Which is better Router or Layer 3 switch?How.

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Answer / devendra kumar

Router is better than L-3 switches.
But router is more costly than L-3 switches, L-3 switches
workes same as router, it switching & path selection both.

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Answer / chia tata

Layer 3 switches were conceived as a technology to improve
on the performance of routers used in large local area
networks (LANs) like corporate intranets. The key difference
between Layer 3 switches and routers lies in the hardware
technology used to build the unit. The hardware inside a
Layer 3 switch merges that of traditional switches and
routers, replacing some of a router's software logic with
hardware to offer better performance in some situations.
Layer 3 switches often cost less than traditional routers.
Designed for use within local networks, a Layer 3 switch
will typically not possess the WAN ports and wide area
network features a traditional router will always have.

To answer the question, one needs to consider the
environment where the equipment will be deployed.

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Answer / shashikant

Router is much better than layer three switch because of
its advance security features like ip accesslist

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Answer / satish

router is better than L3 switc because its more securiy
than switch and router have accesee list we can use.

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