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hi,,i m preparing for junior assistant in supreme court.i
want to know the book for preparation which contains
general english, general apptitude and general knowledge

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up to how much pay of employee ESI IS APPLICABLE

3 Answers  

whether ESI calculated on salary after leave deduction?

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How much do you get paid in a year?

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the supreme court of india enunciated the basic structure of the constitution in

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you intent on becoming a career prosecutor?

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What does it mean to 'take' another's car?

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i want to be a lawyer but and i am belonging cultural family so i confused that i will be or not?

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Whether Service Tax credit Can be taken and TDS can be deducted from freight inward and Outward on purchases ?

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What is the TDS rules for a NRI who is partner in Partnership Firm in India and on retirement he gets Rs. 150 Lacs equal to the credit balance in his capital account. This credit in his capital account has come on account of revaluation of immovable property owned by thr firm. What is the Firm's liability towards income tax on revaluation of immovable property and what are the obligation of TDS while making payment to the NRI.

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when is the public interest litigation act started and who was the chief justice of india at that time

1 Answers   UPSC,

can any one tell me how to get usa address using passport number or social security number.Please help me This is urgent

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Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately,by special majority ?

2 Answers   UPHJS Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service,