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testing a small part of the application is called unit

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The Unit Testing is done by the Devlopers before giving to
the Testers.

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testing each and every microfield of an application is
called unit testing

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unit testing is a process carried out by the developers
where basic units are given to the application and tested

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Testing of each and every part indivdually called Unit
Testing. Unit Testing is done by Developers before giving
the application to Testers.

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During this phase Developers will verify the correctness of
a single component.

It is also called as Module or Component testing

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unit testing conducted by development people conducted on
single module

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combining all the induvidul module to from a uniqe module
is known as unit testing

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Unit testing doing by developer. It is first level of
dynamic testing. Developer test build one module.

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waht is a unit testing ?
why be needs of unid testing.
and define the terms of unit testing or function.

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Unit testing is a verification effort on the smallest unit
of the software design the software component or module

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Testing an Individual program or component is known as UNIT
This type of testing is undertaken by Developers.They will
test for the program correctness
It is classified into 3 types:
(i)Execution Testing
(ii)Operation Testing
(iii)Mutation Testing (Mutation means Change)

i)Verifying the logic of the program.(statement
coverage,loop coverage,conditional coverage,programme
technique coverages)
ii)Checking whether the program is running on the customer
expected platform(ie OS,Compilers,Browser etc.)
iii)To check whether the program is responding to the
changes or not.

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Functional and reliability testing in an Engineering
environment. Producing tests for the behavior of components
of a product to ensure their correct behavior prior to
system integration.

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unit testing is typically done by the developer
this is used to test the small unit of the code or micro
unit of the code
this can be done after developing the code
developer needs to follow the following points in unit
level testing
2)Coding Conventions

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Unit testing

In which the individual unit of the s/w are show that indidual parts are corect..
It is done by the developer
unit testing is also called component teting, module
testing, program testing, Isolation testing