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what is difference between Floating D.C.Voltage and Fixed D.C.Voltage?    2  2166
how to calibrate the temprature transmitter MURCREYtype and thermocouple input type. shree-cement   1  262
hi i want sov loop cheak from consol to field the operater given status to sov still no change, but MR room to sov ok so whats a problem and alreasy cheak all conection ok ?    2  760
compare the thermocouple and pyrometer,which one is the best?why? ramco   4  2300
i have one temperature TX in my loop check time once i was remove elament temp gose maximum then i am conect corectly but still now temp showing maximum what can i do this problem?    2  812
why 8bit microprocessor referred as 2^16?    2  965
hi friends,im an instrumentation and contol engg student,can u hlp me of suggsting barc written question paper,my id is, cel no.9563591747 barc   0  164
Why DP level transmitter preferred for closed vessels and Radar level transmitter for open tanks??    2  1929
How flow control valve is working with pnuematic positioner and I/P convreter from command is given from remote ecil   1  371
what is the difference between Feedback controller and Feed forward controller. and when it is to be used.    3  5002
In split range control, we will control 2 outputs with time interval. Eg :(with 4-20 ma signal, for 4-12 ma we are operating one control instrument like valve & for 12-20ma we are operating other control instrumet (other valve). If we get a signal of 15ma to first instrument (Valve 1), what will happened to the first valve, and if we get signal above 20 ma to 2 valve what will happened ?    3  1291
why the discharge pressure of ID fan showing negative at fan running condition.(boiler operating condition.)    4  2146
I want to measure and control level in tank of size 10*5 filled with gasoline, so plz give me the solution with clear details. how to select transmitter and sensors.    0  152
To become an Instrument DESIGN engineer, is there any softwares or training to become Instrument Design engineer, plz suggest me, Iam very much interested in designing.    0  805
For an Instrumentation Engineer, is there any effect on Instruments of safety zones like zone0, zone1, zone2. As an instrumentation Engineer, what we have to consider or remember while working in these areas.( zones 0,1,2).    1  980
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Un-Answered Questions
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how we are selecting instuments by differentiating certain instruments in 4 to 20 ma range and certain in 1 to 5 v dc 237
please someone tell me what is function of vibration sencer and how many types and how to control viberation.please. my id is 60
what is the conversion factor for nm3 to kg/hr in air flow 11312
Specify for Cables - Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant? 314
please send data bank of quetions answers on analytical instrumentation. 240
What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ? 232
in differential pressure transmitter,min&max pressure range for hp&lp 79
Why all the drains(Gland sealing,ESV,Casing inlet etc) are directly connected to the flash tank instead of hotwell of the condensor in the power plant? My Email 286
i hav applied for the post of engg. in iocl so please require the past test papers fro instrumentation engg please please help me and send me the papers or tell me the pattern and type of ques asked in examination...... 287
Q- What are the application in which PNP transistor is preferred over NPN ? 740
Hi i m B.E. In elect. & comm. I m workin in bio mass plant from 6 mnths as inst. Engg. but now i m in dept. Of operation as shift engg...which is best operation or inst. 4 me? M confusd..plz help and reply me.. 542
A length of steel pipe is used to carry sea water to a desalination plant. An adequate corrosion allowance must be specified and indicated in the piping specification, which affects the _________________________ of the pipe 326
what is cold loop? difference between hot and cold loop? 267
Please can anybody help for control valve sizing step by step procedure? 91
flow transmeter accuracy 0.075% of full scale & find ucertainty is 0.025 % so what is maximum limit band of uncertainty 223
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