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What is the difference betweem scrum model,xp model and fdd model?    1  1421
difference between tcp ip and open system interconnection    0  290
how to implement spiral model on railway reservation?.    1  1181
how to connect oracle with java ? Give detail explanation. bata   0  247
how to use photoshop and some related websites?    0  210
how to reuse an outdated laptop?    0  231
1)what to do in emergency situation of having total blackout (on a ship) 2)what to do in emergency situation of flooding in the engine room 3)under what conditions would engine room bilges be pumped overboard? 4)why is high pressure required for the injection of fuel into the cylinder of diesel engine. 5)why is doubled walled pipes employed for high pressure fuel lines? 6)reasons for overheating of main engine 7)how to detect choked fuel valve,leaky piston rings and their remedies during operation in diesel engine? 8)effects of insufficient or excessive cylinder lubrication? 9)causes of a diesel engine piston overheating. maritime-academy   0  661
what are the reseach done by itc brfore launching e-copal    0  250
main() { float a=0.3; printf("%d\n%f",a,a); } tcs   5  724
anybody, Please send me the NIC(scientific officer/programmer) model questions papers to this mail    0  237
how to create session in visual web jsf page as we create in jsp and how to maintain that jsf session in another jsp page?    1  2291
How will I MOve Comp-1 variable into next variable without using Move statement?    0  222
Please send me Sample papers National Informatics Centre (NIC) Programmer. I am giving this paper first if any one have previous question papers send to thnx in advance nic   0  212
i need NIC written test paper or give me any idea about written exam.Plz send me at nic   0  257
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Problem:Design and implement a class that allows a teacher to track the grades in a single ourse.Include methods that calculate the average grae, the highest grade, and the lowest grade.Wrute a program to testyour class implementation in a c#. given grades:integral=85, physics=87, datastruct=84. 201
what is technical voice process and define it 959
sir, please send me the last three years exam papers conducted by CPCL- RECRUITMENT EXAM FOR Recruitment of Engineer ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. A Soon as possible. i would be greatfull to u 164
what are the under ground metods praticed in indian copper mines 208
What is spooling and buffering? 174
what is the concept of c++ class 153
I am going to HAL Online test for Computer Science. Can you please mail me the model question papers ? 695
i can access command prompt in my pc. when i type cmd in run,message comes-you are admin. why is it so? how can acces it by just logging in as a user and not as admin.????? 171
What is frog testing? What is cone model? 167
why we select you? 270
Modal vs Modaless in VB?? 186
what things abutsbi 125
Three pc now connected the 24 port pc ip adders,anather pc ip is, anather pc ip is, so 98 or 125 ping replay to 123,but 123 is not replay 125 or 98, but 123 is others pc ping replay, 323
compare the conditional operator with if-else-if statement. 148
Is unit testing possible or even desirable in all circumstances?Provide example to justify your answer. 1720
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