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hi guys , this is BHUSHAN MALIK FRM AMRITSAR, i take my
interview of state bank of patiala at jalandhar, it was a
decent one experience, the panel was very co-operative not
to me but with everybody, they didnot try to intimidate
students , they ask simple questions , mainly about your
city, ur state political scenario, national political
scenario, basic information about the new cabimet formed by
pm manmohan singh, questions about who's who sort of , and
basic gk which every indian must know of , fill everything
in ur biodata carefelly , u should be able to explain what
you are writing in that , if stiill you face any queerry ,
email me at or call me at
9988017661, one thing if u want to escape from any
botheration , plz go with attested certificates , and
arrange them carefully

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hey i heard that sbh has sent letter 2 its selected candidates. congrates guys but can u tell me wether they hve mentioned the place of posting in the letter?

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Anyone know what is the salary of a SBI clerk? ........Atul Kashipur (UTTRAKHAND)

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Dear frends, I completed my SBI clerical interview today, the following questions are asked to me, 1. About yourself. 2. What u did after ur graduation.(They stressed mainly on this and cross questioned like reason behind the failure of ur trails) 3. How do u think u r suitable for banking sector 4. what made u to choose this sector 5. Todays news paper 6 what r the qualities required for a clerk job aspect, It went around 12-13 minutes, they will cross question u in every, be prepared for that. Eye contact is very important All the Best -- suresh 09014252504

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as you said that this is ur dream job then can u tell us about function of a clerk?

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i have been called up for interview on 29th may at jalandhar , punjab , is there any link between my marks in test and date of interview like less the marks late the date of interview or more the marks earlier the date of interview ? plz care to reply whosoever know bout it ? im bhushan malik frm amritsar , 9988017661 ,

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I have cleared the UBI clerical xam. interview on May 18th. can anyone know abt how many years it will take to promote or they can allow to write xam for officer grade after entered as clerk in a bank? what are the xams to be wriiten for promotion or name of the xams .

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What is PLR? What is SBI's present SBAR?

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education allowances

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hiiiiiiii friends i have been selected for syndicate bank clerical interview soplz share ur previous interview experience

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when the sbi clerc recruitment 2010 2011 will be declared that was held in 8,15 and 22 november 2009

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