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Question { 3427 }

how much supervision have you typically recieved in your
previous job?


normal supervision, because if you say high then hr will get
to know that you are some what not a trusted person.

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Question { 4977 }



A change from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture is a
fundamental alteration, as most operating systems must be
extensively modified to take advantage of the new
architecture. Other software must also be ported to use the
new capabilities; older software is usually supported
through either a hardware compatibility mode (in which the
new processors support the older 32-bit version of the
instruction set as well as the 64-bit version), through
software emulation, or by the actual implementation of a 32-
bit processor core within the 64-bit processor (as with the
Itanium processors from Intel, which include an x86
processor core to run 32-bit x86 applications). The
operating systems for those 64-bit architectures generally
support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications[11].
One significant exception to this is the AS/400, whose
software runs on a virtual ISA, called TIMI (Technology
Independent Machine Interface) which is translated to native
machine code by low-level software before being executed.
The low-level software is all that has to be rewritten to
move the entire OS and all software to a new platform, such
as when IBM transitioned their line from the older 32/48-bit
"IMPI" instruction set to 64-bit PowerPC (IMPI wasn't
anything like 32-bit PowerPC, so this was an even bigger
transition than from a 32-bit version of an instruction set
to a 64-bit version of the same instruction set).
While 64-bit architectures indisputably make working with
large data sets in applications such as digital video,
scientific computing, and large databases easier, there has
been considerable debate as to whether they or their 32-bit
compatibility modes will be faster than comparably-priced
32-bit systems for other tasks. In x86-64 architecture
(AMD64), the majority of the 32-bit operating systems and
applications are able to run smoothly on the 64-bit
Sun's 64-bit Java virtual machines are slower to start up
than their 32-bit virtual machines because Sun has only
implemented the "server" JIT compiler (C2) for 64-bit
platforms.[12] The "client" JIT compiler (C1), which
produces less efficient code but compiles much faster, is
unavailable on 64-bit platforms.
Speed is not the only factor to consider in a comparison of
32-bit and 64-bit processors. Applications such as multi-
tasking, stress testing, and clustering—for HPC (high-
performance computing)—may be more suited to a 64-bit
architecture when deployed appropriately. 64-bit clusters
have been widely deployed in large organizations such as
IBM, HP and Microsoft, for this reason.

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Question { Wipro, 6046 }



1. tell your name
2. educational qualification
a. gratuation / pg
b. schooling
3. skills

if they ask for hobbies than include ur hobbies.

and no need to include ur family background unless and until
they will ask u.

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Question { DELL, 3993 }

how does it help discipline to success ?


discipline is the key to success. moreover non of compny wants
than their employees r indisciplnt.

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Question { Wipro, 3843 }

who's UR best friend tell me something about him & where
did U like to stay hostel Or home? why


include those your point of your friend that are good like he
motivates me, good nature, ........ plz don't incude like he
is smart, rich, etc......
be carefull in interview.

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Question { Convergys, 8466 }

how many round conduct at convergys?


1. hr (may be twice also)
2. telephonic
3. negociation.

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Question { Convergys, 5626 }

what all qualities you have? which one quality would you
like to share with all your team members and why.?


these are your strenghts

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Question { Cli3l, 120129 }

What is your ambition in life?


talk about ambition that can be possible and related to that

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Question { Infovision, 4784 }



tell that 1. way for commmunication 2. can recieve call while
roaming 3. fastest means of comm. 4. saves resoures like iron,
copper etc
1. radition effects health
2. wireless communication is pron to intruders

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Question { HCL, 6649 }



all ar important and related to each other

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Question { DELL, 5430 }

what is dhcp server?


first of all dhcp stands for dynamic host configuration protocal. the work of the dhcp server is to allot the ip address to systems automatically if the the system don;t have ip address set. when ip address field in your computer is not set in that case the computer connects to service provides dhcp server and asks for the ip address, the dhcp in reply provide the ip address to the system or computer for its pool of ip address.

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Question { CSC, 12321 }

What is the difference between RedHat linux and Fedora and


redhat, fedora and ubuntu are are different flavors of linux
little bit difference in execution or commands only.

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Question { 4704 }

What is VMWare? To get choose a career in VM Ware what is
the path? Any recommended institutions in Delhi?


vmware is virtualization software, this software is used to be installed on computers where there is need to installed more than one operating system on single computer/server,vmware also partitioned the hardware according to operating system requirements.

the vmware is installed in between the hardware and operating systems.

for vmware a person should have the basic knowledge of troubleshooting etc. after that vmware certification from any of vmware certified partner institute.

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