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I want to validate Customer credit payment with customer invoice, When billing time, the system check the customer credit payment, if customer credit is lesser than customer bill, system should not allow the billing further process. Can I configure in sap

CompanyAffairs CS 1244

In SAP where should we maintain the Company Register Number.


2 SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) 12895

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Question { Cap Gemini, 65217 }

Where do you open and close periods?


In SAP Open and Close period is maintain in FI & MM module

FI T.Code OB52.

in FI we can open and close the period individually

for eg. only GL posting or asset posting.

like we can close GL, Asset,AP, AR. In FI whenever need we
can open it and post any entry, but definitly it will
affect the balance sheet and p&l, so we should not open it
without higher person's perior consent.

but in MM we can not maintain more than 2 two periods.
If you closed the period in MM we can't reopen it. so
carefully handle it. FI no problem.

If any mistake plz correct it. bkaz period closed is vital

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Question { 47702 }

What is account group and what does it control?


Account Group used to control tbe Balance Sheet Item.

We can group the GL for P&l and Balance Sheet.

for eg. Expenditure 100000 to 199999
Income 200000 to 299999
Liability 300000 to 399999
Asset 400000 to 499999

We can easily create the GL number range and findout it.

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Question { 47702 }

What is account group and what does it control?


Account group is a summary of accounts based on a criteria
that effects when master records are created.

The COA has different type of Account Group.

It is use to interval GL Number for P & l and Balance sheet

we can create income GL group for eg. 1 to 1000
expenditure group 1001 to 2000 like that.

When create GL we use the GL Account Group Number.

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Question { 55968 }

How do you reverse cleared documents?


If cleared documents can be reversed by T.code FBRA.
When we use the T.Code FBRA, system asks the Clearing
Document number. (clearing diffenently with posting

After gave the clearing doc. number, before press the item
buttom to check. Then press the post button, sytem ask
3 options.

1. only resetting
2. resetting and reversal.

if you select 1 option first you rest the document.
Afterthat you reverse the document with T.code FB08.

If you select the second option system automatically
reversed the posting document.

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Question { 55968 }

How do you reverse cleared documents?


use the T.Code FBRA within month and within year you give reversal reason 01 press enter, system automatically post the reversal entry

if you give 02, system ask the date, because it is close period.

after close the period and account statements are prepared you can use reversal reason 02 and give the current date.

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Question { 22815 }

what is cash journal? why and when to use cash journal?
what is the reason for doing cash journal and plz give the
process and tcode of cash journal ?

plz tell me kindly the whole process of cash journal.

thank u.


please read the above answer. Cash Journal is used for
petty cash book. In some company maintains this cash

If we have more than 1 branch, we can maintain separate
cash book for each branch. First Create the GL Number
separately and then link the GL number with each cash

We can easily tally the cash receipts and payments, system
shows the total cash receipts and payments. We can maintain
check receipts also.

If we create the business transactions for individual

we can classify the payments expenditure wise.

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Question { 3942 }

1 Question If i have posted a transaction on this date(3rd)
March 2008. Now i want 2 post a transaction on 20th of FEB
2008.Then how am i 2 proceed,explain in detail plz plz
plz !!!!!


If you posted the document 3rd march 2008 instead of 20the
Feb 2008. Only solutions is reverse the posted document
then pass the same entry on 20th feb 2008. You can use FBR1
to copy the same document with text and amount. This time u
can change the posting date.

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Question { 32366 }

What is the difference between open item display & line
item disply in GL creation???


Open item and line item.

Open item management & Lime item - Compulsory for Balance
Sheet item. bkaz we have to clear the entry. we have
to clear the vendor invoice with payment, if any invoice is
pending system show. (Not necessary to view all item.)

Line item - only for P & L. bkaz we need not to clear the

When you create the GL without line item tick mark, we can
modity it.

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Question { Wipro, 15583 }

what is asset group?
what is parllal chart of accounts?


Asset group means, we fibercate the total assets.

Asset: Furniture & fittings, Asset:plant&mach-Ele.Equipment
asset:plant&machinery-etc., The group is easy to identify
the assets and easy to set the Depreciation key. for
eg.Funiture & Fittings-Dep.18% is one group. some furniture
like that cinema shed which 100% dep. So we have to create

Fur&Fitt 18%
Fur&Fitt 100%
It will be easy to create asset under the relevant group
system automatically calculate the depreciation based on
the depreciation key.

If you have more doubt ih this asset, ask agains

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Question { 7870 }

What is Standard Hierarchy and How it is related to Profit


Standard Hierarchy is the top node of the group company.

We can create all company's profit center under this
hierarchy. We can compare company's profit center analysis
report. Each profit center linked with the Standard
hierarchy, otherwise we can not call the individual profit
center at the time.

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Question { 2554 }

While processimg for vendor outgoing payments in f-53 i am
getting error massage rate difference
incomplete in vendor g/l account and allowing me to clear
the payment,how can i rectify this one,plz guide me?


First you check the exchange rate through tcode OB08.

Check the invoice booked currency and rate of the booked
date, then check the current exchange rate. The diff is
going to "exchange rate diff" GL. Suppose not configured we
have to pass the exchange rate diff manually.

first you should check the ex.rate. Tcode.OB08.

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Question { ITC Infotech, 4988 }

detail descrtion of lsmw


LSMW is like that BDC - uploading the legacy data into sap.

14 steps are must. Before the 14 steps (refer.pre.question
answer) you should record the lsmw. you should know, what
type of datas you want to upload.

must lsmw record, then you can use the 14 steps

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Question { Cognizant, 4840 }

In Asset accouting, the capitalisation date of an asset is
01/10/2008, you need to ensure the foll: i. Deprn of 40%
should be completely depreciated on 01/10/2008,

ii. Deprn of 20 % should be evenly distributed throughout
the year

iii. Deprn of 20%, out of which 10% shud be assigned on
01/10/2008 & the remaining throughout the year..

how do you config this??


Ans to 1st question. Go to the asset master of particular
asset.T-code as02 then change the depreciation key )
assinged already 40 %) "GWG" fully depreciation the year
for book deprecation, then run the T-code AR01, give the
particular asset number, you can see the equal
to the acq.value of asset.

I am not able to understand the ii & iii question. ok

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Question { Wipro, 19872 }

if a document parked in one fiscal year can be posted in
next fiscal year.


No, you can't post next fiscal year. Before year end
activies closed, you should reverse or post it.

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