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Question { 27386 }

What is the difference between Requirement and


BRS- business requirements specification. Business
analyst will interact with the client and will form BRS
It contains

1.scope of the project rules
3.client requirements in depth.

Initially client will give the req's in their own format
then it will be converted in to Standard format( which we
call as Specification) by which s/w people can understand.

In BRS the req's are defined in general format. where as in
SRS ,the req's will be divided in to modules and each module
contains How many interfaces and screens it can have.


Based on BRS system analyst will form SRS document,
it contains

1. System requirements along with hardware requirements
2. Functionality to be developed and
3. what is input
4. what is output
5. what is front end
6. what is back end
7. what are the technologies
8. what r processes how they will interact.

based on sRS document design will be generated.

SRS is a Software /System Requirement specification,it is a
MS word doc. which defines the complete business
functionalities of the particular application
SRS designed by System Anallyst

HOpe it might give ur answer.

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Question { 4009 }

What is Static Testing and Static Test Technics?


Static Testing:- Testing of a component or system of a
component or system at specification or implementation level
without execution software.
This is used to detect error rather than computer to find

Techniques used in static Testing are
1. Desk Checking
2. Code walk through
3. Code inspection.

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Question { Zycus Infotech, 9557 }

I am new to Testing , my question is
Integration Testing is a BlockBox Testing or White box
testing ? please give me a answer .....


Integration testing is neither a black box nor a white box,
it is the combination of both black box and white box, so
integration testing is a Grey Box testing. This is why because
During integration testing we will be doing 3 types of
testing techniques
1. Top -Down testing
2. Bottom-up Testing
3. Sandwich testing/ Hybrid testing

Actually these are black box techniques but there are
conditions where some modules are not done before hand and
we need to test so we take the help from developers to
develop a small peace of program which is called stud and
driver. Using these we can make connectivity to unmade
modules and move forward to other module.

So we need both coding part as well as black box technique
part that is the reason it is called as Grey box testing.

Still we can go indepth related to integration later but as
of your question it is Grey Box testing.

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Question { 2897 }

what is test summry report ?plz explain?


It is the product outcome of the testing , this report
should summarize all of the testing that was performed
during testing phase. This report can be produced once test
plan is completed, the tests like unit test, integration
test, system test, security test and user acceptance test
completed, and all associated test reports available.

This report is evaluated by Test leads or test manager or
test inspection team.

1. This report gives the status of the product tested
across various levels.

With the test summary report project management / customer
will be informed about

1 The current application quality
2 What are the areas covered under test

With this summary report project management / customer can
decide or estimate when the application will be ready for
public, decide if they require any correction / changes.

HOpe you might be clear with this

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Question { 3501 }

What is meant by YUI testing?


YUI Test is a testing framework for browser-based JavaScript
solutions. Using YUI Test, you can easily add unit testing
to your JavaScript solutions. While not a direct port from
any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some
characteristics from nUnit and JUnit.

YUI Test features:

* Rapid creation of test cases through simple syntax.
* Advanced failure detection for methods that throw errors.
* Grouping of related test cases using test suites.
* Asynchronous tests for testing events and Ajax
* DOM Event simulation in all A-grade browsers.

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Question { 18275 }

What is the Diff between Code Walk through & Code Review?


Code review and code walkthrough is a phase in the software
development process.

But in code review we schedule a meeting in which the
authors of code, developer of the code, and perhaps quality
assurance (QA) testers get together to review code. Meeting
time is given earlier along with code to be reviewed at that
time by moderator.

But in code walkthrough we will not schedule any meeting it
can happen at any time or can happen suddenly without any
intimation before hand. They will come to meeting room
straight away and discuss the topic.

For code review and code walkthing finding and correcting
errors at this stage is relatively inexpensive and tends to
reduce the more expensive process of handling, locating, and
fixing bugs during later stages of development or after
programs are delivered to users.

1.Reviewers read the code line by line and walkthrough might
not read line by line just a informal go through to check for:

For either code review or walkthrough these are the
following things we need to check

1. Flaws or potential flaws
2. Consistency with the overall program design
3. The quality of comments
4. Adherence to coding standards.
5. Existance, for the functionality implemented.
6. Clarity and Readability
7. Completness - e.g., User, Training, Reference, Table
Of Contents.

Code review may be especially productive for identifying
security vulnerabilities.

