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Fill in the blank
Companies act----------

Fill in the blank Companies act----------..

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US officer refused my visa due to 214( b)becouse i submitted for him my son american passport, did you advise me if i have to click yes on DS 156, question no. 37 that my son citizenshipr or no?

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In simple Language, what is C-Form ? What are its advanteges either for Buyer or Seller ?

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can anybodt tell me the latest rate of wct in up?

0 Answers   ITC Infotech,

A father promises to give his daughter £100 a week during her time at university. After the first term, he decides she needs to be more self-reliant and stops paying her. Can she sue him for breach of contract?

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Bank wrongly cleared cheque which comes in clearing after request for stop payment by the saving bank account holder. Account holder repay 3 lac out of 11 lac withing 15 months. Now bank file case in DRT by charging intrest 18% to file case with the DRT. My question is whether bank can file case with DRT under DEBT act? Can Saving account holder can file case against the bank in counsumer court since he is paying amount in installment to bank even he prior request to bank not to clear this cheque.

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Sir, I got admission in medical college through management quota & I belongs to OBC category having caste,validity & noncreamy layer certificate,yearly income less than 4 lakh. shall I get admission fee concession & scholarship on caste basis

0 Answers   DRJ ARDE,

who has to get license under central excise for Excise Duty on Branded Articles of jewellary,chapter sub heading 7113, classifiable in union budget 2011-12.

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In Maharashtra is Director liable to pay the Professional tax or the company?

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Is sales Tax Applicable in companies under SEZ organisation (Special Economic Zone)What is it Rate. What is Form -I For SEZ Companies

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an acceptance is to offer what ba lighted of match to trains of gun powder?explain with relevant cases.

3 Answers   XYZ,

How to calculate the BasicSalary as per labour laws

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Sir, I request you to please solve my problem as given below- One Corporate is having Manufacturing unit and Trading unit also. That corporate prepared joint Balance sheet & Profit & Loss account. As given below - Corporate 1 2 Manufacturing Unit Trading Division Annual Profit by sale of product Annual profit by sale of Product Manufactured with the help of out sourced from open market for Fixed Assets ( Land,Building,Plant & Rs.150 Crs and sold for Rs.200Crs. Machineries of Rs.100 Crs. Net Profit – Rs. 5 Crs. Net Profit -Rs. 50 Crs. Total Income by clubbing both - Rs.55 Crs. But – that Corporate can avail depreciation Rs. 5 Crs only and rest amount of depreciation may be forwarded to next year. Because depreciation is meant for actual uses of Fixed assets. Otherwise Corporate used to increase the value of assets by over billing just to get benefit of depreciation from the income . Income from trading may be manipulated easily but not from manufacturing.

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