Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What are the key components of control loop?

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what is the meaning of wet leg & where is it used?

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What are the reliability data ,like failure rate etc,for bently nevada systems & vibration probes.

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please anyone suggest me some good intools training institutes with their place and contact nos.

Thermax, ABB,

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square root calculation for dp flow transmitter? give me a explanation with example

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plz... clarify my answer, how to calibrate vaccum (DP)leveltransmitter,it is hart. (digital).DETAILS:(coloumn)closedtank height 2650mm,and tx range is 0-1500mmH20.


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what happen if i install my pressure transmitter below the elevation of pipe in natural gas service. Also support your answer


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What is Cryogenic?

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What are the automatic controller MODES?


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what is coriolis principle for mass flowmeter?


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why we use the ac supply load cell>?can we use the dc supply load cell?advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell?


I will attend an interview with GasGas company for a position of Instrument Technician ( Offshore )in next month can anyone tell me what questions they will ask. Thanks in advance.



how to use level tranasmitter in closed tank application.?


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with the help of suitable diagrams different types of control valves

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if we have 450 mm heigth boiler drum level ,so what is span & zero value for a dpt tranmitter

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How can i solve the problem of ROSEMOUNT 5300 guided wave level transmitter of full range? For more clearfication , another guided wave level transmitter VEGA brand have the same problem and i solved it by drain the champer from water and make "false signal suppretion" from transmitter push buttons it's configuration to tell the transmitter to avoid any built-up signal ,,, so my question how can i avoid the problem that rosemount read full range while the champer empty or any other ????


What is the PLC configuration in Cement industry?


What is the calibration procedure of Drum level transmitter if range is 0 to -400 mmh2o in lab?


explain key exchanges in all security modes WPA,WPA2,TLS?


Why even multiple power supplu r used in instrumentation system?


can any send me a forbes marshall dtron 316 manual


How can I make calculation for Install level transmitter (DP) for open tank and cloes tank?


I want to buy a seal kit of a pneumatic power cylinder.But I don't know it's specification.So please help me to know its specification.


Derive capacitance to 4-20ma conversion formula / relation in capacitance type pressure sensor?


In which principles tx ,pressure gauge,Temp gauge,control valve works?


Q- What are the application in which PNP transistor is preferred over NPN ?


IS there any effect of vortex in low pressure side of the transmiter after the orific in feed water line? if yes then what is the calculation?


what is use of communication wire in multipare cable(oil and gas field), why this communication wire not used in single pair cable?


KAlman filter code for two dimension?


What is Positive Calibration and Negative Calibration?