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what are nanoemulsions and how are they prepared? i want a brief outline about nanoemulsions.. is anyone of you is having any literature, can you share that? also any an idea where i can get the information?    0  520
1) What are minimum configuration and install windows xp 2) windows xp support which file system explain    2  1302
what is instance in oops?    2  3139
how the class is instance of object?    0  760
I found that there is no display on monitor even after the cpu have done its booting succesfuly....VGA port is normal and RAM was also been checked. What may the problem...please guide..thanks.    1  1287
I am student pursuing B.E/ in Computers 8'th sem.What should i do for a better carrier.Plz suggest other than programming languages.Is the ERP a better one to do?plz help...    0  549
What is the Maximum No. of detectors in one Zone? it is 20 or 15..Give the refferance too. Booklets says 20 and RTTC says 15.    1  956
what are the things to be mentioned for the question "Tell me about yourself?? cts   6  3145
Are the JVM for C & JVM for JAVA are different? zensar   1  1839
PREVIOUS AND NEW companies positive and negative points AFTER LIVING    0  687
Three pc now connected the 24 port pc ip adders,anather pc ip is, anather pc ip is, so 98 or 125 ping replay to 123,but 123 is not replay 125 or 98, but 123 is others pc ping replay,    0  650
is there any better model than jcb 3dx    0  615
how bluetooth works?what is principle behind in it? tcs   2  3034
what is block size and how to solve this?    0  831
If memory is allocated to a class,when object of the class is created then how do we use the abstract class methods.coz v cant create obj of abstract class, only reference is created,when the abstract class data and members got the space in memory??    0  607
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What is RAC?(Real Application Cluster).Explain in Detail. 984
1)How to calculate AC Capacity for the Room? 543
discuss the conditional formatting and advanced filtering features in MS-Excel with suitable example 257
what will happend if i fire this command in linux " rm -r / " 278
what is the difference betweeen far pointer and near pointer 591
what is your experience in developing technical specifications? 511
how the class is instance of object? 760
Define function ? Explain arguments in functions ? 459
how to increase the chiller effiency? 427
what is JAR file,JNI,JFC?? 518
Anyone have thesis paper about "Electrical Load Forecasting" . Or the web addresses where people usually upload their thesis paper except IEEE. 337
how to write regression test case?what is the difference between Client server & web based Testing? can we able to do UI Testing in web based Testing 438
Name a accredited or govt approved university which have 100% online engineering course 353
What is the meaning of "co relation" and what is the value of "co relation" in the performance testing environment. 553
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