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what is your proofreading experience?

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onewho did murder,for that what is the action by government?

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need and significance of labour audit in corporate sector

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in which year Manipur merged with the Indian union ?

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why there is a difference in depreciation rate as per companies act & as per income tax act? i know the treatment but want to know why there is a difference?

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Can a OBC reserve person who applied for OBC reserve post selected on open post without his consent

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can you please explain me the process of endorsing a bill of exchange with example for better understanding,as it is also said that it can be endorsed without acceptance too. i am still not clear with this concept. i tried many wesited but they just give on sentence answer whch am not able conceptuallly understand. I did found the previous answer posted regarding bills of exchange which were very comprehensive and easy to understand. it would be great if i get my doubt cleared..thanks in advance

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What is Assessment Year?

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Threshold limit in income tax is stand for a year or for anything alse?

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whether WCT is applicable on free issue of material?

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Judicial review is based on a) rule of law b) Due process law c) precedents of law d) proceedure of law

3 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

Whether a Minor can purchase or sell Company Share ? A person presented company share for transfer in his favour but the Transfer Deed accompanied by Company Share is of such date when the person was Minor.Whether the Company accept the Transfer Deed and transfer those shares in his favour.

0 Answers   Nagarjuna Fertilizers,