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What is your qualification?    0  1379
What is your overall experience in IT?    1  3885
Why do you wanted to go to US?    3  6083
Can you give your right and left index finger impressions?    1  2392
Can I have your file please?    3  2256
Tell me on which project are you going to work in US? tcs   0  1004
Tell me for which company are you going to work in USA? citigroup   0  747
Tell me for which company are you working now?    0  783
Can I see your certificates? thomson   2  1817
What is your qualification?    1  2396
Why you want to return back? us-consulate   2  6933
When you will be back to india? microsoft   3  5131
Will you come back to India?    2  2003
Have you been to any other country before? tcs   1  3146
How will you survive for the first month?    2  7279
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Un-Answered Questions
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Tell us about the Company?s profile where you have been called for? 694
What is the current project you are going to work? 809
I am working as a teacher .I got H1B approved .I Want to know the questions I may face at US Consulate interview & chances of getting Visa? Since I am living in Middleeast, can I change my interview to middleeast from chennai.Can I change my Please Help.Thanks 1331
hi I completed my MSC it wuith distinction from University Of East London UK .I want to apply for h1b visa .Please can anyone tell me what is the qualification, and is there any consultant to apply h1b visa on behalf of me please.Thank you in advance .Please help me 899
Are you having any proof from your employer saying your responsibilities? 728
There are lots of opportunities here in India, can you tell me why do you wanted to work only in the US? 852
My H1B is sponsored by a US based company. Currently i am working in india .During processing of H1B i changed the present company in India. I have not provided the docs related to new company. Will it cause a problem in Visa stamping .My i129 has just got approved by USCIS. 729
What questions are being asked for H1B stamping at Hyderabad. I am in US currently and planning to get stamping done in Hyderabad when I visit India. 3017
Do you know what is the leaving cost in US specific to the place where you are going? 788
Can anyone throw some light on the Visa Stamping process? How is it carried out? 1986
Do you think all the employers working in CWS are Indians? 756
My H1B interview is scheduled next month. For docs relating to previous employer, I got only offer letter and experience cert only. I used to get salary in cash. I dont have pay slips also. I was working for a temporary position. what related docs should I have posses?? Thankq all in advance 4 kind support. 714
HI I m Diptti ,i have to face my stamping interview in embasy at 26th of the next month.can u suggest me some advises & qustions about that 628
Hi, I went to US consulate in Mummbai, on 16 th march 2009 and i was asked to get income tax papers of my co, list of employees and my income tax return.Whn I carried those papers and went again, the officer asked to get unemployment wage repot, but my co is not ready to send me the report, could you please tell me if there is an alternate doc to it? I really need helpIs there any other way out to go back to USA? 771
What is the MISSION STATEMENT? 792
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