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what is calloc and malloc?

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what is calloc and malloc?..

Answer / vadivel t

Hi Jhothi16,
how do u say calloc is for reallocation???..

Ans is,

Both are serving for the purpose of dynamic memory
But malloc and calloc differs in two ways.

1.After allocating memory using malloc(), the data elements
in the memory will not be initialised. Means, it contains
garbage values.

But calloc() initialise all the data elements to 0.

2.malloc() allocates memory in terms of accepts
only one argument, which says no of bytes to be allocated.

But calloc() allocates memory interms of blocks. it is
widely used when there is a need to allocated memory for an

it accepts two arguments, 1st says, no of blocks to be
allocated and next argument says the size of the block.


calloc(10, sizeof(int))

-> it allocates 40 bytes, if the compiler allocates 4 bytes
for an int variable.

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what is calloc and malloc?..

Answer / jothi16

calloc means reallocate the memory.malloc used to allocate
the memory

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