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1:-In revenue account determination the material assignment group and customer assignemnt group are the mandatory fundtion ya optional function. 2:- In Pricing procedure control date field there is one tab for Alt Cond Type . what is the use of it?? 3:- Please tell me the accounting posting in Cash sale ?? where the accouting posting like CPCRA Credit posting to Customer receivable accout. ??Debit goes to??


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In SAP SD can any one tell me ,, 1:- What is unit test and what is integration test??? 2:- In end user training is there any perticular steps have to follow,or any one tell me what are the steps..???


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Question { CSIT, 7740 }

What is Item Category Control?


The Item Category controls following functions:-
1:- Business item
2:- COmpletion Rule
3:- Special stock indidator
4:- Billing Plan type
5:- Billing relevance
6:-Billing block
7:- Schedule line allowed
8:- Incomplete procedure
9:- Structure scope for BOM
10:- Pricing
11:- Batch determination etc..

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Question { 9722 }

What is mean of Rebate processing?


A rebate is a discount which is granted subsequently to a
rebate recepient on the basis of defined sales volume
within certain period.
there are three process on rebate..
1:- Configuring Rebate
2:- Setting of rebate agreements
3:- managing rebate agreement & payments

But before the processing the rebate you need to activate
the following fields
:- in Payer master record
:- Sales organisation
:- Billing document type.

You have following rebate agreement types for your customer.
1:- Material rebate
2:- customer rebate
3:- customer Hierarchy rebate
4:- Material group rebate
5:- Independent of sales volume.

please suggest if any other option..

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Question { 14002 }

where do you specify that a condition type is a discountor
a surcharge?


yes in Mantain Condition Type we have to go to the desired
condition type , then there is a check box for condition
class, in this check box you have to specify the cond class
A for Discount/Surcharge.
B for Price
C for expence reinbrusment
D for Taxes.. etc..

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Question { IBM, 25136 }

How is item category determined?


item category determination:-

sales document type + Item category group + Usage = Default
Item category
Sales document type + Item category Group+ usage + Higher
level Item category = default lower level/ sub Item category

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Question { 7028 }

How revenue account is determined?



1 :- Application ( i.e :- V )
2:- COndition type ( i.e KOFI)
3:- Chart of Account ( i.e INT )
4:- Sales organisation
5:- Account Assignment Group for Payer
6:- Account Assignment Group for Material.
7:- Account Key ( like ERL, ERS, ERB, MWS, )
8:- G/L Account No.

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Question { 6091 }



Go to change/Display document and then go to document flow.
But before creation any order you have to check the
document flow update in Copy Control.

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Question { TCS, 7389 }

1. In the Invoice output, there will be for example: 4 line
address for the customer in the SAP standard
functionality. If your client asks for 6 line address in
the output, how you guide ur ABAPer to carryout this?


Can any one tell me the detail tabel name and field name??

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Question { 14808 }

How to configure partial deliveries?


1:- we set in the box in customer master and customer
master info record for partial deliveries and max no of
delivery also.

Delivery document would be created with one shipping point.
SO different shipping point would be a cause to create
partial deliveries .

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Question { 5009 }

explain about minimum value surcharge calculated?


Yes by condition type AMIW,& AMIZ we can set for minimum
order value and minimum value surcharge.
Eg:- if we setin AMIW minimum order value is Rs. 1000/- and
if the order value will be less than Rs. 1000/- like 9500/-
Then the rest 500 rupees will be charged as value surcharge
with the order accroding to the condition type AMIZ minimum
value surcharge. which the customer have to pay more.

Please let me know if any way I m wrong..?

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Question { 7526 }

How sales document is structured?


sales document is structured as three steps like:-
1:- Header level data : which contain all the data related
to the customer like customer adress , payment terms,
Incoterms , credit check etc, and it is valid for whole

2:- Item level data:- it contain all the data related to
item like it check min qty, item cat determination, plant,
storage location, shipping point determination and pricing
like free goods/ pricing/ text item/etc...

3:- Schedule line data :- which contain the data related to
customer requirement like delivery date with confirmed qty
of each item .

let me know if anything new..

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Question { 12393 }

How to stop PGI?


one more thing if you do not update the closing period
then PGI will not happen . so if need to stop PGI then you
need to not update the posting period for that time .

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Question { Intelligroup, 5879 }

What type of customisations have you done in your projects ?



I m also agree to the above answers, it depends upon the
customer business process and requirement. According to the
discussion with the customer then you can suggest the value
proposition and then you need to customization.

You may say various types of sales order including
consighment process , credit management , out put
determination,, number ranges. incomplete procedure. etc...

there is special customization have to do when ever you
need to have a separate field in any particular table. in
that case you need help of ABAP guy..

Please suggest if any other opinion..

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Question { 16644 }

How to combine two sales orders in single invioce?


yes to combile two sales order for making one billing
document we need some condition to be same like:-
1:- same Billing to party
2:- Same billing date
3:- same Incoterms
4:- same payment terms
and one more thing that the Bill to party will agree to
combine the billing document. i.e in customer master record
there is mark for combine billing document.

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Question { 3995 }

How can you assign different delivery dates to an item in
the sales order?


yes you can set different dates in schedule line of the
each item , or availability of the material or you can set
on the item detail data billing tab page for separate
billing date for different item on the same order.

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Question { 4699 }

In copy control of sales Documents we have one field at
item level - price type, what is its functionality exactly
explain with one example.


yes m agree with vamsi that by the "price type" you can
customize what price u need for your target document. like

if you select A :- copy pricing elements and redetermines
if it B;- carry out new pricing
C;- copy manual pricing and redetermining others
D;- copy pricing unchanged etc.....

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