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I found that there is no display on monitor even after the cpu have done its booting succesfuly....VGA port is normal and RAM was also been checked. What may the problem...please guide..thanks.    1  1245
I am student pursuing B.E/ in Computers 8'th sem.What should i do for a better carrier.Plz suggest other than programming languages.Is the ERP a better one to do?plz help...    0  533
What is the Maximum No. of detectors in one Zone? it is 20 or 15..Give the refferance too. Booklets says 20 and RTTC says 15.    1  923
what are the things to be mentioned for the question "Tell me about yourself?? cts   6  3039
Are the JVM for C & JVM for JAVA are different? zensar   1  1802
PREVIOUS AND NEW companies positive and negative points AFTER LIVING    0  672
Three pc now connected the 24 port pc ip adders,anather pc ip is, anather pc ip is, so 98 or 125 ping replay to 123,but 123 is not replay 125 or 98, but 123 is others pc ping replay,    0  632
is there any better model than jcb 3dx    0  603
how bluetooth works?what is principle behind in it? tcs   2  2967
what is block size and how to solve this?    0  818
If memory is allocated to a class,when object of the class is created then how do we use the abstract class methods.coz v cant create obj of abstract class, only reference is created,when the abstract class data and members got the space in memory??    0  601
can anyone help me with an article or a few pointers on what are the industry expectations from Fresh engineers in today's market scenario    0  348
i can access command prompt in my pc. when i type cmd in run,message comes-you are admin. why is it so? how can acces it by just logging in as a user and not as admin.?????    0  395
If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use? tcs   2  4835
what does the interviewer mean by saying "have a good life " cheerfully at the end of an HR interview??? is this positive to be selected reply yes or no    0  457
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char *a[2]; int const *p; int *const p; struct new { int a;int b; *var[5] (struct new)} Describe the statements in the above given construct ? 1389
Explain i.d.e. for visual c++? 441
Hello sir i finished my BE computer 2009 batch. I'm not gud at programming like 0 knowledge and i'm not interested in it too . Except this programming field is anyother option to afford into a new one ??????? can anyone help me plz 474
Give the coding for system reboot in C 364
what is different between static block and public static void main?? 355
I have attended offcampus conducted by polaris chennai.And i have cleared all rounds on 10th June 2014.They collected all my marksheet xerox and address proof and said that they will send me offer letter in 3 days.. But more than 15days passed but still i didnt receive any information. I am lot depend on this offer... so when can i expect offer letter?? will they surely send me offer letter? 1186
1. Design a counter which counts 0, 4, 8, 2, 6, and repeats using: 1.a using JK flip flops 1.b using T flip flops 1.c using D flip flops 2. Modify your design in question 1.a so that the circuit works according to the following function table X Y F 0 0 Clear 0 1 No Change 1 0 Parallel Loading 1 1 Count 3. Design a circuit that detects the pattern 010 in a serial input X considering: 3.a Overlapping 3.b No overlapping 1343
Difference in NS and TIA type HRC fuses 2113
i need to know abt renault nissan company and the rounds and type of questions asked by today 1744
What is histogram? why and how it is used? 327
what size shaft is required to transmit 100 hp @1000 RPM ,if max shear stress is 10,000 PSI,angle of twist must be less than 1' /ft/shaft is made of steel. 388
what is the proper location of sample point for sphere tank? 325
what are register variables?what are the advantages of using register variables in c language? 1294
what are the various height of GSM mount and its base width 387
which collection enforces type safety? 1449
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