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Question { Accenture, 12687 }

Can anybody describe what might be the reasons or situations
where the developer doesn't accept a bug as a bug , raised
by tester ?


>Defect may not reproducible
>Environmental issues
>Not specified in requirements
>Defects related to GUI which are frequently changing developer might not able to see or identify becoz of ur insufficient description.

I think th

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Question { Ordain Solutions, 22350 }

When to start and Stop Testing?


Some of the common factors and constraints that should be considered when decided on when to stop testing are:
1. Testing budget of the project. Or when the cost of continued testing does not justify the project cost.
2. Resouces available and their skills.
3. Project deadline and test completion deadline.
4. Critical or Key Test cases successfully completed. Certain test cases even if they fail may not be show stoppers.
5. Functional coverage, code coverage, meeting the client requirements to certain point.
6. Defect rates fall below certain specified level & High priority bugs are resolved.
7. Project progresses from Alpha, to beta and so on.

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Question { 36011 }

what r the different types of testing techniques?


s/w Testing Techniques:-
1.Static Testing

a)Management Review
b)Technical Review
c)Code Review (or) peer Review
d)formal Review
e)informal Review

ii)Walk through

2.Dynamic Testing

i)White Box Testing
a)Unit Testing
b)Integrated Testing

ii)Black Box Testing
a)System Testing
b)User acceptance Testing

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Question { 32133 }

can you ple give me Quality Center interview questions and


we are very thank full to you...

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Question { UHG, 5684 }

What is test scenario?


Test Scenario: An item or functionality which has to be test in the application and for which we have to write the test cases based on use cases.

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Question { 3354 }

what is the difference between test senario and use case


Test Scenario: Is an Item or functionality in the application which has to be test.

Test case: Is about what to test and how to test the functionality consists of precondition,Inputs,expected results..

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Question { 8092 }

What is the difference between systemUtil and invoke method..?


1.Using invoke application you can launch the specified web application on a specified browser. Where as system util.Run will launches the specified web application on a Default browser.
2.If you launch a application with invoke application it will written the results as done. where as if u launch a application using system util.Run it will written the result as passed.

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Question { 3751 }

Smoke testing is ------
1.sanity testing
2.Functional Testing
3.Build Verification Testing
4.Regreesion Testing


Sanity Testing & Build verification Testing Both are Correct..

Smoke Testing can also be called as sanity Testing/Build Acceptance Testing/Build verification Testing...

This Testing is conducted on the Build to check does the build is acceptable or not for Major Testing is known as smoke Testing/Build acceptance Testing/Build Verification Testing/sanity Testing....

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Question { CSC, 7808 }

what is difference b/w test case and test scenario?


Test Case: It is a brief description of what to test and how to test in the application.
In which we are having test steps, pre-conditions, input fields and expected results is known as test case..

Test scenario: An item or functionality which has to test in the application is known as test scenario.

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Question { CS, 7472 }

What is Test Data ? Explain


Test Data is nothing but inputs to the test. which are used to execute the test to achieve the desired results.

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Question { Infosys, 5636 }

what are the Test case design Techniques?


Test case Design Techniques are two types:

1) Equivalent class/Equivalent partition.
2) Boundary value analysis

These two techniques used to prepare test case.

Test Data Design Techniques are of three types:

1) Decision table testing
2) State transition testing
3) Use case Testing

These three techniques used to prepare test data.

** All these 5 techniques are called as black box testing techniques

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Question { 3866 }

What are Templetes for Daily,Weekly,Monthly test
reports(Test Execution report)?


Contents of Test Result template are:
>Project ID - the unique project identifier
>AUT Title - the definitive title of the Application Under Test (front sheet only)
>AUT Version - the definitive version information for the AUT (front sheet only)
>Iteration ID - the unique identifier for the iteration this test is being conducted in (front sheet only)
>Date of Test - the date on which the test was performed (front sheet only)
>Test ID - the unique identifier for the test
>Time of Test - the time at which each individual Test Case was started
>Observed Test Result - a brief textual description of the result of the test
>Test Result Category - the Test Result Category assigned to this test (as specified from the Test Specification document for this testing phase – see Appendix D)
>Test Error Description - a brief textual description (if appropriate) of the observed Test Error
>The Name of the Tester
>Tester Signature - the signature of the Tester, recording their participation in the test, their observation of the result of the test, and their agreement to the documented test result
>The Name of the Test Observer – this might be the user/customer representative, or somebody from the quality assurance group (if your organisation has one)
>Test Observer Signature - the signature of the Test Observer, recording their observation of the result of the test, and their agreement to the documented test result

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Question { 2811 }

What is meant by Metrices?What is purpose of Metrices in
Testing?What is Template for that?PLZ REPLY ASAP.Thanks in


Metrics are nothing but measurements.In s/w testing metrics are used to measure the value of quality.

contents of metrics in sw testiing are:
>Effort- planed and actual effort,scheduled hours and actual hours worked,effort on specific functionalities..etc..,
>Testcase- designed testcases,executed testcases,test cases for regression testing,test cases on hold/differed..etc..,
>Defect-defects identified,defects reported,defects fixed, defects on hold/differed/duplicate/Rejected

correct me if am wrong

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Question { Marlin Soft Technologies, 92660 }

Which is the best institute for testing tools in hyderabad ?


MindQ : is like a brand for Testing Tools,Nageswar Rao,Suresh Reddy,Venkat all are testing tutors at MindQ earlier.
U can find quality of teaching in testing by maintaining their standards.many tutors are there to teach suresh babu,venkat,new nageswar rao and so on..better to choose venkat if you wanna go mindq.

Suresh Reddy: earlier he teached at mindQ later he started a new institute, He is a good tutor. no doubt better u prefer to go his institute if u wanna gain more real time knowledge and to experience good teaching.

Livetech: This is another institute for testing In which u cant find famous tutors for testing tools. But some times new tutors can also teach u well. This is not a standard institute for testing.

Actually am from MindQ only, suresh babu is my tutor. But personally i prefer Suresh Reddy institute is the best as of now.

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Question { Apex, 4858 }

what is test design techniques ?


Design techniques are classified into test data design and test case design techniques.

Test data design techniques:
>Equivalent class/Exalt partition technique
>Boundary value analysis

Test case design techniques:
>Data table design
>State transition design
>Use case Design

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