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why this companay? For example: Why Dell? dell   1  676
I have Cleared Bank of India Clerical Examination.I just want to know how to prepare for interview and what are the parriculars that I have to submit......Pls someone help me with it    0  206
UST RIL MAR BER UNE ARY ?Choose the odd one out infosys   7  2108
what is the purpose of expansion tank in closed cooling water system?    3  2614
how to generate linked implementation of sparse matrix?    0  211
Modal vs Modaless in VB??    0  191
5S training documents texas   0  657
What is CRC? the material will be used in electrical stampings.    0  290
How can I boldly face the interview? Request:I am eagerly waiting for your replay. microsoft   0  651
Always declare destructors to be virtual"?????? why this is so needed????? tcl   0  206
what is dbms and rdbms??    1  911
SIR i hv compleated science engineering) with 82% marks. i want to join shipping corporation of india. it's my career dream. please i am eleasible or not? shipping-corporation-of-india   3  1211
what is the term genericity in oops?    1  1697
There are three bucket...Apple,Orange and Apple+Orange....On each Bucket one of the following labels are there..'A','O','A+O'...all this labels are not correctly patched on Bucket..identify which bucket contains What? You can not see bucket..u can pick any number of fruit from any basket...??? persistent   0  654
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what is difference betweeen operator overloading & operator overriding? 267
What is frog testing? What is cone model? 170
what is far pointer? 170
What is spooling and buffering? 175
what are basic step involved in embedded system software development? 586
what is major differnet between hub and switch and also defferent between router and switch 226
i want to knw about what is lead,survey, oppertuinty , questionary,sales order,quotation,marketng conecpts in deatil and how it works in SAP CRM. Please send to my email- id as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance . :) 187
What are daemon Threads? 169
Explain i.d.e. for visual c++? 170
What is RAC?(Real Application Cluster).Explain in Detail. 562
what is gr1 card in dg battery charger? 236
who are egoless programmers? 171
i m a student of 4th year ,i m unable to get the embassy appointment dates , and it details.............please help any body.My 239
SQL How can make delete and insert in one query 37
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