Fashion Modelling Interview Questions
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How tall to be to become a model?

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what is an open call modelling audition?

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Is size or height important for modelling agency?

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Do you have to be a certain age to do catwalk modelling?

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How can i make my modelling portfolio better?

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How di i find the best modelling agency?


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why is not modelling illegal eventhough it is based on appearance?

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What tools & equipment do you use in your work?

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How can I become a famous Fashion Designer?

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When making a portfolio as a Fashion Designer what is the best way to portray the clothing articles?

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Should you put in sketches, or do you need to show the actual clothing article, sewn and everything?

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Fashion magazines always talk about the "collections." How is a collection put together?


How many collections are put out per year? Are there certain "staple" pieces that each collection should have?

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How do I start my own clothing line?

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I don't know whether I'd rather be a Fashion Designer or a Buyer. Can you help me?

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i want to do interior designing. is there scope for it????? what would be the starting salary????? i have completed my f.y sould i do it part time?????? i am doing from iitc. soud i go ahead????


What was an empire style dress?


i am a model....from nigeria and i need a fashion or any modelling job....anywere on earth


What is the cst rate (west bengal) of hosiery goods when we purchase from outside west bengal ?


What was a Spencer?


How To Get Fashion Technology Job?


What was reticule?


Which magazines do you read and what is your favorite magazine?


What was a poloniase?


Which famous British towns copied the Kashmir shawls producing a British version?


Which British writers popularised Romantic images in women which were soon translated into romantic fashion in Britain?


What was rococo?


What was pelisse-robe?


What happened to the skirts of regency dresses around 1820?


What was a pannier?