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how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?


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what is global variables?


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what is soap? how to use soap?

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how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?

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can any one tell me.i have 3 years experience of non-It field.but outof 3 y.of ex. first 1.6 years of ex.one dept's & second 1.7 years of ex.another dept's .i have completed M.com ,but i want to change to IT side (instead of non-IT) what is my quesion.in interview point of time thay are asking about myself (i have to give the replay morethen 6 minit) how to give the replay don't mind give me replay


i have 3.6 it exp,relavant 2 years, how to tell my self?


I wold like to learn TIBCO.Can any one who is working on TIBCO,please advice.Tell me brief abt TIBCO.Currently i have Java/J2ee background.Please update u r mail Id too.Thanx in advance


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I would like to learn one of these technologies.Can any one pls tell me WebMethods r TIBCO which is the best

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by using java language only we use this integration


What is File adapter,ADB Adapter in tibco? DIff BW Them


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how to create global variables and if we create where do we have to use in the project ?

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how we can send data through adb adapter in tibco bw?


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What are the types of encoding which BW follows?


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How many types of Global vaibles are there in BW?


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What is meant by process context varibale?


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What are the pretch predicates in tibco bw ?


I am a commerce graduate, with service desk experience of 4 years. Not much technical, which module of Tibco will help me and will that have a demand in market. If yes how long time it will take me to learn.


Hi i want to learn TIBCO. I am not good at programming.. Which module should i prefer to learn in tibco. i am having 2 years exp in another sector, now i m planning to change my career path. Please suggest me.