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what do you mean by a p-code?    0  314
please answer the following question: A table contains the monthly sales data for the 12 months of a year and for the 4 sales zones where each zone has 8 districts.The table is defined in WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.What is the size of the defined table in number of bytes? write statements to calculate the total sales for each month.    0  423
write a program to print only the largest number between elements of an 1-d array?    1  839
What is OSPF Open shortest Path First attributes?    0  272
Can main() function can be made virtual?    0  305
what is fabrication process? l&t   0  504
Process-centered Methodologies , data-centered methodologies , object-oriented methodologies between differences    1  4362
why one should join accenture? accenture   0  1181
what is the command used to find length of the document in unix    1  728
How can write a C program that shows All the prime number?    0  444
Prepare the UGC CSIR net question papers those are enough. The question paper will be of 50 questions in size each 3 marks and with a negative of -1 for each wrong answer ecil   0  1168
how are engineers exploited in these days? why do they have to do mba in todays world?    1  919
how to initialize a pointer to an array? convergys   0  372
Hi my dears I have 2 questions. 1- how many types of test are there at all? 2- how can I define test characteristics (such as test duration and parameter severity)in developing a modern technological equipment? I tanks you for introducing or sending a text handbook or guidebook file for me. thanks for your coming answers. yours sincerely    0  635
how we can improve mobile ad,hoc network.    0  701
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What will be the sql query to list the employee names those are getting 3rd highest salary ? 250
different types of protocols.......? 287
is it possible to get u.s visa with 55% in b-tech and 15 backlogs 384
Please help to write testcase for ECG machine 308
Whats the difference between following two array declaration in JAVA? int a[]={1,2,3,4,5}; int []a-{1,2,3,4,5}; 735
boolean isBadBoy(boolean hasGirlFriend , boolean isMarried, int age , String middleName , String lastName , String[] brotherName); 306
pls send me rrb se(s&t)questions 425
What is Landscape in Sap BW? 535
What is the difference between CD-R and CD+R? 557
Is printf(?%d?,p); valid? 437
difference between tcp ip and open system interconnection 858
What is the difference between command line argument and input taking from the user? 371
what does the interviewer mean by saying "have a good life " cheerfully at the end of an HR interview??? is this positive to be selected reply yes or no 427
What does "stdafx"header file do? 402
Why it is a preferable option in parallelextender development ? 386
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