ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What r all the controls in ASP.NET ?

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What is the difference between a Stored procedure and function?

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What is the main use of Response.Output.Write()?

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What is the namespace used to store the information about the user?s locale?


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In a Code-Behind class generally which type of code is found ?

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Where can we set the specific variables for a application and Session objects ?

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Define an assembly?

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What are the two properties that are common in every validation control?

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What are the different methods that are used during the page load?

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Which data types are supported by the RangeValidator control?

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Explain how inline and code behind is used differently ?

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To match the two different controls which control would we use ?

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Is it necessary to create a Windows application or Web application to test a Web service ? Is it must to consume this service?

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To display data in a Repeater control which templete is provided ?

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To call a Web service which transport protocol you can use?

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8. Why do you want to work here?


Dataset is the disconnected environment. suppose if you are binding records to gridview (disconnected environment) and you are making changes to the the grid but before updating the database if any other user modify the data, how will you avoid such problem?


Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection ?


i develop a web application and i gave security setting i.e autherization and athentication now it work properly on my local system , now question is ,is this security setting ie autherization and athentication which i gave in web.config will it be enough strong to secure my application on internet or i have to use some 3rd party tool or software to get security .if yes --how ? if no--what is the alternate?


what are the security certificates used in webservices?


1.can we add connection string in global.asax?????????? 2.what are the default files included when we create new web application????


Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks


a web application needs to be created to accept the product name and quantity of a toy from a customer. After the customer has entered the product name the application needs to display the discounted price of the product to the customer (company is offering 35% discount on all products). The application should allow the customer to select the product name from a list box. and also while i'm data binding to a label with custom data binding with some declarations : "The Discounted Price is "+((System.Convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)) - ((System.convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)*0.35)). Where i need to give this declaration in 2.0.


how to write html code with ssl


What is the Difference between MVC And MVP design pattrens


Advantage of Update Panel over 2.0 + C#+ Microsoft Ajax 1.0


How can we secure the data which is send from client side to server? Like the login id and paasword needs to be authenticated on the server but we cannot send it in plain text into the server.One more thing we are not using the SSL here.


can s/w quality assurance engineer switch field to programming side i m very much interested in programming but not much good in it


can we remote debug applications with the remote debugger installed with 2002, with 2003?