position method? 1947
what is public borrowings 693
write short note on extrapolation? 866
Write short note on t-test? 2513
how many times in a day is the angle between the minute and hour hands of a clock equal to an angle between 0 and 180? 696
atomic power station in india is built to completely indigenously? 994
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