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How do you sort in a COBOL program? Give sort file definition, sort statement syntax and meaning. cgi   7  8675
What is level 66 used for ? tcs   3  5182
What is the significance of 'above the line' and 'below the line'? nokia   2  1734
How do you set a return code to the JCL from a COBOL program?    4  7901
Describe the difference between subscripting and indexing ?    2  1398
What are the different forms of EVALUATE statement? ibm   2  4401
What is Redefines clause?    8  8148
What is the LINKAGE SECTION used for?    4  2062
What is LENGTH in COBOL II? csc   2  3264
How is sign stored in a COMP field ? accenture   2  5205
comp-3 field occupy?    5  2359
What is the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL? cognizent   6  3119
What is file status 92?    3  7018
what is the difference between external and global variables?    1  4917
How do you come out of an EVALUATE statement?    3  2170
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Un-Answered Questions
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i made it to stage 3 of an interview process wednessday they will quiz my knowledge again face to face for an analyst role recruiter said it will be based on Business requirements system is cobol and good ideas what they might ask etc 380
System Testing for Mainframe Developers What is System Testing? integration testing ? what's the procedure .. 165
I need to compare 3 variables(dates) and do some processing based on the earliest date. There could be more then 1 date record in any of the 3 fields. What is the best way to code this? 350
example for sub strings ? and refernce modifications whit output pls 272
I have a File that has duplicate records. I need only those records that occur more than thrice.? 1227
Hi pls anybody tell me about " ANALYSIS DOCUMENT PREPARATION AND ESTIMATION OF TASK " (in real time project)."I want to update a sequential file in my project" for that purpose i need both structures i mean analysis document and estimation of task. 204
1.give the details about WHEN OTHER. 2. how many form are available in evaluate. 193
HOw can I get the negative sign while deduct high value from low value 209
) what is the difference between AID and HANDLE AID? 170
Our issue is there seems to be a disconnect, or no link, between our SELECT statement and our SD. We had SELECT SORT-FILE and SELECT SORT-FILE ASSIGN TO SORTWRK. ASSIGN TO SORTWRK1 SORTWRK2 SORTWRK3 SORTWRK4. with SD SORT_FILE RECORD CONTAINS 7833 CHARACTERS. In either case, at run time, the system ignored our SORTWRK# DD statements and allocated 16 sort works with the SORTWK## naming convention. Any ideas why the system does not recognize the connection? We do not even need the SORTWRK DD statements. Thanks 146
what is the difference between COBOL2 AND COBOL390? 364
What are the pertinent COBOL commands? 801
how many maximum no of variables can be declared in linkage section ? 297
can you please let me know if there is any walkins for COBOL/PLI/DB2/IMS/JCL in pune other than IBM and ITC infotech 200
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