Telecom Routers Switches Interview Questions
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What's the Difference Between Routers, Switches and Hubs?

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Which devices discriminates between multicast and unicast packets?


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Most networks employ devices for routing services. Routers work at which OSI layers?

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Which is a type of hub that forwards packets to an appropriate port based on the packet's address?

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How to use l2trace in a cisco switch using a VLAN distinct to VLAN 1?


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How to network the computers together with the switch?

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What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a hub?


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What are the differences between broadband router and Ethernet switch?

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Does a switch have the ability to send IP addresses?

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Will the switches work with both a PC/OS XP and a MAC/OS 9 if the uplink connection will be to a router?


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What is the IP address of the switch?

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What is Auto-Negotiation function?

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Does the EZ serial switch have a user configuration interface like a router?

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Is a cross-over cable needed to connect the EZ serial switch to another hub or some type of device?

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what is the difference between collision domain and broadcast domain?


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