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how to connect oracle with java ? Give detail explanation. bata   0  241
how to use photoshop and some related websites?    0  207
how to reuse an outdated laptop?    0  226
1)what to do in emergency situation of having total blackout (on a ship) 2)what to do in emergency situation of flooding in the engine room 3)under what conditions would engine room bilges be pumped overboard? 4)why is high pressure required for the injection of fuel into the cylinder of diesel engine. 5)why is doubled walled pipes employed for high pressure fuel lines? 6)reasons for overheating of main engine 7)how to detect choked fuel valve,leaky piston rings and their remedies during operation in diesel engine? 8)effects of insufficient or excessive cylinder lubrication? 9)causes of a diesel engine piston overheating. maritime-academy   0  643
what are the reseach done by itc brfore launching e-copal    0  246
main() { float a=0.3; printf("%d\n%f",a,a); } tcs   5  690
anybody, Please send me the NIC(scientific officer/programmer) model questions papers to this mail    0  232
how to create session in visual web jsf page as we create in jsp and how to maintain that jsf session in another jsp page?    1  2275
How will I MOve Comp-1 variable into next variable without using Move statement?    0  218
Please send me Sample papers National Informatics Centre (NIC) Programmer. I am giving this paper first if any one have previous question papers send to thnx in advance nic   0  206
i need NIC written test paper or give me any idea about written exam.Plz send me at nic   0  251
Please send me Sample papers OF National Informatics Centre (NIC) Vacency    0  411
An inversion is an array of numbers is any pair (i,j) such that iA[j]. What is the average number of inversions in an array of n distinct numbers? plz GIVE ME SOLUTION tcs   0  210
Write a nonrecursive routine to reverse a singly linked list in O(N) time. tcs   0  1063
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i want techical questions on c and java with code part 186
can u tell me placement peoceduers and placemnt format of hpcl. 284
XSL and XSLD difference 1929
what books to prepare for atc please 163
how we can improve mobile ad,hoc network. 401
What is candidate key ? What is Alter net key ? & What is foreign key ? 169
why we select you? 268
Why is using C language 162
consiteunts of indian railways 144
what are the main points to be included in our introduction when asked in hr...?? 203
i want to know details about SBI bank exam and date when to apply and what is the eligibility and the model papers related to it and various post available for Engineering in Information Technology. 254
What is meant by STL? 878
Hi l, I want to install a water purifier (UV) at my home. the distance of water purifier from water tank [1000 lt ] is 7 ft. Is it sufficient for electrical water purifier? I want to know what is the water pressure from 1000 lt tank (the pipe used from water tank to machine is of inch 1-1/4") please note minimum water pressure is required for UV is - Water Pressure Min: 0.4 kg/sq. cm.Max: 2.0 kg/sq. cm. Please advise me on the following: 1) What is the water pressure generate in above condition. 2) What is the required height from the UV machine to water tank for the above condition? Thanks is advance. 204
what is buffer solution? 150
what is the difference between oracle 8i and 9i. if someone could help me out. 145
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