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In manul testing where we write our bugs and scripts and how we send these to test director?    3  3248
how do we find that there are duplicate bugs in Test Director or quality center?    3  4225
Does anyone know or have experience in the following? TestDirector (now Quality Center) installation and administration. configuration and administration of Quality Center / TestDirector - not just usage! it-gurus   2  1675
How many Reports Can be Got from Test Director? tcs   3  4019
What is TestDirector? wats the difference Testdirector and winrunner, loadrunner? wats the advantage of testdirector..? abc   12  24428
How can i post the results to a site once i Run the test Set In TestDirector? ordain-solutions   2  2330
How can we connect test director to winrunner and database? spc-systems   1  2428
How to generate Testcase id in Test Director? a)Testcase id 1, b)Testcase id 2, c) TestCase id 3 d) Test case id 4 ordain-solutions   3  4340
Where and how do you write test cases in TD?........What steps do you change status of bug in TD.. prokarma   1  4068
how to write test cases if we have, given requirement and teplate. infosys   5  8330
I installed TestDirector 7.6 on my PC which has windows media center edition. It was working fine in the begining. But now when I try to start it, I get the message, "cannot connect to databas. The data base version is older than 7.5, please update database". I am using MS Access as the database. Any help would be appreciated. ordain-solutions   0  406
Can we have dependency between to bugs in test director? Like : Bug #10 is dependent on Bug #1 ordain-solutions   3  3205
can we maintain test data in test director? wipro   9  5956
How we load the test script into testdirector ge   2  6101
Have you integrated your automated scripts from Test Director?    3  3568
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Un-Answered Questions
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can we connect qtp 8.2 version with test director 8.0 verion if how if not why 2)when test director 8.0 version released 642
Hi all, I use the Requirements Traceability and wnat to send by email a Trace Comment. But when I send out the requirement by mail I don’t receive Trace Comment. In place of Trace Comment I do receive the other felts who I didn’t needed For ex. ReqName, ID, Reviewed, Status, Author, Creation Date, Creation Time, Modified But I would rather be with. ReqName, ID, Trace Comment, RFC_status, Priority, Assigned To, Author, Creation Date Above all, I would like to Trace Comments will. Do you have any idea how to change this? And how to recieve Trace Comment? 266
Can anyone tell me where i can Download free full version of test director 478
Explain about failure options in TD 291
What r the mandatory fields in TD? 369
how do you integrate Perl or shell automation scripts in TD? 853
Explain about user authentication in TD related to OS? 309
how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director 399
Can any one tell how to install the TD in our system? 320
What is Business Process? 255
How can we connect defect report from testlab&testplan tabs? 279
How to map testcases with requirements in test lab? 388
how will you do execution workflow, creat and modify test sets 339
How do you ensure that there are no duplication of bugs in Test Director? 398
How can we split the tests in Test Director? 247
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