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US officer refused my visa due to 214( b)becouse i submitted for him my son american passport, did you advise me if i have to click yes on DS 156, question no. 37 that my son citizenshipr or no?

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My visa b1/b2 refused due to 214 b becouse my son born in us befor two years, the officer didnt check my supporting docments (strong ties) what i have to do next interview?

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hi, the officer refused my visit visa b1/b2 due to 214b after i submitted for him my son american passport, after he knows that my son born in us while we were in us last trip. could you advise me what i have to do next interview

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i applied three times for M1 visa but they reject me under
214(b)and they didn't give me any reason according to you
what will be reason for rejection


you have to tell us the story what did you submit for him
or what he is asked you

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hi..i am gurinderjit singh my visa application is two time
refused.i don't know the reason . now i am going 3rd time.
give me any ideas how to face them ? how much visa surity
is there for me this time ?


did the US officer in the second appointment ask you why
your application visa refused first time or they didnt ask?

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