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what is the differences between DTD's and XML schema?    0  214
Can a generic class extend another generic class??    0  166
sir ,,kindly provide me 10 year old solved question papers of gate ,i am from CS. branch...    0  144
what is the Relationship between quantity of Gas and capacity of AC machine in tonnage. zee   0  183
i need to know abt renault nissan company and the rounds and type of questions asked by today    0  850
write a programe to print this string in reverse order and find out how many times letter c is repeated? string = { c was desined by dennis ritchie}. also find out the lenth of the string.    0  198
Paul the octopus who has been forecasting the outcome of FIFA world cup matches with tremendous accuracy has now been invited to predict ICC world cup matches in 2011. We will assume that the world cup contenders have been divided into 2 groups of 9 teams each. Each team in a group plays the other teams in the group. The top two teams from each group enter the semi finals ( after which the winner is decided by knockout). However, Paul has a soft spot for India and when India plays any team, Paul always backs India. Alas, his predictions on matches involving India are right only 2 out of 3 times. In order to qualify for the semi finals, it is sufficient for India to win 7 of its group matches. What is the probability that India will win the ICC world cup? tcs   1  1053
difference between arrays and linked list in c language?    0  161
what are enumerations in c language?    0  134
describe about storage allocation and scope of global,exterm,static,local and register variables in c language?    0  218
what are register variables?what are the advantages of using register variables in c language?    0  397
difference between a for loop and a while loop? what are its uses in c language?    0  164
what is the use of typedef in c language?    0  162
can we specify variable field width in a scanf() format string? if possible how in c language?    1  1123
out of fgets() and gets()which function is safe to use and why in c language?    1  480
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Hello sir i finished my BE computer 2009 batch. I'm not gud at programming like 0 knowledge and i'm not interested in it too . Except this programming field is anyother option to afford into a new one ??????? can anyone help me plz 168
how many gallon in one quseka 145
Hii can you help me step by step procedure for transfering data in textfields into sql database .mdf(also help me how to create database .mdf file) file after creating submit button in c#????? 200
What is spooling and buffering? 171
please provide me the type of questions or question pattern of bally. 242
can you please tell me your understanding in database,what is it 119
How we can read an Image in VC++?How we can find out the intensities of the pixels of an image and dimension of the image? 481
i am satish i want to preapare for group-1 exams so please help me? 263
if we give you the job AS A PETROLEUM ENGINEER WHAT WILL YOU DO(that is extraordinary) for our company 826
If any kind of accident happen without any information to any one .what kind of action we have to take 150
when does the official confirmation or the offer letter for the 2012 selected candidates of HUAWEI will come?? 203
what is the use of typedef in c language? 162
plz send me interview questions & answers of Data Structure 303
What is the main difference between binary and counting semaphore? 150
why is the scheduling decision needs to be taken when a process switches from running to waiting state.also,if this is because the next process is to be allocated to cpu then why not a scheduling decision taken when a process switches from ready to running state. 180
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