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How do you reset or reseed the IDENTITY column?    0  242
what is the cycle between AHU and Chiller rotopower   0  1277
Hi I am Krushna.I have already applied for PO post in Syndicate Bank.Can anybody send me the sample paper for Syndicate bank PO.    0  211
What is the difference betweem scrum model,xp model and fdd model?    1  1444
difference between tcp ip and open system interconnection    0  300
how to implement spiral model on railway reservation?.    1  1196
how to connect oracle with java ? Give detail explanation. bata   0  251
how to use photoshop and some related websites?    0  213
how to reuse an outdated laptop?    0  233
1)what to do in emergency situation of having total blackout (on a ship) 2)what to do in emergency situation of flooding in the engine room 3)under what conditions would engine room bilges be pumped overboard? 4)why is high pressure required for the injection of fuel into the cylinder of diesel engine. 5)why is doubled walled pipes employed for high pressure fuel lines? 6)reasons for overheating of main engine 7)how to detect choked fuel valve,leaky piston rings and their remedies during operation in diesel engine? 8)effects of insufficient or excessive cylinder lubrication? 9)causes of a diesel engine piston overheating. maritime-academy   0  675
what are the reseach done by itc brfore launching e-copal    0  252
main() { float a=0.3; printf("%d\n%f",a,a); } tcs   5  756
anybody, Please send me the NIC(scientific officer/programmer) model questions papers to this mail    0  238
how to create session in visual web jsf page as we create in jsp and how to maintain that jsf session in another jsp page?    1  2302
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to freely move a ball in graphics mode. 206
Hi friends..cud any help to get QC 9.2 trial..i tried with HP site but did'nt got it..please help me out 296
How to recyling of Expired Computer/Laptop,Mouse,CPU & Key Board (Warranty)? 233
plz send me how to overhauling of freon bitzer semi receprocal comprassors with available video 116
Whay we use gigabite ethernt 376
I need ECIL last year Question papers for COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG. Please 1760
what is advantages and disadvantages of vlan? 1401
explain different access specifiers in class 296
I an doing Engineering in IT(4th year). i want to know what is the scope or .NET and Linux, and which is better for carrier 163
what is difference between server 2008R1 and 2008 server R2? 110
can u give me the information about the questions asked by the bally in campus 232
i have an interview in Qatar Petroleum. So please provide the all details abt safety management 287
i m doing my 3rd yr with only 6 month left to complete it..within this 6 months which is the best nd useful oracle certification program should i do??pls help me out!! 108
Write steps of retrieving data using 331
Write a program in ā€˜Cā€™ language that will perform the following operation on static stack. 1. push 2. pop 3. Display 4. Exit Create separate functions for each operation. The push() should accept one argument of structure type and will not return any thing. The pop() function will not receive any argument & return structure type value. The stack & top must be declare as external variable. Each element of stack will contain the following information Roll No, Std Name, Course. Use do-while loop & switch case for generating the above menu. The format of the output should is given below: S.No. Roll No. Student Name Course 1 cse01 Anil Singh B.Tech 171
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