what are main features in EJB?

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what are main features in EJB?..

Answer / janet

1.EJB architecture is inherently
transactional,distributed,portable,multitired secure.
2.EJB components are serverside components written entirely
in the java.
3.EJB components contain business logic only no system level
4.System level services such as transactions,security,life
cycle ,threading,persistence etc are automatically managed
by the EJB component by the EJB server.
5.EJB architecture is wire-protocol neutral Any protocol can
be utilized: HTTP,IIOP,DCOM etc.

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what are main features in EJB?..

Answer / harish

features in EJB2.0 :

Query Language has been introduced.
Container Manager Relationship has been introduced.
Local Interfaces have been introduced.
Message Driven Beans have been introduced.

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