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Question { 4156 }

what are the init levels in Linux?


You can find the above file in "/etc/inittab" file which
contains the details.

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Question { 6474 }

In linux wat is the command to see on which port which
service is running? and wat is the differnece between
/etc/services file and netstat command


Netstat :- is the command which shows the running process
and what process is mapped to what port number.

/etc/services :- This file give you in the information about
the protocals and portnumbers that they use.

Note:- Portnumbers can be changed according to the requirement.

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Question { 30823 }

what is the difference between samba and ftp server in linux?
please mention as many as differneces?


Samba :-Its a service used for sharing in the cross platform
like Linux and Windows. Will be usually used in fileservers.

FTP:- Used for transfering the data from one system to
another using port 21. Best and fastest way to transfer is
using the File Transfer Protocal.

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Question { HCL, 5923 }

what is work of dns


In layman terms

Its used to convert name to ip and ip to name , which is
called forward and reverse zones.

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Question { 15211 }

What are the main diff bwn Yum & rpm?


YUM is a package manager which looks into repository to
fetch the applications.

Where as RPM is Redhat Package Manager where u have to
download the package and install using rpm commands.

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Question { Verse Innovation, 4084 }

How to convert an IP address to a Domain name using Unix ?


I guess ur talking about DNS resolving. Though the way DNS
is configured is differnet in Unix then windows, the concept
is same.You need to install Packaged " named" and edit the
file called named.conf. Then Creat your zone files which
will contain the records.

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