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I am using Capacitive type level transmitter for measuring oil level in a closed tank (lub oil tank). The txs range is 1500mm, and they do hunt regularly (for about 45mm), can anybody tell what could be the reason??? or any other type level tx that could be used to avoid this?    1  2723
Drum level tx with GP4 with zero elevation:7300mmh20 on HP and 8050mmh2o on LP as range but on commissioning the tx readiing is max,Why this reading?    0  466
What is the standard height for stancion supports?    3  1834
any one can send me instrumentation previous interview papers? I prepare for MNC Company Interviews? my mail id- , and another mail    0  461
How can we calibrate the level interface for Fisher┬« FIELDVUE┬« DLC3000?if use water to calibrate and our liquid SG are 0.75 and 1 ,Displacer height=14" and How much should be set SG in trasmitter during calibrate,for URV and LRV how shold be set    1  4519
any body pl suggest me the best type of transmitter for level monitoring of a distillation still which consists of highly corrosive and inflammable liquid.closed vessel height=5000mm especially in petrochemical industries    0  805
Hi, I am Newely Joined in Construction company instrument engineer? Any one can Plz tell me How can I advanced preparation for Releated Engineering and construction Documents?    0  1117
what do u mean by compensating?in power plant where are compensating done?how level , flow compensated? tata   1  2386
diff between neutral ,ground,phase , earthing and shielding?    0  769
what is earthing ,grounding in c&i panel?what is the resistance in earthing and grounding of c&i panel?what do u mean by shielding and what is its resistance?    1  7304
draw shematic diagram of c/v positioner(smart type)? coromandel   0  603
what is datum line?    4  7654
i want to control the temp of sand(welding flux) between the range of 150deg C to 170deg C. sugges me sum temp control method without PID controller.    1  1170
i want to measure temp of hot sand(welding flux) in closed chamber(around 150 deg C).Which is better thermocouple or thermometer?    1  1231
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what is cems analyzer explain with principle and drawing ? 479
Isometric drawings are generated during _________________ phase of a project 506
what are the selections available in configuring a burnout protection of a controller? thanks 82
can we create an interrupt in plc through scada? 633
how u calibrate pneumatic n motorized c/v? 429
How r the calculation of process line mpm. 2279
why we are using magnet for calibration of gas detector? 255
Waht is surge in compressors and how to control it? 575
what is the procedure of belt scale calibration? 791
Somebody tell me in what way i need to prepare for csio pgrpe(adv instrum eng)interview?what all the quest can i expect? 801
principle of dead weight tester ? 190
What is super thermocoupal? 534
how 3 out of 2 Logic/interlocks works? give brief explanation with help of diagram. 390
what is a good line as ic engineer as maintenance ,oc, project, calibration ,validation engineer? 327
what is dc moter. 646
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