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 Which of the following is an application of NN (Neural Network)? a) Sales forecasting b) Data validation c) Risk management d) All of the mentioned    1  372
The network that involves backward links from output to the input and hidden layers is called as ____. a) Self organizing maps b) Perceptrons c) Recurrent neural network d) Multi layered perceptron    1  312
Having multiple perceptrons can actually solve the XOR problem satisfactorily: this is because each perceptron can partition off a linear part of the space itself, and they can then combine their results. a) True – this works always, and these multiple perceptrons learn to classify even complex problems. b) False – perceptrons are mathematically incapable of solving linearly inseparable functions, no matter what you do c) True – perceptrons can do this but are unable to learn to do it – they have to be explicitly hand-coded d) False – just having a single perceptron is enough    1  284
The name for the function in question 16 is a) Step function b) Heaviside function c) Logistic function d) Perceptron function    1  264
A perceptron adds up all the weighted inputs it receives, and if it exceeds a certain value, it outputs a 1, otherwise it just outputs a 0. a) True b) False c) Sometimes – it can also output intermediate values as well d) Can’t say    1  339
Neural Networks are complex ______________ with many parameters. a) Linear Functions b) Nonlinear Functions c) Discrete Functions d) Exponential Functions    1  513
 Which of the following is not the promise of artificial neural network? a) It can explain result b) It can survive the failure of some nodes c) It has inherent parallelism d) It can handle noise    1  372
. Why are linearly separable problems of interest of neural network researchers? a) Because they are the only class of problem that network can solve successfully b) Because they are the only class of problem that Perceptron can solve successfully c) Because they are the only mathematical functions that are continue d) Because they are the only mathematical functions you can draw    1  365
 What is back propagation? a) It is another name given to the curvy function in the perceptron b) It is the transmission of error back through the network to adjust the inputs c) It is the transmission of error back through the network to allow weights to be adjusted so that the network can learn. d) None of the mentioned    1  310
Why is the XOR problem exceptionally interesting to neural network researchers? a) Because it can be expressed in a way that allows you to use a neural network b) Because it is complex binary operation that cannot be solved using neural networks c) Because it can be solved by a single layer perceptron d) Because it is the simplest linearly inseparable problem that exists.    1  413
 Neuro software is: a) A software used to analyze neurons b) It is powerful and easy neural network c) Designed to aid experts in real world d) It is software used by Neuro surgeon    1  265
Which is true for neural networks? a) It has set of nodes and connections b) Each node computes it’s weighted input c) Node could be in excited state or non-excited state d) All of the mentioned    1  247
 Which of the following is true? Single layer associative neural networks do not have the ability to: (i) perform pattern recognition (ii) find the parity of a picture (iii)determine whether two or more shapes in a picture are connected or not a) (ii) and (iii) are true b) (ii) is true c) All of the mentioned d) None of the mentioned    1  295
 What are the advantages of neural networks over conventional computers? (i) They have the ability to learn by example (ii) They are more fault tolerant (iii)They are more suited for real time operation due to their high ‘computational’ rates a) (i) and (ii) are true b) (i) and (iii) are true c) Only (i) d) All of the mentioned    1  447
 Which of the following is true for neural networks? (i) The training time depends on the size of the network. (ii) Neural networks can be simulated on a conventional computer. (iii) Artificial neurons are identical in operation to biological ones. a) All of the mentioned b) (ii) is true c) (i) and (ii) are true d) None of the mentioned    1  453
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I need a MATLAB source code to recognize different regular geometric shapes such as: squares,rectangles,triangles,circles and ellipses in different sizes using neural network. All of the images containing these shapes should be in binary format with the size of 300*400 pixels. would you please give me a MATLAB code to detect these geometric shapes? 2439
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