Fashion Modelling Interview Questions
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I'm interested in putting on a really professional fashion show. How would I go about it?

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What are the responsibilities of someone who has their own clothing line?


Can I use a pattern from a vintage piece when designing my own pieces?

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I think being a Freelance Fashion Designer would be great. I'd love to be able to work with different designers. How does someone get started doing that? How do they get paid for their work?

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My high school sewing class is planning a fashion show of their designs for next spring. I am in charge of organizing the entire show. Can you help me with theme ideas and tips on making sure the show runs smoothly?


I have always dreamed of being a fashion designer. My problem is that all the fashion colleges I check out are so expensive. I don't exactly come from a rich family...


I would really love to pursue a fashion career involving shoes, handbags, and cosmetics. How can I go about doing that?

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Is it hard to make it into the fashion design business?

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My dream is to reform the men's clothing industry with my ideas. How do I specialize in just men's fashions?


When designing clothes ... what steps can be taken to get creative ideas flowing?

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What are the main responsibilities of a Fashion Designer?

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Do you have advice on how to get my own line of handbags started?

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How and when do most fashion designers get their big break?


How do I become a successful fashion designer?

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How much do fashion designers make?

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To which top supermodel was Richard Gere once married?


can i have the list for the winners of miss madhya pradesh contest


What was an empire style dress?


Are there any special projects you would like to work on in design?


I'm doing fashion designing from some fashion institute. I just want to know that how to start designing from my own B'coz evry time when I start my work i have to take some assistance from some fashion book or magazine...


how can i go in modelling plz tell me


Name two exotic dances that took off globally in the 1990s and encouraged women to wear prettier dresses?


What was a mameluke?


What other continental influences were seen in Regency fashions?


I want to be a Fashion Designer!!! But I can't really draw lol! Can you guys give me a link how to draw plus designer!! P.S Email me please please tell me the links i rlly need it


What was a style of red cloak called in the C18th?


How To Get Fashion Technology Job?


Hello sir/Madam, i am intrested in modelling, as i am 27 yrs old. please sujjest me some idea or the tips ,help me out. Regards Sharath.k


What was a tippet?


What was Kashmir famous for especially in the early Regency era?