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what is insdustrial vibration.who it works. give atleast 2 types of insdustrial vibration    0  392
how commission a transmitter evev plant is already running    2  2032
how can calibrate transmitter online    2  2597
What for barriers are used in DCS & PLC systems?    2  7224
can we replace a slot sensor (inductive type) with limit switch (potenial free contact / no-nc type). max-india   0  488
how to use one 4-20mA signal for two indicater or controller & give necessary precaution.    2  1756
why we connect digital multimeter in series for dc current measurement and parallel for dc voltage measurement.    3  4466
how to calibrate Necleuonic level transmitter.?    0  469
give me all the details about the interview and which type of question being asked jindal   0  642
How to measure density of oil in your kitchen. i.e indirectly to verify the quality of oil using min. gadgets available in the kitchen/house. hpcl   1  1827
Calibration procedure for water rotameters hpcl   0  660
Why DP transmitters are subjected to high static pressure test of 100 bar. Though they will be used for very small pressure range hpcl   4  4488
I was working on calibrating turbidity transmitters endress+hauser at effluent polishing plant.We calibrated using NTU buffers.What happened is that when we immersed the sensor, everytime we raise and lower the sensor gradually, the reading will question is that is there any specifications on what is the required distance from the bottom of the container with buffer to the face of the sensor?Is it ok to install the sensor in a medium which has turbulence specially if bubbles are present?    0  494
diff between dead wt calibrator n pressue comparator? invensys   4  4783
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain pH, Conductivity. 351
Can Any body tell me about the Contact or Email id of any good Consultancy which help me to find a job in Instrumentation Field in India .I have Six years of Work Experience in the Same field.Please revert me back on ? 365
what is the working principal of pribe 458
what is intrinscily safe system and where we use? 872
What is Difference between Bench Set & Operating Range of Control Valve? 1661
What is exact difference between the panel earthing and system earthing in DCS system. What is the value of resistence. 610
What is the calibration procedure of Drum level transmitter if range is 0 to -400 mmh2o in lab? 507
Draw block digram for well head from well to shipping pump? 618
What is Alpha & Beta fctors related to Orifice Plate & its relation with flow? 1538
A PLC is programmed to drive three motors A, B and C as follows : After running motor A for an hour, motor B should get ON and motor A should get OFF. And after running motor B for an hour, motor C should get ON and motor B should get OFF. And after running motor C for an hour, motor A should get ON and motor C should get OFF. (That is, a cyclic repetition with time period one hour) Now, the second condition is: If any motor gone faulty and is tripped, the consecutive motor should get ON and the faulty (tripped) motor should be eliminated from cyclic repetition. The remaining two motors should bear the cyclic repetition of one hour each. (For healthy motor take logic as high and for tripped motor take logic as low) Now, the third condition is: When motor A load(Amps) exceeds 60% of its rated load, motor B should get ON in parallel to motor A. And when both motors A & B are running in parallel, and if their load exceeds 60% of their rated load, motor C should also start in parallel to A & B. [Here the cyclic repetition is eliminated, until their loads become normal(40%)] [Take logic high(1) for load at 60% and logic low(0) for load at 40%] Now draw a flow chart or a ladder diagram to fulfill the above condition. 526
what is use of communication wire in multipare cable(oil and gas field), why this communication wire not used in single pair cable? 597
What is the basic difference between Modbus and CAN Open Protocols 3404
how to convert MA in to measuring values..and how mwasuring values into MA ?..plz ansr.i have intervw 839
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