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procedure to commission a drum level transmitter    1  3445
pls any1 sugges me book for plc,dcs & scada..    1  1232
what is the differnce betweeen hart and smart tx    3  3184
Can combine control system for Emergency control system (ESD)and Fire & Gas System ( F & G) is possble to built and offer to client? Can such system is as per Norms in India?    0  465
what is radar type level transmitters and its basic principle and how to calibrate it abb   4  9669
define COMPENSATION?? bosch   4  3445
define SIMULATION a and what is the need of it siemens   3  3221
Why all the drains(Gland sealing,ESV,Casing inlet etc) are directly connected to the flash tank instead of hotwell of the condensor in the power plant? My Email jindal   0  602
I want measure the volumetric flow of gas in waste heat recovery Boiler?Tell me how and which type of instruments required. Plz mail Sam please post the answer .    0  398
for indiacation of turbine(china) bearing temperature what type of sensor will be used(i.e. rtd or thermocouple or themister ) ? why it is ? i need clear explanation ?    2  2418
how to know power plant process with corresbonding laws&thoeries bhel   1  2296
how to calibrate control valves & power cylinders & ultra sonic level transmitters abb   0  383
what is IPS (instrument protective system)?    1  4761
what is meant by turn down ratio? avant-garde   2  6228
what is meant by Valve reversibility?    2  1911
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Un-Answered Questions
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How digital input and digital output 's are working in dcs 599
How can i test procedure grounding for CAT-7 cable? Or How can we test procedure CAT-7 Cable Electrically safe? 1048
why we use cascade control and feed forward control in 3 element drum level control measurement of steam drum .what is cascade and feed forward control system ?give example . 896
Conversions 358
What should we do when Fisher Fieldvue DVC2000 give some out put air at 4mA bt at that i need no out put 244
What is the cascade control system and where is use in power plant give the detail with block diagram 545
Draw a great bridge circuit. 289
The company where I am working, their is rosemount 5400 series radar type level transmitter, it is meant to show level of filled tank, but along with the level it is showing temperature also, so my question is how a onon-contact type radar type level transmitter can show temperature even if it does not have any contact with the fluid? 121
I want measure the volumetric flow of gas in waste heat recovery Boiler?Tell me how and which type of instruments required. Plz mail Sam please post the answer . 398
Calibration procedure for Electro magnetic Flow meter 2226
How to calibrate an pressure gauge with yantrika test bench? 1112
Why mixer nd grinder Is example of constant torque load not variable torque load ??? 247
Describe the function of Accumulator into the Pump 222
What are the materials available to prepare individually for competetive exams in Instrumentation field? Plz reply... 379
In control valve there are two type of valve seat we can use metal to metal seat & soft seat.On this valve seat i have following doubt. 1)I have never seen practically the internal assembly of valve so my doubt is that basically weather the seat is soft seat or metal its basic MOC is same as valve body(SS or CS) only in soft seat we are using PTFE ring & place on valve seat & in metal this PTFE ring is not threr am i correct??????? 2)what are the common general rule for using metal to metal seat & soft seat,means its depend on process parameter like liquid,gas, steam & on valve leakage class. 421
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