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what is instrument philosophy    0  445
Control valve Flow characteristic. How the equal percentege curve form?    5  3861
What are the most frequent problem faces with Vortex flow meter?    1  1017
what is the use of impulse line in AFBC boiler , WHY WE CONNECT IMPULSE LINE TO TRANSMITTER , DRFT GAUGE ETC ???????? jindal   6  5014
what is cold loop? difference between hot and cold loop?    0  398
Tell me the field calibration procedure step by step with diagram of temperature transmitter, temperature indicator, flow indicator, level indicator, control valve, thermocouple, pressure indicator (digital & analogue).    1  4607
Tell me the field calibration procedure step by step with diagram of pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure transmitter, temperature switch, level switch, flow switch, flow transmitter.    0  1038
i have 20 kw motor & my vfd drive capcity is 18 kw if possible to use 20kw motor on this vfd?    3  3430
on interface level transmitter model(RTG3302-EMERSON) What is threshold valve how can we select correct threshold value T1,T2,T3,T4 When interface water & hydro carbon    0  416
what is Green field /brown field exposure in chemicals /oil /petrochemicals /refineries /paints /speciality chemicals /gas /FMCG /glass industry    0  508
What pressure results for a flow transmitter of range 0- 180t/h in the dcs and 0-301mbar in the field using square root extraction. Kindly also suggest formulae for the percentages 0,25,50,75,100? kentz   0  319
Please send the all question with answer related for interview.    1  599
difference b\w a transducer and a sensor    3  2650
what is AWG?    2  3331
how the 2.5bar pressure able to control the 40bar steam thirumalai-chemicals   8  3171
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Un-Answered Questions
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Explain about safety integrated level protection? . How it was differ from other protections ? 97
How can I make calculation for Install level transmitter (DP) for open tank and cloes tank? 644
Dear Sir/Madam,im going to attend Hpcl written exams on feb 17th in instrumentation stream..can anyone send me the HPCL model papers and pattern of HPCL ....i ve not yet attended anything in i dont know how it just i need some model test papers and pattern ..pls help me friends... 348
How to do gas analysers calibration in AUTO and Manually by using zero and span gas? 616
how to calibrate Necleuonic level transmitter.? 398
what are the diff. in servo and regulatory control? 356
what is function of DCS , and how is it work , explain with difination 289
what is output of FOUNDATION FIELD BUS transmitter 449
How can i copy program (parameter) from mm440 (V.F.D.) by using BOP? 625
what is difference between fork type and capacitance type level switch. where it is using 360
please send the drdo exam paper 748
what is easiest way to read STL language in PLC? 1361
what is scale factor of proximitor & unit of the vibration. 291
sir, i preparing hpcl,ongc,barc,hal exams(instrumentation engg)pls send a placement papers 633
what is interlock system and why we use of this? 176
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