Hi, I am going to write a Exam for Bank Of India clerical
Cadre Exam. I am a Diplomo Graduate(ECE)
Pls send me Aptitude questions for general
aptitude,nemerical aptitude,clerical aptitude, english
language. if u
have any. My address is sasirekha6@yahoo.com please send me.

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Two sides of triangle are 14 and 16.hat could be the third side?

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which of the following leaders was not among the moderates

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Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? (a) Earth (b) Moon (c) Saturn (d) Pluto (e) Venus

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I am in need of probationary officers Exam model question papers.

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The author suggests that the application of Murphy's philosophy to the situations of two different groups

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hai frnds pls give me some tips and traps about HP software company interview for freshers.am a B.E CSE fresher.hoe will be the interview?how many days it will be conducted?how will be apps round?technical round?hr round?pls help me if any one known means.send me that pattern by vijay ,chennai

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The ratio of the present ages of Suman and Renu is 5 : 7 respectively. Four years hence the ratio will become 3 : 4 respectively. What is the present age of Renu in years? (a) 28 (b) 24 (c) 20 (d) 21 (e) None of these

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if today is 14 july 2004 is sunday, what is 17 september 1871

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