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Can we have more than 1 partial classes in the same file?


3 Dot Net Framework 8060

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Which is the best way for keeping the data in XML or SQL
server..and why?


LIke on of our friend said, there are different perspective
to look at,

How the data is stored & how frequently it is modified?

XML - High risk and low cost
SQL - Low risk and Moderate cost

Does the data contains any relationship? for e.g. customer -
transcation - Account.........

XML does not support any relationship between data or Keys
SQL contains relationship, Constraints etc.

Does the data is used for just reporting?

XML can support straight forward scenario like say, show
the data for particular Acccount etc.
SQL supports more complex & real time business scenario.

How big is the data and how complex it is to maintain?

XML has the limitation, and the flexiblity depends upon the
amount of data
SQL will be flexible as well as accomdate amount of data
greater than XML

What kinda applicaiton uses the data?

XML can be parsed by many languages & compatible with
different platform
SQL can be used with the limitation of platform used i.e.
Microsoft Framework

At the moment, these are the things that came my way,
please correct me if i am wrong.

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Question { 3136 }

i have a question which is quite simple but yet complicated
for me
my question is why do we use void, if it does not return
anything to the compiler?
if it is used for normal display it can also be done by
what is called Console.Write() or Consol.WriteLine() and if
i do not use void with my method then my compiler throws me
an error. if i return a value say integer then i write
public int fun() display of the result can also be done
then why is it so necessary to use void with a function and
why so compiler throw us an error if v don't use void
return type?


Just to add on that,
i guess, Compiler basically looks the pre-defined syntax or
format rather than just the keyword, like say, it parses
public void test(). Here ACCESS MODIFIER is optional,
becuase bydefault it is PRIVATE, but return type is
mandatory, that is why, eventhough you don't return any
value, it is mandatory to instruct compilter that, the
function does not return anything.

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