AI Robotics Interview Questions
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Which is used to compressed gasses to drive (power) the robot ?


Which is not the commonly used programming language for AI? a) PROLOG b) Java c) LISP d) Perl e) Java script


a) PROLOG b) Java c) LISP d) Perl e) Java script


Artificial Intelligence has its expansion in the following application. (Mark all that apply) a) Planning and Scheduling b) Game Playing c) Diagnosis d) Robotics e) All of the above

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Agents behavior can be best described by a) Perception sequence b) Agent function c) Sensors and Actuators d) Environment in which agent is performing

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Rational agent is the one who always does the right thing. State true or false a) True b) False


Performance Measures are fixed for all agents. State true or false a) True b) False


An omniscient agent knows the actual outcome of its actions and can act accordingly; but omniscience is impossible in reality. Rational Agent always does the right thing; but Rationality is possible in reality. State true or false a) True b) False


The Task Environment of an agent consists of a) Sensors b) Actuators c) Performance Measures d) Environment


How many types of agents are there in artificial intelligence? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

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 Categorize Crossword puzzle in Fully Observable / Partially Observable. a) Fully Observable b) partially Observable


The game of Poker is a single agent. a) True b) False


Satellite Image Analysis System is (Choose the one that is not applicable). a) Episodic b) Semi-Static c) Single agent d) Partially Observable

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What is the rule of simple reflex agent? a) Simple-action rule b) Condition-action rule c) Both a & b d) None of the mentioned


An agent is composed of, a) Architecture b) Agent Function c) Perception Sequence d) Architecture and Program


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he process of removing detail from a given state representation is called______. a) Extraction b) Abstraction c) Information Retrieval d) Mining of data


Which agent enables the deliberation about the computational entities and actions? a) Hybrid b) Reflective c) Relational d) None of the mentioned


 A problem solving approach works well for a) 8-Puzzle problem b) 8-queen problem c) Finding a optimal path from a given source to a destination d) Mars Hover (Robot Navigation)


. What is state space? a) The whole problem b) Your Definition to a problem c) Problem you design d) Representing your problem with variable and parameter


 A* is optimal if h(n) is an admissible heuristic-that is, provided that h(n) never underestimates the cost to reach the goal. a) True b) False


Hill-Climbing approach stuck for the following reasons a) Local maxima b) Ridges c) Plateaux d) All of above


Though local search algorithms are not systematic, key advantages would include a) Less memory b) More time c) Finds a solution in large infinite space d) No optimum solution


Optimality of BFS is a) When there is less number of nodes b) When all step costs are equal c) When all step costs are unequal d) Both a & c


Which technology uses miniaturized accelerometers and gyroscopes? a) Sensors b) Actuators c) MEMS d) None of the mentioned


Which search uses only the linear space for searching? a) Best-first search b) Recursive best-first search c) Depth-first search d) None of the mentioned


The main task of a problem-solving agent is a) Solve the given problem and reach to goal b) To find out which sequence of action will get it to the goal state c) Both a) and b) d) Neither a) nor b)


What can operate over the joint state space? a) Decision-making algorithm b) Learning algorithm c) Complex algorithm d) Both a & b


What is the action of task environment in artificial intelligence? a) Problem b) Solution c) Agent


To overcome the need to backtrack in constraint satisfaction problem can be eliminated by a) Forward Searching b) Constraint Propagation c) Backtrack after a forward search d) Omitting the constraints and focusing only on goals


 In many problems the path to goal is irrelevant, this class of problems can be solved using, a) Informed Search Techniques b) Uninformed Search Techniques c) Local Search Techniques d) Only a and b