CICS Interview Questions
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How does COBOL II and CICS release 1.7 provide for exceptional conditions and how does that differ from


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I have written a CICS program. What tables should I setup to run this program?

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List the sequence of steps used to achieve ?Modification in Skip Sequential Mode.?

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What do the terms locality of reference and working set mean?

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The EIB field which gives the last CICS command executed is

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What is ENQ in CICS?

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What are the six different types of argument values in COBOL that can be placed in various options of a CICS command?

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What is Journal Recovery and Dynamic Transaction Backout?

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What is the CICS command that gives the length of TWA area?


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What is the MASSINSERT option?


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What will be the length of the eibcalen ,if the transaction is used to cics first time?

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What is the difference between FSET and FRSET?

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What is the difference between a physical BMS mapset and a logical BMS mapset?

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What is the meaning and use of the EIBAID field?

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How do you get data from a task that began with a START command?

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How To Compile The COBOL-BD2-CI CS Programs In Real TIme? Please Give Me the Detailed Description?


if i am having a cics,vsam and db2 programs with each functions and i want that each function on screen?


Add a field to screen when what's the flow of impact?


hi,what is the module? how many modules in mainframe based banking projects


How is Telon(CA-Telon) used to build map?


Name some translator and compile options and explain their meaning?


What will happen if some program tries to process a queue on which an ENQ command has been issued by some other program?


How To Retrive The VSAM Datasets in CICS application programs?


how a data in physical and symbolic map gets treated? Since the physical map is much concerned about the screen alignment and the field positions, how the values entered in the field which has PICIN or PICOUT clause in Physical map gets treated? Does that mean datas recieved or sent to the physical map should be constant? How does the data in Symbolic map gets converted with 5suffix namely F,L,A,I and O. For example EMPNO is treated as EMPNOI, EMPNOO, EMPNOA, EMPNOL and EMPNOF. how does this happen in symbolic map. Please provide your inputs on the above and kindly correct me if I am wrong.


Particular area has been affected in cics screen, what is the process to find?


We can allocate memory dynamically by using GET MAIN command my question is at what scenario we can't release this memory and reuse this same memory??


How do we pass parameters into a CICS –DB2 program


What information do you get when an EXEC CICS STARTCODE is issued?


For protecting a transaction using the transaction security function, the two things that must be done are?