JavaScript Interview Questions
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why you used Java Script? Can it use for both client side and server side validation purpose?

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How do you send a message to the browser in JavaScript?

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What are the security related issues in JavaScript scripts?

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Does javascript support multidimensional arrays ?

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Can you call a Java Applet using a JavaScript function?

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Can any one tell me how Java is purely an Oops language

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What is the use of the String Tokenizer

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What is the relationship between JavaScript and ECMAScript?

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What are JavaScript types?

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How do you convert numbers between different bases in JavaScript?

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What does isNaN function do?


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What is negative infinity?

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What boolean operators does JavaScript support?

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What does "1"+2+4 evaluate to?

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How about 2+5+"8"?


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what is a dataset


how to write frame work Architecture in QTP


How Can I get facebook fans/likes?


hi iM questions is my project is a web based & developed using java,jsp. when i record it using qtp what script i will get like either browser("jdfjkf").page("nkf").... or javawindow("f d ").javaedit("Dasf").... plz clarify my doubt asap and i also need some vbscipt of java coding?


Explain the steps for connecting the system to Internet.


how to get no of items from from weblist?


How to test PAGE LOAD TIME, RELOAD THE PAGE, CAPTURE THE URL'S , TEST THE PIXALS please please above all these how to test as a tester


what is the different between html and java?why the java is required in internet?


java pgm for reads a file(text file) and removes all the spaces then the text and write this back into the same file. e.g: (Input) _______ chennai is fourth biggest city in india. (output) _______ chennaiisfourthbiggestcityinindia.


How can we establish connection with java and sql server?


The below script is working Internet browser but not working in mozilla plz find that good way... function doSubmit(op){ var rowcount=document.getElementsByName ("parameterTypeId").length; var parameterGrade; var performance; var goal; if(op == "save"){ for (var i=0; i < rowcount; i++) { var param=eval("document.forms [0].parameterGrade"+i); if(param.value != "select"){ return true; } } alert("Please rate atleast one attribute"); return false; }//if ends here


20 Functions of Selenium with description and Examples.


I need project details about WEB CONTENT FILTERING USING NEURAL NETWORKS and how to explain it....plz help me in this topic.....


how to run the servlet in tomcat


Write a program that inputs a 5-digit integer from the keyboard and prints if the input number is a palindrome or not. A palindrome is a number which has the same digit from either end.