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i can access command prompt in my pc. when i type cmd in run,message comes-you are admin. why is it so? how can acces it by just logging in as a user and not as admin.?????    0  326
If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use? tcs   2  4315
what does the interviewer mean by saying "have a good life " cheerfully at the end of an HR interview??? is this positive to be selected reply yes or no    0  429
what does the interviewer mean by saying "have a good life " cheerfully at the end of an HR interview??? is this positive or negative sign to be selected?    0  385
how can i install windows-xp operating system in single time to 50 computersconnected in a LAN. bank-of-america   0  516
the maximum number of character that windows 2003 recognizes in a local user    0  355
can any one send me the configuration of cisco 1841 router????/ abc   0  421
what is the differnce between pri and bri abc   2  1721
What is Difference between the communication and transmission?    1  1186
Do you have any tips for using 3G phones?    0  376
What are the benefits of using interface accept multiple inheritance concept? ibm   2  1591
A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10mph.another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same if the second person was traveling at a speed of 35 mph. find the speed limit? tcs   1  1892
what is the difference betweeen far pointer and near pointer    0  529
What are special features of Silk Test ? In what way it is advanced than QTP?    0  500
i am shortlisted in corporation bank for the post of computer officer the next phase is group discussion. i want to know how to prepare and what about the topics for preparing thanking you if you have any suggestion please give me corporation-bank   0  1035
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why multiple inheritence concept is not supported in c#? 362
Explain i.d.e. for visual c++? 393
What is The Need of Template? 416
which are the books available in, India for STONE COLUMNS/GRANULAR PILES? 307
How Main()is called by opreting system? 293
What is the pattern for HAL Online-exam? 591
differance between radix sort and radix exchange sort 1437
Is Diesel staorage tank ( 800 litres) cleaning procedure is available with any body 377
1) There is a circular pizza with negligible thickness that is cut into 'x' pieces by 4 straight line cuts. What is the maximum and minimum value of 'x' respectively 2)A ship leaves on a long voyage. When it is 18 miles from the shore, a seaplane, whose speed is 10 times that of the ship is sent to deliver mail. How far from the shore does the seaplane catch upon with the ship? 3) If the distance traveled (s) in time (t) by a particle is given by the formula s = 1+ 2t+3t2+4t3, then what is the distance traveled in the 4th second of its motion? 4)3 men finish painting a wall in 8 days. Four boys do the same job in 7 days. In how many days will 2 men and 2 boys working together paint two such walls of the same size? 1340
what is advantages and disadvantages of CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT7,COAXIAL CABLE,FIBER-OPTIC 17684
what is the quantity of cement and sand in 1 sq.m (mortar ratio ) a, 1:4 b, 1:3 c, 1:6 418
what is the advantage of msil in c# 789
wht is difference b/ osi & tcp/ip model 456
i want a program in c# for 100 or for a number greater than 100.....pls help 374
what is the difference between oracle 8i and 9i. if someone could help me out. 459
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