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What is your overall experience in IT?    1  2534
Why do you wanted to go to US?    3  4548
Can you give your right and left index finger impressions?    1  985
Can I have your file please?    3  536
Tell me on which project are you going to work in US? tcs   0  326
Tell me for which company are you going to work in USA? citigroup   0  323
Tell me for which company are you working now?    0  374
Can I see your certificates? thomson   2  618
What is your qualification?    1  1013
Why you want to return back? us-consulate   2  4002
When you will be back to india? microsoft   3  3516
Will you come back to India?    2  963
Have you been to any other country before? tcs   1  1914
How will you survive for the first month?    2  4290
When are you planned to travel?    1  542
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Un-Answered Questions
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Hi, I have 5 years work experience ( 2yrs in marketing and 3 yrs in BPO-technical support) and have been to California (currently holding B1 multiple entry visa for 10 years). Qualification: (Computer's) Now I am planning to apply H1 visa. Looking for Desktop or Laptop technician job and hunting for sponsor. 1)Would I be eligible to apply for H1 visa? 2)Will US companies consider my BPO experience? 3)Shall I visit US again then look for the job and then come back to India then file H1 application? Please advise? 755
My wife is on H1B Visa at US. I have applied for H4 visa and I am going there to take care of my child who is 4 years.If they ask why I am going there and what I do there what should be my reply? 547
What will you be working on there? 314
how can i get a job in medical representative 495
Hi guys, I am not having employers tax returns document, it is neccesary for stamping process? how to handle the consulate people without that document, Plz give me valuable answer. 295
provide me the employees list? 324
Hi,Guys i have a question that i m gonna appear for the H1 visa soon in sept-2008. and my passport name contain ben with my name while my educational documents contain bahen. will it make any effect on my interview? thanks in adv for answers. 300
Can I have the IT returns of the US company? 325
What is the company you are going to work for in USA? 342
hi, i am having dependent visa of h4 and i want h1b visa for working in U.S.A., please help me what type of questions they will ask for, computer science having no jo experience. 426
what is difference of SSE and PA and tell what you do in both designations? 535
What kind of projects US Company is working on? 363
Applied for H4 visa. My wife is on H1B visa. What may be the questions and what should be my reply? 452
I selected in H1B going 4 stamping in nov 2009, I have one question I'm maried in 2006 and we seperated in 2009 i dont have mariage certificate. it it mandatiory while going to stamping 377
How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they? 311
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