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What is the difference between GETS();AND SCANF();

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What is the difference between GETS();AND SCANF();..

Answer / bharath

gets() read the string values which allows white spaces
also. whereas, scanf() doesn't allow.

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What is the difference between GETS();AND SCANF();..

Answer / vignesh1988i

the main difference between gets() and scanf() function is that while getting any input as a stream of characters or as a string using scanf() , the end termination character is a blank space or an enter key for scanf() , so upto blank space it will be saving it in the memory...... SHORTLY it ignores the characters comin after and with blank spaces........

in gets() , it allows with the blank spaces and the termination condition is a enter key (\n) ,

but a inside gets() function , surely they would have used scanf() function , but the difference is that the input inside gets() would go character by character , so only gets() can allow with the blank spaces...........

thank u

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What is the difference between GETS();AND SCANF();..

Answer / niraj kumar

Main difference between '%s' and 'gets' is:
%s ends taking input when it encounter whitespace, new line(
) or EOF.
gets takes whitespace and stops taking input when it encounters new line(
) or EOF.

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What is the difference between GETS();AND SCANF();..

Answer / rejith vr

We can use scanf() instead of gets()

Syntax : gets(str);

it will accept multiple words in a string

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