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Hi, I'd like to know the purpose of MOS (maintenance override switch). At site, these switches are installed in a stanchion with the transmitter (connected to ESD). thank you.    3  3621
What is the main difference between the terms instrumentation and Automation?    5  2185
What is an antisurge control system, how it works?    3  3323
i am having information technology branh ....... can i prepare for psu exam    0  205
how we can calibrate an Interface level transmitter online l&t   2  2615
What is the DIfferences between SMART transmitters and PROFIBUS DP/PA Transmitters?    4  1875
What is the difference between local indicator(flow) and flow indicator?    2  1700
how to install the Ph and Conductivity analyser? is there are any procedures which has to be maintained.    2  988
how can we calibate ph meter. how can we calibrat conductivimeter how can we calibrat massflowmeter & it s working.    0  484
1,why we use 4-20 ma output of all instrument qhy not use 0- 20, 2,what is the different between PLC & DCS. 3,how can we meaure maximum span of new flowmeter if not given any information. reliance   4  2349
What is NAMUR standard and why its allways reletad with Sollenoid    2  8589
how is work pressure switch& level switch?what is the principle of this? binani   0  240
what does ip65 signify??what is its NEMA equivalent???    1  1952
what is interface level and how it is calibrate?    0  260
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Un-Answered Questions
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Which language of programing is popular? how can i learn it ? 165
Basically iam Instruemntation Engineer, but Iam interested in Instruments design engineering, so plz guide, is there any course, training or Softwres to become Instrument design engineer??. 192
what is 24vdc live and dry supply 258
To become an Instrument DESIGN engineer, is there any softwares or training to become Instrument Design engineer, plz suggest me, Iam very much interested in designing. 775
can anyone tell me about the basic concepts to consider before to start a PLC panel wiring 157
What is critcal speed. what is resonant frequency. why we want to cross crtcal speed on higher RPM (early). 125
State four different types of flow measurement, for gas flow measurement MMSCFD is the common unit expand the unit and specify significance of word S in the unit. 41
Why use ball valves on Gas pipelines instead of gate & or globe valves...means basic diffrence or use of these designers knows this type of valve with rating is required... 261
For crude application in floating roof tank, how to calibrate a DP Transmitter? How is the floating roof weight considered? 636
hello friends, can you please send me the model paper or question paper to be prepared for hpcl examinations????????? You can mail me at waiting for your reply........... help me .. plz..... 267
What should we do when Fisher Fieldvue DVC2000 give some out put air at 4mA bt at that i need no out put 128
can we create an interrupt in plc through scada? 222
What is the exact differences between HART,FOUNDATION FIELDBUS,PROFIBUS? 678
how to connect transmitter measuring sulfur process? 1-by using long impulse line or 2- by using coated short impulse line 195
what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v 194
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