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apurva khatri

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Question { IIT, 189518 }

Describe your yesterday


yesterday i woke up at 8.00 am.I brushed my teeth and took bath.Had breakfast .Made lunch.then called my friend .He came to my house .We ate lunch together then We watched movie on television.At 5 o'clock we went for outing and buy some fruits and vegetables.He went his house and I came to my house .Took a slip of tea.After that I was sanatised all the vegatables.looked into the mobile.ate dinner and got sleep .It was a great day.

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Question { Value Labs, 214719 }

Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?


I have recently seen a movie name is ' kuch kuch hota hai'.It is old movie but I have seen it recently.Shaharukh Khan has played lead role in this movie.Kajol and shahrukh shan both are my favourite super stars.Main story begin here ,Kajol and shaharukh both are studied in same college .They play baseball in there free time .One day shakukh Khan cheates Kajol .She angry on him.They teased eachother and fall in love with each other .The main thing is Kajol likes shakukh but shahrukh doesnot likes kajole.Shaharukh is always in a dream of kajole.Kajole is in a big misunderstanding that he is in love with her.Kajol has decided to propose shakukh Khan.She proposes him.He saied clearly to Kajol, he doesnot like Kajol.They breakup and after some years Kajol gets her life patner and shaharukh also.At the end of the movie they live happy with there life partner.Moral of the story you will get what you want but keep some patience.

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Question { 2118 }

tell me about ur daly routine


I wake up at 6 o clock.Then I do exersize.after that I brush my teeth and take a morning tea .Then go for bath.had dinner .then take a neap everyday.get up at 4 pm.take a evening snaks then plant the trees everyday.After that go outside for walk . I Bring some vegetables and fruits then wash the vegetables and cut it .make a dinner at 7 pm .eat dinner at 9 o clock.Watch tv serial for an hour then I go to the bed and say thanks to God for a beautiful day.

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Question { Serco, 2018 }

Who has influenced you the most? How? speak for 2 minutesĀ 


I have influenced with my fiance.My fiance is very good person.I have learn a lots of good things from him.When i saw him first time I was thinking " he has a shy person" but now i realise he is good peson.He is my inspiration .He is good in nature. He isnot that much talkative .I have been chatting with him for last 2 years.
pls forgive me if i have made any mistake

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