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what are the reseach done by itc brfore launching e-copal    0  238
main() { float a=0.3; printf("%d\n%f",a,a); } tcs   5  672
anybody, Please send me the NIC(scientific officer/programmer) model questions papers to this mail    0  231
how to create session in visual web jsf page as we create in jsp and how to maintain that jsf session in another jsp page?    1  2267
How will I MOve Comp-1 variable into next variable without using Move statement?    0  212
Please send me Sample papers National Informatics Centre (NIC) Programmer. I am giving this paper first if any one have previous question papers send to thnx in advance nic   0  204
i need NIC written test paper or give me any idea about written exam.Plz send me at nic   0  248
Please send me Sample papers OF National Informatics Centre (NIC) Vacency    0  410
An inversion is an array of numbers is any pair (i,j) such that iA[j]. What is the average number of inversions in an array of n distinct numbers? plz GIVE ME SOLUTION tcs   0  204
Write a nonrecursive routine to reverse a singly linked list in O(N) time. tcs   0  1056
why is the scheduling decision needs to be taken when a process switches from running to waiting state.also,if this is because the next process is to be allocated to cpu then why not a scheduling decision taken when a process switches from ready to running state.    0  178
hi , anyone plz end nic model papers to my id nic   0  187
what is elligibility criteria of hcl? hcl   0  426
why we need embedded system    0  266
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Un-Answered Questions
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Please state briefly the reasons why you think you are an outstanding candidate for this job 3598
What is the difference between operator overloading and function overloading in C when compared with C++? 178
A short CI column of hollow circular section has projecting bracket carrying a load of 10 tonnes. The load line is off the column by 20cm. The external diameter of the column is 350mm and thickness of metal is 25 mm. Find the maximum stress intensity in the section. 447
pls its urgent!!!!!!! can u tell me which companies are hiring fresher for industrail training???i know only two companies cmc which is in bandra n biz tech solution in kandivali. can anyone knows other companies??how much fees r they taking?? what about biz technology?this company is good to join if anyone has did d industrial training in biz technology then pls reply as urgent as possible. thank you ....waiting for replyyyyy 255
what is the differences between software engineering and other engineering disciplines. 242
how much lighting lux need for a common walking area at night time 150
What have you done to improve or develop your knowledge / professional qualifications in the last year? 309
What is RAC?(Real Application Cluster).Explain in Detail. 544
my first question in huawei was ....1)Tell me about your self 2) oops concept 3)logic gates 4)ram and rom ,what is cache memory nd where it is located 5)diffrence between file system and data base 6) procedure of operating system 7)what is c# 8)high level language and machine language 9) and from mobile networkin !!!! hope thz will help you 106
Prove that in a self-complementing code the sum of the weights must be 9? 6804
What do you mean by client /server for a post scarcity world 339
Friends i want to know about the civil service examination...when it wil be conducted this year?i want to become DSP...I just completed my engineering in the stream of computers....Is percentage required in engineering to Write Mains?please help me send answers to my mail 205
Implement the dictionary operations INSERT, DELETE, and SEARCH using singly linked, circular lists. What are the running times of your procedures? 1065
What is Symbian.? 205
why we use conio.h in c programming? 205
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