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What do you mean by component versionig?


why dijkstra algorithm not used for negative weighted edges graph??


What do you like and dislike about working for this organisation?



what is the difference between C and C++? what is the difference between scanf and gets? what is mean by extern what is the use of it? what will happen if i say delete this> Difference between C structure and C++ structure? What is the difference between overloading and overridding? Explain the need for "virtual Destructor" Can we have "virtual Constructors"? What is the different types of polymorphism> What is virtual functions? How to implement virtual function in "C"? What are the different types of storage classes?


any one help me how the following program execute main() { int x=5; printf("%d %d %d",x,x<<3,x>>2); } //output : 5 40 1

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create a C program, the .exe file of that program run system will reboot any one help me


Give the coding for system reboot in C


what is PPM,CM & EM in FM company

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draw diagram of earthings



draw the diagram of double earthing


Draw a pipeline configuration to carryout the following operations on the arrays of data represented by A, B, C, D, E and F. (A i represents the i th element of the array). (Ai × Bi + Ci × Di ) (Ei × Fi ) Show the content of the pipline for i = 1 to 5

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what is active dirctory?


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how to join the pc to the domain?

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why IT?


consiteunts of indian railways

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Please send me the ongc old question papers


is there eligible for computer science engg students to write exams and how much percentage we want to attempt exam based on degree


I need to know the process to add 100 tapes in ATL. Ho to inicialize them to the system? How is all the process i need to follow> Thanks


send me e-mail on dell tech question papers 2011 -2012


5. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?


Requesting for AMVI genaral studies syllabus


how you judge that your interview go good????


can anybody send me the technical papers of hewitt associates pls...I cleared aps n GD n has only less time for technical round?


What is Landscape in Sap BW?


how can i implement a program of polynomial adding,multiplication,through c language???


Please help to write testcase for ECG machine


How we calculate the recovery of steam as per coal in a boiler if we know the calorific value of coal?


how the parting surface is selected in injection mould


1) There is a circular pizza with negligible thickness that is cut into 'x' pieces by 4 straight line cuts. What is the maximum and minimum value of 'x' respectively 2)A ship leaves on a long voyage. When it is 18 miles from the shore, a seaplane, whose speed is 10 times that of the ship is sent to deliver mail. How far from the shore does the seaplane catch upon with the ship? 3) If the distance traveled (s) in time (t) by a particle is given by the formula s = 1+ 2t+3t2+4t3, then what is the distance traveled in the 4th second of its motion? 4)3 men finish painting a wall in 8 days. Four boys do the same job in 7 days. In how many days will 2 men and 2 boys working together paint two such walls of the same size?


what is the difference between error,exception,bug,defect,fault..?