HOpe this might give you all answer.

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Question { 4362 }

From Quality Center, how can we take a back up of a project??


Usually the QC back up process involves the following two

1. QC Project Repository found on the QC Server. The path to
the project repository can be found on Site admin, Site
projects,Selct the project and you can find the path on the
Project Directory entry on the right side of the screen. The
file system on your QC server should have a back up
procedure in place, if not which I doubt, you may need to
talk to the admin and put in place.

2. QC Project Database, part of your database on the
database server. Your DBA can let you know the general back
up procedure followed in your org.

Hope this will solve your problem. :)

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Question { 3128 }

what is the work flow of testing(glamorous)


The workflow for testing is not standard, it changes from
one company to other, But the standard worfklow which
commonly used is "V-Model" itself( SDLC itself is sufficient).

1. Verify the result from implementation by testing each build.
2.Plan the tests in each iteration.

a. Integration tests for every build within the
b. System tests for the end of the iteration
c. Design and implement tests by creating
a. test cases that specify what to test
b.test procedures that specify how to perform the
c. executable test components to automate the tests
(if possible)
d. Perform the tests and systematically handle the test
a. Defective builds are sent to other workflows
(e.g., design and implementation) for defect fixing

This might answer your query :)

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Question { 10847 }

What is the difference between the dropdown and checkbox


Simple press ctrl key and select the values.

one more difference between dropdown and check box is
drop down values are all valid values and we have to select
one or more where as check box is like asking yes or no, if
the given statement is correct check the checkbox other
don;t select the check box.

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Question { 5595 }

What is Localization and Internationalization Testing


Localization Testing:- For ex:- we have a client( china
clinet) who is requesting for an application to be developed
in china language. Here when we are testing the application
which is in china is called localization testing.

Internationalization Testing:- Now the same client wants to
release the same application in other languages like English
and spanish then development needs modification to the
application in such language and testing the application in
both the language then such testing is called
Internationalization testing.

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Question { 10571 }

what is a bad defect and why do we write bad defects?


In testing world there is no such word called bad defect.
Bad Defect is a new terminology which we are using in now a
days in testing .Here bad defect is used in two different

scenario 1:- If a bug is not reproducible then it is called
as bad defect.

Scenario 2:- For the above scenario because it is not
reproducble somemight not fix it and further that might
cause a big problem at production level.Now here if client
found that bug and send it across to the development site
they will mark this bug as bad defect.

Hope this might answer your query :)

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Question { 8238 }

What is the deferace between End to End testing & system
testing? Give me at least one example


Systen Testing can be limited upto functional as well as non
functional testing of the System. Here in system testing we
test the application whether it is working according to the
SRS. Here we test for one module completely with all
techniques to test.
End-to-end testing all the interfaces sub-systems must come
into picture. All the end-to-end scenarios should be
considered and executed before deployment of the system into
actual environment. Here in end to end testing we test the
application whether it is working according to the BRS. In
End to End testing we test right from login screen and moves
to many other screens ( does its scenario) and logout of the
application, complete coverage.

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Question { 4629 }

What do you mean by penetration testing? i go through' in
some site, but i want in detailed . how we have to test by
these type of testing. Will any one knows plz guide me.
Thanks in advance


It's relatively a new term used recent times as many company
now a days are looking for security of the networks too.
Each and every company will have there own internal
terminology. we can call it as Security assessment also.

At its simplest, a penetration-test is the process of
actively evaluating your information security measures. The
information systems will be tested to find any security
issues, as opposed to a solely theoretical or paper-based audit.

The results of the assessment will then be documented in a
report, which should be presented at a debriefing session,
where questions can be answered and corrective strategies
can be freely discussed.

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Question { IBM, 10261 }

what is difference between Sanity testing and Smoke testing?


Smoke testing is done by developers before the build is
released to testers.

Sanity testing is done by testers to verify whether to
accept a build for further testing or not.

In both the same the way of technique used to test is the
same, both are for checking for minimal functionality of the
application only difference is done departments are different.

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Question { 5731 }

If you are not able to reproduce one defect then what will
be the status of that defect in your defect tracking tool?


The status will be of won't fix changed by developers so
that testers will review the same bug whenever there is a
release to check is that bugs coming across or not. Because
such bugs can be seen again at any point of time even at
production level too. So need to keep that as won't fix by

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