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what are anaplerotic pathways?

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what is non competetive inhibition?

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What are Neurotransmitters?


The small diffusible molecules which communicate nerve
impulses across most synapses are called
neurotransmitters.important neurotransmitters are primary or
secondary amines.
Tyrosine gives rise to a family of catecholamines that
comprises dopamine,norepinephrine,and epinephrine.
levels of these compounds are related with changes in
bloodpressure in animals.

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What is the superiority of TLC over paper chromatography?


The superiority of TLC over paper chromatography
because of inorganic nature of adsorbent concentrated
sulfuric acid spray followed by heating may be used to
develope on the chromatogram by charring.

moreover aminoacid mixtures which require 18 hours for
seperation on paper require 3 hrs using cellulose TLC.

advantage also lies in choice of adsobents which allow
seperation not possible on paper.

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