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what do u mean by compensating?in power plant where are compensating done?how level , flow compensated? tata   1  2376
diff between neutral ,ground,phase , earthing and shielding?    0  762
what is earthing ,grounding in c&i panel?what is the resistance in earthing and grounding of c&i panel?what do u mean by shielding and what is its resistance?    1  7279
draw shematic diagram of c/v positioner(smart type)? coromandel   0  601
what is datum line?    4  7625
i want to control the temp of sand(welding flux) between the range of 150deg C to 170deg C. sugges me sum temp control method without PID controller.    1  1162
i want to measure temp of hot sand(welding flux) in closed chamber(around 150 deg C).Which is better thermocouple or thermometer?    1  1222
what is weighfeeder    1  2731
this site is owned by an nonsense bhel   0  680
I am working in a process industry, in that there are several sections devided in the SCADA screens and individual sections may START independently. But sometimes i am facing problem i.e, if section 2 Stopped by the operator immediately Section 1 or Section 3 or Section 4 is getting stopped can you expain the reason behind this?    4  1856
what is pt100 RTD, and does 100 stands for    6  16776
why metallic housing is provided of solenoid valve. hpcl   1  3041
hii my name is sujith...i am preparing for HPVL GET 2010... so ,,,pls help me by send any previous questions or material to my site.....( thank q    0  469
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Un-Answered Questions
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Calibration procedure for water rotameters 703
selection of the zener barrier for the hazardeous area zone 0 646
Please asked me How calculate DCS controller memory. 1194
how to calculate orifice sizing? and tell me if pipe size bet 50mm t0 200mm then we can use pipe flange??? and above 250mm pipe size should i use D & D/2 Flange? is it right or wrong? 373
what does the ratio 800-400-300-200/1-1-1-1-1 in the specification of current transformer indicates? 786
What is megering???? 5606
where cascade loop use ? 174
What is the difference bitween control net scaner and device net scaner 1715
What is eddy current? Describe the operating principle of proximity probe. 675
types of cable..? Use of every types of cable..? 471
where i can get training in INTOOLS and PDMS in Delhi-NCR OR north part of India. please reply with ur ans. at 1371
what is controlling card in dcs? how u measure dcs memory?what is bus in dcs?how u know dcs speed n ehternet speed? 354
Questions on flow meters,few questions on HART protocol, 472
what is the responsibility of an instrument commissioning supervisor 392
the 3 most common transmitter protocol being in refinery or qatar gas and aramco. 1183
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