ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What Name space does the web page belon in the .net framework class hierarchy?


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What's a bubbled event?

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what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET?

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What is an Interface and What is an Abstract Class?

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What is the base class of .NET?

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Is data can be edited in the Repeater control?

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What is the name of the base class that all web forms will be inherited?

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Derive WSDL?

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Define ViewState and how can it be used?

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Differentiate an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset with its functionality?

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Differentiate between Server Transfer and Response Redirect?


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Why Global.asax is used?

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what is asp dotnet

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what is view state

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what is


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Can anyone please tell me that the question posted on this website are Sufficient for the interview with 2+ year experience in .net


Difference between DataGid and Girdview? Difference b/w .Net 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 ? Diff b/w dispose & Finialize Methods?


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I am trying to implement sorting facility from client side code in GridView Control. So how can I fill up an Array inside client side code (using JavaScript), i want to assign my DataSet object declared and filled up on Server side(in code behind) to the array (on client side)


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what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


How Session outproc in Sqlserver stored?


while developing webservices if i want some users to use my webservice only how can i give security to my webservice?


explain code with multi inhertance


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?


Why should i prefer JSP over or any other web development language..??


Dataset is the disconnected environment. suppose if you are binding records to gridview (disconnected environment) and you are making changes to the the grid but before updating the database if any other user modify the data, how will you avoid such problem?


How would ASP and ASP.NET applications run at the same time on the same server?


How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


Apart from IDE what are the enhancements in 2.0?