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What is your qualification?    0  1382
What is your overall experience in IT?    1  3893
Why do you wanted to go to US?    3  6094
Can you give your right and left index finger impressions?    1  2393
Can I have your file please?    3  2268
Tell me on which project are you going to work in US? tcs   0  1008
Tell me for which company are you going to work in USA? citigroup   0  754
Tell me for which company are you working now?    0  792
Can I see your certificates? thomson   2  1825
What is your qualification?    1  2404
Why you want to return back? us-consulate   2  6938
When you will be back to india? microsoft   3  5138
Will you come back to India?    2  2016
Have you been to any other country before? tcs   1  3153
How will you survive for the first month?    2  7304
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Un-Answered Questions
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My company processed the H1B visa for. Propably I will get the interview date by next month. I have 20 days overlap in one of my previous experience. i.e. Company A Service certificate shows 4 Jan 2005 to 25 Jun 2006, Company B shows 5 Jun 2006 to 16 Apr 2008. Whether it will leads to any rejection on my H1B? Please clarify. Thanks Suresh 822
What is difficulty in getting appointment for VISA interview?Why Americans are not able to rectify the fault in online applications from Delhi? 1865
What is the company you are going to work for in USA? 837
HI Guys.My H1B visa petition got approved for the year 2008- 2009. I am filling the application form consulte intervew. the questions currently i am working X company and i have applied for H1 visa through Y company. but before this i have applied for L1 visa through X company and when it comes to RFE the X company has withdrawn the petition from the USCIS. So now while filling DS-156 there are questions like 1. is u r visa cancelled or revoked before? 2. Is any other has applied for Immigrant visa on behalf of you before? so what answers i have to give for above questions since my X company withdrawn L1 visa petition from USCIS. if i say NO/YES what will be the problem. pls answer if anybody experienced this. 1485
present how is the situation in mumbai 1337
I am working as a teacher .I got H1B approved .I Want to know the questions I may face at US Consulate interview & chances of getting Visa? Since I am living in Middleeast, can I change my interview to middleeast from chennai.Can I change my Please Help.Thanks 1338
How many employees in US Company? 948
I need a client letter describing your work project? 3709
Tell me for which company are you working now? 792
Has employer came India and took interview? 770
I am a Senior Software Engineer. My eldest Sister is a Permanent resident and my elder Brother is a Citizen of US. I want to go for H1b visa. If the Imigration officer poses me a question as "If any of my family memebers are there is US". Is it a hindrance for me to get the visa because of settlement of my Sister and Brother in US. 700
What questions are being asked for H1B stamping at Hyderabad. I am in US currently and planning to get stamping done in Hyderabad when I visit India. 3028
Does it mean its an internal project? 1673
What is the MISSION STATEMENT? 796
For H4 visa if they ask that do I have any friends or relatives at US what should I say 776
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