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Why we not use 2-20Ma or 1-20Ma    5  2425
What is the function of a diaphagram    4  2955
Calibration procedure for electro magnetic flow meter    0  262
What pressure transmitter.    1  2334
What are the charecterstics of control valve.    2  2008
What is the relation between electronics & instrumentation    2  3350
How we are deciding while programming in pid controller , What we are using heating or cooling.    1  1384
What are the instrumental diagram of valve. karnataka-power   2  3148
What are all the type of vibration measurement measuring in turbine, what is the output of vibration sensor.    2  2984
how can be connected thermocouple in series?what is the need? hindalco   2  5007
how can be calibrate flow indication transmitter (rosemount) it shows excess milli amps nearly about 24 ma on full scale, but its scale was set on 20ma on full scale..???how can be simiulate..??? siemens   0  405
what is diff b/w neutron and ground?    2  2327
in transmiters(rose mount) how to check output 4-20ma ? and input 24v? i need exact explanation? adhunik   2  2360
why using negative supply for bentley nevada vibration system ?    0  480
What are Sinking and Sourcing IO Cards    2  3107
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Un-Answered Questions
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diff between neutral ,ground,phase , earthing and shielding? 569
what is the difference between Cv and air consumption? why the customer needs Air consumption details? 385
How will you calibrate an Absolute Pr.Transmitter of range 400mmHg absolute ? 347
I faced several time siemens ps2 positioner automatically getting Chang in it's set point direction after auto calibration  So is there any causes biside this or  any  permissives ? 114
what is type of protocol used in instrument field to marshalling cabinet cabel. what is the differenance between bus cabel and instrument cabel? 1797
What care will you take in the installation of control valves,SCADA,DCS and FOC in Oil and Gas Project? 465
Is it ok, to use non-contact type Radar type LT, on a tank that is half circular from the bottom side? If yes the, isn't the waves gonna bent in other directions?  499
what is installation and commissioning of (fat & sat) of power plant dcs ? this question keeps in desirable conditions of one company . 2546
Isometric drawings are generated during _________________ phase of a project 415
Punj lloyd is coming in our Jadavpur Universtiy campus for campus placement. Please send me some hints about the writtend exam. My email id is 1141
Make a ladder diagram on LSL valve will close, on PSL valve will open and start the motor 442
typical loop drawing of a simple feedback control comprising of one transmitter and one control 370
can we create an interrupt in plc through scada? 496
what is the field bus calble ? what are diffrences in orang colur cable and black coular calble ? 1012
what is the Difference betwee the Hart and smart series Pressure transmitter 337
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